Install Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi Powerful LED Light In Five Steps

Before setting up your Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi Bi-Color Powerful LED Video Light, gather the following items:


Step 1: Assemble KNOWLED MG1200Bi Bi-Color LED Light

Start by placing your light stand or roller stand in the desired location. It makes sure the Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi Powerful LED Light is stable and secure because it can be quite heavy, especially when utilising extra accessories like GP5 diffusersGR15 reflectors, and GP-Series G-Mount Spotlight Attachment.


Step 2: Install and Attach U-Shape Bracket

Remove the wrench by pressing down on the quick-install device button. Align the U-type bracket’s ends with the quick installation device, and lock the wrenches on both sides until you hear a ‘click’.



With the U-shape bracket, the Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi LED Video Light can be quickly installed and disassembled. Through the locking handle on the side of the U-shape frame, you can adjust and fix the light body at any angle you want. 


When you want to disassemble the U-type bracket, hold the light’s handle, take it off the stand, and set it down on a flat surface. The second step is to depress and hold the quick-install device button while releasing the wrench to remove the light.


KNOWLED MG1200Bi LED Video Light Install U-Bracket
Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi LED Video Light Install U-Bracket

Step 3: Installation of the Light Protection Cover

Install the light protection cover by aligning it with the mount and rotating clockwise. In case you want to remove the light protection cover, press and hold the mount locking pusher and rotate counter-clockwise. 

Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi Install Protective Cover
KNOWLED MG1200Bi Install Protective Cover 2


Step 4: Add Light Modifiers or Accessories for Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi Powerful LED Light

Light modifiers are excellent tools for bouncing and modifying light. To add or remove the reflector, press button 1 and then push rob 2 to lose the light. And then, push back to fix the light.

Loosen the handle of the controller mounting device and then insert the light stand pole. After that, rotate the handle clockwise to lock the mounting device.  

Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi Reflector
Mg1200Bi Install Reflector


Step 4: Power On and Adjust Your MG1200Bi Powerful LED Light 

The MG1200Bi can be powered by an AC adapter. After that, you can start fine-tuning its brightness and colour temperature settings after pressing the power switch on the controller. 


  • CCT Mode: 


To switch the CTT mode and colour temperature, simply press the adjust dial. You can adjust the brightness by turning the dial from 0% to 100%. In other views, the colour temperature can be adjusted from 2800K to 6500K.


  • FX Mode: 


Short press the MODE button to switch to FX mode and choose your desired lighting effects, including flash, lightning, cloudy, broken bulb, TV, candle, fire, firework, explosion, welding, and SOS.

Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi Install Step-By-Step


Step 5: Test and Fine-Tune

Once everything is set up and adjusted, take test shots or examine the lighting to ensure it meets your requirements. Adjust the intensity, colour temperature, and angles of the reflectors and diffusers as needed to achieve your desired results. Discover more insights and knowledge by reading this related blog: Unlocking the Most Powerful Godox Knowled MG1200Bi LED Light.


To conclude, setting up and using the Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi Powerful LED Light is a straightforward process with impressive specifications. The Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi Powerful LED Video Light is a TIPA Award-Winning 2023 light, and it can take your work to the next level.


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