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KNOWLED M600R 740W RGBWW Hard-Light Cine LED Light



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The GODOX KNOWLED M600R is an Ultra-powerful 720W RGBWW COB LED Lighting fixture, which has Class-Leading performance, designed to launch your productions to new heights. Featuring a highly robust, build-quality, with intuitive controls, the M600R is the answer to every Lighting  Gaffer and Cinematographer’s dreams. The M600R has a CRI of 96+ and a TLCI of 97+, making it suitable for broadcast usage. With the option to control it using one of the many Industry standard control protocols such as DMX and CRMX, as well as the ability for it to be controlled via the GODOX KNOWLED App, when paired with the TimoLinkTRX the creative possibilities with the M600R are virtually endless. The perfect lighting solution for a large TV and BroadcastingFilmmaking and Cinematography, as well as for Theatrical Stage Show productions.


Tailored for Chromatic Lighting

The KNOWLED M600R's innovative optical design, not only ensures it maintains high-quality light output but also minimises heat build-up, enhancing the lifespan of the LED chip, as well as making it safer to use.

The Godox M600R's  Optical LED Design

Colour & Brightness Fully Unleashed

Utilising Godox's cutting-edge LED technology, the M600R stands out above the rest with its exceptional white and colour light brightness.  Its colour and brightness performance greatly surpasses lights of similar power and achieves maximum luminosity within its compact body, which enables you to produce stunning visuals.

Godox KNOWLED MG600R Brighttess range

RGBWW Colour

Being an RGBWW LED light, the M600R enables you to take advantage of colour modes such as CCT, HSI and RGB. It even has built-in colure gel profiles which can be used to emulate various colour gels available on the market. The M600R gives you access to a vast spectrum of colours, enabling you to produce eye-catching imagery with the greatest ease.

Variable Colour Temperature

The KNOWLED M600R’s CCT mode enables you to adjust the colour temperature of the light, anywhere from 2500K to 10,000K. This enables you to either match the temperature of ambient lighting or add mood and ambience to your scene. Whether you want to produce a warm and inviting scene, or a cold, desolate atmosphere, the M600R has you covered.

GODOX M600R Colour Temperature Range

Green/Magenta Shift Correction

The KNOWLED M600R also features Green/Magenta tint adjustment, which enables you to balance your lighting with some of those tricker light sources to correct for, such as fluorescent lighting. 

Flawless Colour

The Godox KNOWLED M600R always maintains the highest standard in colour fidelity. With a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 96+ and a Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) of 97+, you can rest assured that all colours will be rendered vividly, with natural-looking skin tones in any shooting environment. This greatly reduces the time and cost needed to correct colours in post-production. This makes the M600R suitable for broadcast and cinematic use.

KNOWLED M600R Colour Rendition Example

IP54 Weather-Resistance

The KNOWLED M600R Light Body and Controller box is IP54 certified. This means that it is weather resistant, enabling it to be comfortably used in weather conditions such as rain or fog etc. The IP54 certification also prevents damage to your investments in both the short-term and long-term, allowing you to use the KNOWLED M600R in a wide variety of scenarios.

The GODOX KNOWLED M600R out in the rain

Precise Adjustments

The Godox KNOWLED M600R features ultra-precise dimming controls, enabling you to adjust the brightness of the light in increments of 0.1%. for quick Power Adjustments, you can also adjust the brightness in increments of 10%, allowing you to the exact brightness designed, quickly with the utmost precision.

Dimming Curves

The Godox KNOWLED M600R LED Lighting gives you the option of four dimming curves, enabling the way that you adjust your lighting just the way you like. You can select between a Linear, an S-curve, an Exponential Curve, or a Logarithmic Curve, rendering the best lighting effects, in the shortest amount of time.

Flicker-Free Performance

The Godox KNOWLED M600R, produces flicker-free illumination, making it suitable for high-speed video (we have tested it with framerates up to 12,000 FPS). This makes the M600R perfect for shooting slow-motion video, whether you are shooting a movie, a documentary, or for scientific research.

A water drop to show the high-speed video capabilities of the M600R

Built to Work in Any Condition

The M600R has been built to perform in a wide range of conditions. Its Air-Cooling system has been built to ensure optimal performance in hot conditions, It has also been rigorously tested in temperatures as low as -20°C.

GODOX KNOWLED M600R's Cooling Fan system

Built-In Dynamic Lighting Effects

The KNOWLED M600R features 14 lighting effect presets, including broken bulbs, camera flashes, lightning, and TV screen effects. Perfect for adding that cinematic touch to your films.

Colour Cycle Effect formthe M600R
the M600R's Lightning Effect being used in a film scene

Industry-Standard Control Options

The M600R supports a plethora of industry-standard control protocols, enabling it to be seamlessly integrated into your current work pipeline. It supports DMX512 (via a 5-pin XLR connection), LumenRadio CRMX Control system. It also supports ethernet sACN and ArtNet protocols, which makes it highly versatile. It can also be used with the GODOX KNOWLED App when paired with the TimoLinkTRX (available separately) via Bluetooth, for even greater flexibility.

Godox M600R being used with the KNOWLED App

Bowens S-Type Mount

The M600R uses the popular Bowens S-Type mount, making it compatible with a wide range of modifiers straight out of the box, which gives you the option to shape and modify the light to suit your needs. It can be used with a plethora of different modifiers, including, Softboxes, Beauty Dishes, Fresnel lenses etc.

GODOX KNOWLED M600R being used with a wide range of S-Type fitting modifiers

The GODOX KNOWLED M600R LED Lighting is an ultra-powerful, yet economical lighting solution for serious Filmmakers, Cinematographers and, Lighting Gaffers at theatrical productions. When paired with the plethora of lighting modifiers available for it including the FLS10 Fresnel lens, the lighting possibilities are virtually endless.


What's In The Box?

Godox KNOWLED M600R Box Content

M600R Photometric Data (Bare Light)

CCT Unit 3m 5m 7m
1800K lux ≈969 ≈402 ≈240
fc ≈90 ≈37 ≈22
2800K lux ≈2,210 ≈936 ≈536
fc ≈205 ≈87 ≈50
3200K lux ≈2,250 ≈959 ≈552
fc ≈209 ≈89 ≈51
4300K lux ≈2,390 ≈1,010 ≈577
fc ≈222 ≈94 ≈54
5600K lux ≈2,560 ≈1,100 ≈627
fc ≈238 ≈102 ≈58
6500K lux ≈2,730 ≈1,150 ≈663
fc ≈254 ≈107 ≈62
8500K lux ≈2,700 ≈1,140 ≈662
fc ≈251 ≈106 ≈62
10,000K lux ≈2,620 ≈1,100 ≈632
fc ≈244 ≈102 ≈59

M600R Photometric Data (With BR45 Reflector)

CCT Unit 3m 5m 7m
1800K lux ≈5,130 ≈1,800 ≈944
fc ≈476 ≈167 ≈88
2800K lux ≈10,900 ≈3,850 ≈2,030
fc ≈1,010 ≈358 ≈188
3200K lux ≈11,200 ≈3,960 ≈2,090
fc ≈1,040 ≈368 ≈194
4300K lux ≈11,900 ≈4,190 ≈2,210
fc ≈1,100 ≈389 ≈206
5600K lux ≈12,900 ≈4,550 ≈2,400
fc ≈1,190 ≈423 ≈223
6500K lux ≈13,500 ≈4,790 ≈2,530
fc ≈1,260 ≈445 ≈235
8500K lux ≈13,600 ≈4,780 ≈2,520
fc ≈1,260 ≈444 ≈235
10,000K lux ≈13,100 ≈4,600 ≈2,440
fc ≈1,220 ≈428 ≈226


  • RGBWW Capable Enabling you to select virtually any colour imaginable
  • 20,000 lux at 1m
  • IP54 Weather Resistant
  • Great for use in Extreme Temperatures (Even at under -20°C)
  • Supports DMX, LumenRadio CRMX, Ethernet (SACN and ArtNet Protocol)
  • Compatible with the Godox Light App
  • Bowens S-Type Mount
  • Uses New Optical Technology for reduced temperatures

What’s In the Box

  • 1x M600R Light Body
  • 1x Yoke
  • 1x Controller Ballast
  • 1x BR45 Reflector
  • 1x Lamp Protection Cover
  • 1x AC Power Cable
  • 1x DC Power Cable
  • 1x Tying Rope
  • 1x Safety Cable
  • 1x Pipe Clamp
  • 1x SC20 Case


Power Supply100V-240V~50/60Hz
Input Power≈720W
Colour Temperaure Range1,800-10,000K
Green/Magenta Adjustment-100%~100%/td>
Brightness Range0%-100%
Dimming Curveslinear, S-curve, exponential, logarithmic
Controlling MethodsDMX 512(RDM) / Lumen Radio CRMX / Ethernet (Art-Net&sACN) / Bluetooth App / On-board
Bluetooth Controlling DistanceMax. 40m
USB Type-A PortFirmware Upgrade/5V⎓1.5A Power Supply
Working Environment Temperature-20℃~45℃
Light Body Dimension (Yoke included)≈31.7cm x ≈50.1cm x ≈34.7
Controller Dimensions≈18.9cm x ≈16.6cm x ≈33.4cm
Light Body Net. Weight≈10kg (Including Yoke and Reflector)
Controller Net. Weight≈6kg


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