Vlogging Essentials

Becoming a YouTube sensation has been the new obsession for many as more people are coming forward to create a living by making videos. The trend started recently, but platforms like YouTube have been promoting it since the mid-2000s.

With many fish in the sea, you need to stand out to make a career out of your hobby. The best vlogging equipment will set you right for your journey into the world of video blogging. Here are some for you to consider:


There is absolutely no point in reading further if you want to vlog but do not have a camera. Sometimes phone cameras work fine too for shorter clips, but a vlogging camera is a must-have if you want to start a career by creating video content.

You need to know what the purpose of your videos is, to know what camera to purchase. You might have all the money it takes to buy the best one in the market, but that might be too heavy or impractical for your daily vlogging experience.

Extra rechargeable batteries

Whether it’s a hobby or a job, chances are with vlogging that you might be on the go most of the time. You cannot afford to have a dead camera right when you want to film a fun clip on your day trip, which is why rechargeable batteries and a charger are vlogging essential. Invest in a second battery and keep both fully charged when leaving your house.

SD Card

Imagine your battery is fully charged, but your camera alerts you about low storage space midway. SD cards are another must-have for that extra content storage. You can get your hands on affordable SD cards that are compatible with your camera. The prices normally differ according to the storage capability the card has to offer. 


Your footage cannot be shaky and unstable, which is why a tripod is the second vlogging essential. It does not matter if you’re shooting indoors at your desk or outside; camera support is crucial for stability. Heavier cameras need more sturdy tripod stands; however, your smaller vlogging camera will make do with a mini tripod if you are not comfortable using your candle stand.


Twin Tube Video Tripod (KENVT103), 60cm Carbon Fiber Light Weight Slider and MINI-P 3 Axis Stabiliser Gimbal


There is nothing more annoying than having bad audio in videos, regardless of how great your video looks. There are high chances your video will get more dislikes, and many might not even continue watching till the end. Many cameras do not have the best microphones, and that’s where the need for a suitable external microphone comes in. Don’t worry much about getting a fancy and expensive one to begin with; investing in an affordable mic will also do the trick.


MIC120 Video Microphone With 3.5mm Audio JackLMS-60C Omni-Directional Lavalier Microphone (6m) and WMicS1 Pro UHF Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone System (Kit 2)

Microphone wind muff

To avoid having audio with wind noise all the time, in case you are filming outside on a windy day or your fan is just oddly loud, mic wind muffs are great ways to avoid that. These wind muffs are phone and camera-friendly both, in case your battery ran out, and you want to pop out your phone.

While many who are casually vlogging their everyday life might not consider this a vlogging essential, you must know the purpose of your videos to ensure you are doing the best to get the desired viewership.


While natural lights may work in your favor most times, your room’s dull lamp might not cut it most times. This is why investing in lights is important. Ring lights are the most convenient all-rounder for your sit down videos as it evenly brightens the subject in front of it. The ring shape gives off light in all directions, minimizing the chances of shadows or shading.


RICO240BTIRA LED Strip Light and Godox LC500


Apart from the subject, there is light needed in the entire background for the required aesthetics. Again, natural light and your regular room lamp might work at times but invest in a softbox might get you consistent results at any time of the day. Softboxes, just like the name suggests, softens the light around, making it more toned and even in the shot. The standard-light dispersing film helps avoid any direct or awkward glares.


50x70cm (19.6"X27.5") Non-Recessed Rectangular Softbox - Mini Universal Fitting120cm (47.2") Octagonal Softbox With 5cm Grid and 30x90cm (11.8"X35.4") Easy-Open Strip Umbrella Softbox With 4cm Grid

Green Screen

If you want those crazy effects in your reaction videos or gaming videos, then you need to have a green screen. Specific lighting tools help you manage a clean chroma key to get you the desired look on the screen. Maintain a decent distance between yourself and the green screen to minimize any reflections on you.



LED100D MKIII Four-Head Green Screen Kit

Remote Shutter

How do you pause the clip for a break without disturbing your perfect set-up gear? This is where a remote shutter comes to your rescue. If you are a new vlogger or have ever tried getting the perfect shot, you know how long it takes to get that perfect camera set up for sit-down videos or photos. You cannot afford to disturb that frame just for a quick run to the main door for your package that just came in. Remote shutters allow you to press pause and to pick it up right from where you left off once you are back in your ideal position. 

Editing Software 

After getting all the content that you need, you will have to put it together for your viewers to watch. There are quite a few non-linear editing programs that may be used to edit a video on all computing devices these days. You can search your computer for video editing software, which should allow you to edit basic clips and put them together. If not, you can download one but make sure you check the recommended specs required by the software to ensure your computer can handle it.

Many use iMovies on apple or Adobe Premiere Elements that are more user-friendly for beginners. Otherwise, the more professional software includes Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, and Apple Final Cut Pro X.  These programs might require some practice before getting used to them.  

Looking For Reliable Vlogging Equipment?

If you love vlogging and think you’ve got what it takes to set up the best channel out, then all you need is the best video gear to get you on the right road. Check EssentialPhoto UK for tons of options to choose from with seasonal discounts!

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