The Full Godox KNOWLED Lighting Range- Lighting for Film and Broadcast

If you're a fan of the Godox brand of lighting, chances are you've heard by now of the new KNOWLED Range they've been releasing, catering towards filmmakers, broadcasters, and television productions. 

With more products being released, and even more on their way, here's a full rundown of the KNOWLED lighting products released so far, with links for purchase in the UK. 

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The M Series Studio Lights

The Godox KNOWLED M Series was the first of the new collection of powerful KNOWLED LEDs designed and built for film and broadcasting industries, offering a quality build, easy working, and accurate light colour, with the intention of making production smooth and high quality. 

The M600BI has a CRI of 96+ and a TLCI of 97+, making it suitable for broadcast usage. With the option to control them remotely using the Wireless RC-A6 Remote control, or via the GODOX Light App, the creative possibilities with the M600BI are virtually endless.

Available in both Daylight-Balanced and Bi-Colour options, the M Series covers a range of powers, including:


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The MG1200Bi 1200w LED Head

A newer release, the MG1200Bi is an ultra-powerful 1200W Bi-Colour COB LED Light with Class-Leading performance designed to launch your productions to new heights! Featuring a highly robust, build-quality, with intuitive controls, and IP54 Weather Resistance, the MG1200Bi is the answer to every Lighting Gaffer and Cinematographer’s dreams. 

A great asset for lighting large scale productions, the MG1200Bi has captured the attention of lighting enthusiasts already, with a CRI of 96+ and a TLCI of 96+, making it suitable for broadcast usage, and support of a plethora of professional control protocols including DMX512 and LumenRadio CRMX and more. It can also be controlled remotely using the GODOX RC-A6II, RC-R9II and RC-11 Remote controllers, or via the GODOX Light App using Bluetooth. 

The MG1200Bi, due to its's size, has a unique G-Mount fitting designed specifically by Godox, which is designed for durability and a better connection than Bowens fitting for example, and is designed with electrical contacts allowing the light to recognise which modifier is connected to it. 

This means that the MG1200Bi is only compatible with these specially designed G-Mount modifiers.


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Looking to switch from HMI lighting to LED lighting on set? Here's some information comparing the two types of lighting and which might be best for you:

F Series Flexible LED Panels 

Flexible LED Light Mat Panels can have lots of applications in videography and filmmaking, especially when it comes to needing easy to transport, lightweight lighting options. The new F Series answers these needs, 

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TP Series Pixel RGB Tubes

The recently announced TP Pixel tubes are a popular addition to the KNOWLED professional range of LEDs, offering the next step up from the popular TL Series RGB Tubes. However, the Pixel Tubes are even more innovative than first meets the eye!

Unlike the TL series, the TP tubes are formed of pixel LED lighting, which gives the lighting a whole new look, and can also be programmed, using mapping software, to display images and lighting patterns that the TL series, for example, cannot. This will allow lighting departments to tailor the lighting to replicate all sorts of effects efficiently on a closed set. 

This kind of feature is particularly useful for situations such as matching practical effects with different shots and angles if you need to replicate the same lighting perfectly every time. 

The TP series has been announced in 3 different sizes: the TP2R, the TP4R & the TP8R, each coming in at 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft respectively. Yes, that's 8ft tall; 2.4 metres! 

With a variable colour temperature of between 2000K and 10,000K as well as 360 selectable hues, the possibilities are virtually endless. With a plethora of professional control options including DMX, Wireless CRMX, and LumenRadio, the KNOWLED TP series pixel tubes can be easily integrated into any professional rig with ease.

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P600Bi Bi-Colour Hard Light LED Panel

One of the newer additions to the KNOWLED Range is the P600Bi. With up to 700w of LED power, this mighty Bi-colour LED Panel has been especially designed to fit the needs of the film and television industry, and packs a lot of power into a small 30x30cm package. It has a CRI and TLCI of ≥96 for impeccable colour rendition, flicker free performance, and a selectable beam angle of between 45° and 55°.

The P600Bi supports Industry-Standard DMX512 and CRMX control protocols, as well as Godox’s own RC-R9 2.4GHz Wireless Remote ideal for large productions, and Godox App compatibility. 

With a lux rating of approximately 80,700 @1m, 8,810lx at 3m, 36,80 at 5m and 1,290 at 9m bare light, the P600Bi has no trouble illuminating larger spaces, and the brightness can be adjusted via ultra-precise dimming controls, in increments of 0.1% up to 10%, allowing you to the exact brightness designed with the utmost precision.

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Similar panels are coming soon from the P Series Panels, namely the P600R and P300R panels. Built similarly to the P600Bi, these panels have the addition of RGB capability! These aren't currently available for pre-order, but will be soon. 

CR5 Pocket Sized RGB Panel 

A unique addition to the KNOWLED range, the CR5 Mini RGB Panel is a 5w pocket-sized rechargeable panel with 30 LED bulbs that create intense colours. 

Controllable via the Godox Light App, this handy little panel has 39 built-in effects plus a reactive music mode that will change the lighting to the beat of your audio! 

Supplied with a handy silicone collapsible diffuser, these mini panels also have magnetic strips on the back which allow you to stick the panels to magnetic surfaces for easy lighting. 

While the majority of the KNOWLED range is built specifically for professional productions, the CR5 is much more accessible to all audiences in terms of it's features and price range and can be used by professionals or hobbyist/amateur productions too. 

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C7R, C10R RGBWW Smart LED Bulbs

The Godox KNOWLED CR LED Light Bulbs are cinematic RGBWW E27 bulbs perfect for cinematographers, filmmakers and lighting gaffers that require a high CRI light bulb for setting up practical set lighting.

Comprising currently of the C7R and the C10R bulbs, they feature a HSI mode, which enables you to adjust the hue and saturation, giving you access to virtually any colour you can think of. It also has a CCT mode, enabling you to adjust the colour temperature of the light anywhere between 2500K and 5800K enabling you to match the light to the colour temperature of your ambient lighting. They also have a CRI of 96+ and a TLCI of 97+, making them suitable for broadcast usage. 

With a handy built-in battery, these bulbs don't even need to be connected to an E27 bulb fitting to work, and can be placed wherever needed for easy practical lighting solutions! Plus, with a range of built-in lighting effects, such as Fire, Candlelight, Lightning, TV sets and Fireworks, these bulbs are super versatile. Control via the Godox app for easy brightness and hue changes from your smartphone or tablet. 

The C7R and C10R bulbs are not currently available for pre-order but will be coming to EssentialPhoto soon!

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