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105cm (41") 16-Sided Easy-Open Rice Bowl Parabolic Softbox with White Interior

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Images Taken By Tommy Reynolds


Light-Efficient Diffusion Material

Softbox Diffusers
  • Heat resistant up to 200°C
  • Crease-resistant
  • Features Grid-design which scatters the light more efficiently for more even diffusion
  • Made from light-efficient fabric for increased light transmission through the fabric
  • Fabric Treated to prevent discolouration which could otherwise affect the colour temperature of your lighting.

The PIXAPRO 105cm (41”) 16-rod Easy-Open Rice Bowl Parabolic Octabox with White Interior, is a convenient, easy-to-use light modifier, which can be used as either a traditional softbox or as a collapsible beauty dish. The softbox mounts to the front of your studio flash strobe, or your studio LED COB light, to produce soft, yet focused lighting, without sacrificing too much intensity. This softbox features an umbrella-like easy-open mechanism, which enables it to be set up and ready for use in a few seconds, perfect for use on location or in the studio. It features a white interior, to minimise specular highlights, whilst producing natural-looking lighting, with pleasing fall-off. This 105cm Rice Bowl Parabolic Softbox is considered a workhorse among many working Wedding, Portrait, Lifestyle, Commercial, Beauty, Fashion, Food, Product, and macro photographers.

White Interior

This 105cm Umbrella Rice Bowl Parabolic Octabox features a white interior lining, which produces a more diffused quality of light compared to its silver-lined counterpart, with less specularity. It has black exterior material to prevent light leakage.

105cm Two Layers of Diffusion Parabolic Octabox 

The 105cm Rice Bowl Parabolic Softbox features two layers of diffusion, made from high-grade nylon, with a special fine grid design for durability. These diffusers are resistant to Discolouration, which means that you do not have to worry about the softbox affecting the colour of your lighting. These diffusers can either be used one at a time or together, giving you full control of how diffused your lighting is.

Deflector Dish

The 105cm Rice Bowl Parabolic Softbox comes with a removable Deflector-Dish, which enables you to use the 105cm Rice Bowl as a beauty dish. Perfect for times when you are looking for lighting that is less diffused. It also helps prevent hot spots.

Detachable Honeycomb Grid

The 105cm Rice Bowl softbox comes with a honeycomb grid, which enables you to further reduce the spread of light, helping to prevent light from spilling onto areas that you don't want it to (such as the background etc. It also produces images with a little more contrast, perfect for certain styles of photography such as low-key and cinematic portraiture etc.

Build quality 

The 105cm Rice Bowl Parabolic Softbox is made from durable high-quality rods, inserted into hard-wearing nylon material which ensures that it is up to the job of enduring professional use in the field.

Easy-Access Parabolic Octabox

The backing material, features press studs near the mounting ring, allowing for easy access to your flash, strobe or Speedlite without having to remove the front diffusion. It also makes installing the softbox a lot easier.

Hexadecagonal Shape

Unlike traditional Octaboxes, the 105cm Rice Bowl Softbox features 16 rods which gives it a much rounder appearance. This produces pleasing round catchlights in the eyes of your subject, to emulate natural light sources such as the Sun. Especially desirable for portraits and commercial photography, as well as being useful for a fill or key light.

Deeper Parabolic Design

Unlike traditional Octaboxes, the Rice Bowl softbox uses a parabolic design, which focuses the light more effectively compared to traditional Octaboxes, allowing the light to travel over longer distances.


This Parabolic Octabox has been designed to increase the effective size of your light source, which produces softer shadow transitions, for more pleasing and flattering results. The diffusion layers help to reduce specularity, which prevents blown-out highlights. The deflector dish is designed to reduce hotspots for more homogenous lighting.

105cm Quick set up Parabolic Octabox

The 105cm Rice Bowl Softbox features an umbrella-like opening mechanism, which enables you to quickly and effortlessly set up your softbox in less than a minute. This is particularly well-suited for shooting in outdoor locations, or when shooting at venues where you have limited set-up and packing-away times use. 

Parabolic Octabox with Interchangeable fitting

The 105cm Parabolic Octabox has a unique interchangeable speedring design, enabling it to be used with a wide variety of flash brands currently on the market. This gives all photographers a high-quality, low-cost solution to their modifier needs. The Speedrings for the Rice Bowl softboxes are available in, Bowens, Hensel, Elinchrom, Broncolor, Multiblitz and Profoto fittings (please view the compatibility table for more information).

Quality canvas carry bag 

The 105cm Rice Bowl softbox comes in a high-Quality Canvas carrying bag, which is great for portability, enabling you to easily carry your softbox wherever you need to go, whether it’s on location or in-studio. 

The softbox is considered the workhorse of a photographer’s equipment arsenal, providing a soft, even, natural-looking light. With an easy-open mechanism, it is great for almost any shooting situation whether you shoot still life, portrait, landscape, commercial, fashion, food, product, or macro photography, it ideal for the travelling mobile on-location photographer

Fitting Compatibility

Fitting Type Compatible Brands
Bowens S-Type Pixapro, Lencarta, Godox, Aurora, Lastolite Lumen8, iLux, RimeLite, Walimex VC / K +DS, Jinbei, Bowens, Interfit: Stellar and Venus Series
Elinchrom Elinchrom, Interfit EX and EXD series, Calumet Genesis Studio Flashes
Hensel Hensel Porty, Expert Pro, Integra Pro, eFlash, EH Heads, EH Mini and EHT flash heads
Broncolor (Big) Broncolor Primo, Pulso, Siros, Minicom, Unilite, Litos, MobiLED and Flashman flash heads
Multiblitz (V-Type) Multiblitz Magnolite, Magnolux, Ministudio, Variolite, and Xenolux, and Flashpoint II flash heads.
Profoto Profoto Flash Heads


  • Produces Soft-Focused Lighting
  • Umbrella-Like opening mechanism for quick easy setup
  • Ideal for the mobile photographer
  • Strong-Sturdy Frame
  • Highly Reflective interior to maximise light-efficiency
  • Two layers of diffusion
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Supplied with a High-Quality carry case for easy transportation
  • Interchangeable Speedring to allow you to adapt to fit a range of lighting units.

What’s In the Box

  • 1x Softbox
  • 1/1x Inner/Outer Diffuser
  • 1x Honeycomb Grid
  • 1x Deflector Dish
  • 1x Speedring
  • 1x Carry Bag


Softbox Diameter105cm
ShapeHexadecagon (16 Sided)
Interior colourWhite
Layers of Diffusion2
FittingInterchangeable Fitting
Box Weight

Box Dimensions

Approximately    Height  80cm  Width  20cm Length   20cm

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