Aputure LS Series vs Godox KNOWLED M Series Lighting

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Aputure LS Series vs Godox KNOWLED M Series Lighting
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Aputure LS Series vs Godox KNOWLED M Series  Lighting Comparision:

The Godox KNOWLED M Series of LED Studio Lighting is a new collection of powerful LED Heads designed and built for film and broadcasting industries, offering quality build, easy working, and accurate light colour, with the intention of making production smooth and high quality. 

Available in both Daylight-Balanced and Bi-Colour options, the M Series covers a range of powers, including:

Aputure's LS Series of LED Studios heads offer similar specs against a very similar range of options, sans a ~200w option that Godox offers. This includes the LS600D, LD600D Pro, LS600X Pro, LSC300D II and the LS300X. 

Primary Differences Between Godox KNOWLED M Series VS Aputure LS Series

At first glance, both the Aputure LS series and the Godox KNOWLED M Series remain very similar, with both featuring Bowens S-Type modifier fittings, having similar maximum wattage outputs, quiet fans, mains power and battery power compatibility, as well as high ratings for colour accuracy, with CRI and TLCI ratings between 95-97. 

However, some of the lighting comparision differences are quite stark. Godox's KNOWLED M Series, for example, is significantly more efficient in terms of lux ratings, despite hitting a similar maximum power range as its Aputure LS counterparts. For example, when comparing the Godox M600Bi with the Aputure LS600X lux at a distance of 1m with a reflector, the Godox unit is significantly higher. 

  Godox M600Bi Aputure LS600X
Lux at 1m with Reflector at 2700-2800K 135,000 lux 36,500 lux
Lux at 1m with Reflector at 6500K 192,000 lux 55,300 lux

The M Series also has the benefit of a wider range of pre-programmed special lighting effects at 21, whereas the LS Series has 9, and the Godox lights also offer the option to be controlled via the Godox Light App with bluetooth connectivity. 

All this, with the addition of the Godox units being more affordable across the board than the Aputure options*, means that you get a high-quality light with more versatility, at a price that is kinder to your budget. 

*UK GBP Prices based on prices including VAT at EssentialPhoto and at CVP. 

Full Lighting Comparision Table

Click the table below for the full-size lighting comparision table link with GBP £ Price comparisons included. 

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