Godox Knowled MG1200Bi LED Film Light VS Nanlux Evoke 1200B

As aimed at the professional film industry, Nanlux Evoke 1200B and Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi were released as signature LED Film Lights. Both lights expect to change the game for gaffers and cinematographers on large film and television productions, offering subtle lighting with high colour accuracy. 

But do they? Let's examine the benefits of the two LED film lights and their distinctions.

Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi
Nanlux Evoke 1200Bi
Evoke 1200Bi Pro

Similarities Between KNOWLED MG1200Bi & Evoke 1200B LED Film Light

Both lights have exceptional colour rendering abilities. The Godox KNOWLED LED light has a CRI and TLCI rating of >96 & 96, with  Evoke being introduced with a CRI and TLCI rating of 96 & 97. However, both lamps offer exceptional colour rendering qualities for general lighting and superb colour accuracy in television and video production.

With dimming from 0.1% to 100%, each light offers versatility, energy efficiency, improved visual comfort, and customisation of lighting levels in different scenarios. Similarly, both LED film lights feature an IP54 rating, which can withstand rain and moisture. It is suitable for gardens, patios, or any outdoor area. This feature also ensures that these lights are reasonably protected against dust, making them suitable for environments with moderate dust levels.

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Differences Between EVOKE 1200B And MG1200Bi LED Video Light

Physical Design

The Evoke 1200Bi LED Video Light is built using aluminium die-cast alloys, while the Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi is built with rugged metal construction. Both types of materials are durable and strong enough for a normal LED light. However, with a maximum power consumption of up to 1400W, the MG1200Bi's metal construction makes it extremely durable compared to the aluminium one. It is designed to withstand harsh conditions and physical impacts, making it ideal for high-risk areas. Despite the aluminium being more lightweight, the MG1200Bi comes with extended warranties due to its expected long lifespan. It can result in cost savings over time as fewer replacements are needed.

On the other hand, the Evoke 1200Bi LED Film Light resembles the Arri Orbiter in appearance and also has two mounting points that slide into the quick-release mounts. However, the mounting plate can’t be adjusted without a tool because the yoke frame only has a single lock-off mechanism. 

Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi LED Video Lights
MG1200Bi LED Light
Rugged Metal 
Nanlux Evoke 1200Bi Spot light
Evoke 1200Bi Pro
Aluminium Die-Cast Alloy

Brightness Output

The MG1200Bi is a robust lighting fixture offering an impressive brightness of up to 78,800 Lux at 5600K, 3m with the Fresnel lens. While the Evoke 1200Bi says it delivers a luminance of 61,030 Lux at a 3m distance when equipped with a reflector. Meanwhile, if you need the most brightness and control, the MG1200Bi may be the better choice. Additionally, when you attach light modifiers to the MG1200Bi, you can achieve significantly greater brightness compared to other lighting sources.


Evoke 1200Bi
Bare Bulb
3200K 4300K 5600K 6500K
3m 4,571 ux/ 425 fc 5,158 lux / 479 fc 5,258 lux / 488 fc 5,214 lux / 484 fc
5m 1,955 lux / 182 fc 2,208 lux / 205 fc 2,244 lux / 208 fc 2,231 lux / 207 fc
7m 1,088 lux / 101 fc 1,214 lux / 113 fc 1,261 lux / 117 fc 1,259 lux / 117 fc
9m 670 lux / 62 fc 745 lux / 69 fc 770 lux / 72 fc 759 lux / 71 fc
Bare Bulb
3200K 4300K 5600K 6500K
3m 5,330 lux / 495 fc 5,990 lux / 557 fc 6,290 lux / 585 fc 6,250 lux / 580 fc
5m 2,180 lux /202 fc 2,470 lux / 229 fc 2,590 lux / 240 fc 2,850 lux / 240 fc
7m 1,270 lux / 118 fc 1,420 lux / 132 fc 1,490 lux / 138 fc 1,480 lux / 138 fc
9m 838 lux / 77.9 fc 942 lux / 87.5 fc 994 lux / 92.4 fc 990 lux / 92 fc

Heat Management

The Godox MG200Bi has been engineered to prevent overheating with a fan system that combines both bottom and back fans. The dual-fan creates a robust cooling network to keep temperatures in check, allowing the MG1200Bi to operate at its best even during prolonged use. This feature ensures the longevity of LED lights, especially with powerful LED lights like the MG1200Bi.

The Nanlux Evoke 1200Bi Video Light takes different approaches with a large fan and strategically placed heatsinks. The fixture will stay cool during strenuous shooting sessions thanks to its effective heat-dissipation design. However, Nanlux warns that “please take care when using the lamp for long periods as the surface temperature can be high”. 

Godox KNOWLED MG1200BI Fan System (1)

More advanced, the MG1200Bi LED Light has a built-in temperature gauge and intelligent thermal protection. Meanwhile, it will automatically sound an alert when the light and power supply are operating at dangerously high temperatures. If you work outside or in a hot indoor setting, the MG1200Bi will automatically turn off or unplug the light. When compared, the MG1200Bi allows you to increase the light’s lifespan and preserve its integrity more than the Evoke 1200B.

Mounting System 

While many LED lights utilise a Bowens mount, the Evoke 1200B and MG1200Bi have taken a different approach due to the size and power of both lights. To sustain the weight of the attached accessories, both lights needed to employ an extremely sturdy mount with a locking mechanism. So, the Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi LED Light is built using the newest mounting mechanism, known as the G-mount, while the Evoke 1200Bi LED Video Light on the opposite side is compatible with the NL mount.

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The MG1200Bi uses the newest intelligent accessory as it is aimed at a specific segment of the market - the professional film industry. To optimise production efficiency, the Godox G-mount is built with an optical sensor, allowing the recognition of specific accessories. It guarantees that the colour temperature is always constant, no matter what modifier is being used. Beyond the three fans' support, the large G-mount size also helps to prevent overheating during your shooting. Moreover, its size allows for more secure attachment of light modifiers or accessories.

Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi 
Nanlux Evoke 1200Bi LED Film Light
Nanlux Evoke 1200B Pro 

Weights and Dimensions

The Nanlux Evoke 1200Bi LED Film Light measures 330x241x210mm/12.99×9.48×8.26” without yoke and weighs approximately 7.75kg/17.09lbs. While the power supply alone weighs in at 10.5 kg/kg (23.14 lbs). The MG1200Bi weighs 16 kg and measures 22.8 x 14.9 x 13.9, making it larger and heavier than the Evoke. To be honest, the MG1200Bi LED Light is heavier because it offers more innovative features. But its weight is still more manageable than a regular HMI with a comparable level of output.

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These lights are certainly being targeted as a versatile, high-output spotlight for professionals in the TV and film industries. Both LED Film Lights appeal to those who are looking for a high-output fixture that can replace a traditional HMI. However, it appears that the Godox MG1200Bi LED Light offers considerably more advantages than the Nanlux Evoke 1200Bi Video Light due to both its innovative design and its success at the TIPA Awards 2023. Currently, the Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi prices £3,275.00, while the Nanlux Evoke 1200B retails for £3,414.00.  

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