Exploring our Easy Open Softbox Range

What are the Easy Open Softboxes?

Our Easy Open Softboxes are much like many other softboxes you can find on the market, but they have a handy feature that makes them much easier to use. The umbrella mechanism inside the softbox means you can push the softbox open to fully set it up and lock it, making it sturdy, secure, and efficient. In fact, you can easily set up an Easy Open Softbox in less than a minute! This makes them particularly useful when you're shooting on location or you're working to a tight time frame. 

 This design also allows for ease when taking it down too, and means your softbox can be stored easily and with less risk of being damaged. 

What kinds of Easy Open Softbox do we offer?

We stock a wide range of Easy Open softboxes, from rectangular ones to circular and strip softboxes. Here are a few:


One of our most popular ranges of Easy Open softboxes is the Rice Bowl softbox. Circular in shape, with a 16 sided design to make the shape smooth, the Rice Bowls come in 65cm and 105cm, and with either a silver or white interior.



The parabolic shape of the softbox helps to focus the light towards the subject, and they come with diffusers to control the light and a deflector dish to place inside the softbox to make it function like a beauty dish. These softboxes are incredibly versatile, which makes them a great investment as you can use them for just about anything.



If you need a softbox with a Godox mount, however, why not try the 65cm or 85cm 16 sided parabolic softboxes instead? The 65cm model acts much like it's Rice Bowl counterpart, but the 85cm model has a more flared edge, making it more conical like a parabolic umbrella for a wider spread of light. 


Our Easy Open Octaboxes are a hit with many photographers, with their 8-sided design coming in 4 sizes: 90cm, 120cm, 150cm and 170cm. The 8 sides give a unique reflection of light, while also being round enough to produce an almost circular catchlight in your model's eye, and the wide design helps to produce a soft light, especially when paired with a diffuser. Meanwhile, the octagonal design means that you can achieve the wide spread of light without sacrificing your space, as there aren't any cumbersome corners. 



We also offer rectangular Easy Open softboxes. Starting from a 60cm x 90cm option if you're just looking for a standard softbox design, up to a HUGE 120cm x 180cm if you're looking to light a big area or subject or group of people. The huge size of this softbox results in super soft lighting thanks to the reflection of the light within the softbox, and as a top tip, when used with the diffuser, this softbox can also be used as a background!

A fun take on the rectangular softbox is the 60cm x 120cm Offset Softbox, which offers an interesting shape that allows for the focusing of light on your model's face, with a gradual drop-off of light towards the rest of the body, making is particularly handy for beauty and make-up shoots where the focus is on the face and hair. 



Strip softboxes also come with Easy Open counterparts, and are stocked in 30cm x 90cm and 30cm x 140cm sizes depending on what is most suitable for you.

Alternatively, we also offer a 30cm x 120cm Arc Strip Softbox which is perfect for beauty and portraiture photography due to it's ability to wrap light around your model and focus it in the desired areas. 


So what are you waiting for?

Our range of Easy Open softboxes has something to suit everyone's needs! View our full range here. Or, if you wanted to pick up a range, we offer the Easy Open Modifier Kit which comes with 6 softboxes to help get you started! 

If you need any advice or assistance with purchasing your first Easy Open softbox, why not get in touch with our team at info@essentialphoto.co.uk and one of our Product Advisors will be able to help you!

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