Wedding Photography Essentials for 2023

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Events and wedding photographers now have more Professional Wedding Photography options than ever, with new and innovative lighting equipment being released regularly that is just perfect for location shoots to help you shoot the perfect images that the wedding party and guests can look back on fondly.

PIKA200 PRO Battery Flash With Godox R200 Ring Flash Attachment

A highly recommended light for events and wedding photography, the PIKA200 Pro/AD200 has a new addition to the collection. The Godox R200 ringlight is built to work directly with the PIKA200/AD200, and can be used attached directly to your camera or mounted separately on a light stand. A fantastic piece of kit for flattering lighting for your bride and groom, this Professional Wedding Photography kit is perfect for those quiet pre-ceremony shots of the wedding parties getting ready, and for close up shots of the couple, producing soft yet high-quality near-shadowless lighting. 

The PIKA200 Pro features a 9-Stop power range (1/1 – 1/256 power) of 1/10 stop power adjustments, as well as increased colour-consistency rated at 5600°K ± 100°K over its entire power range and access to powerful flash with a guide number of up to 60m at ISO100.

Modifiers can also be purchased separately for the R200 kit for added control over your lighting.

Wedding GIO1 Round Head Speedlite Kit - Professional Wedding Photography

This GIO1 Speedlite kit is a great starter kit for weddings due to it's relatively low cost and the fact that the GIO1 is so easy to use! The GIO1 also has features such as HSS and multi-burst, which make it great for events, especially when taking action shots where people are moving such as the first dance for example. Built with a round-head as opposed to the traditional rectangular heads on most speedlites, this flash has a flattering smooth light fall-off.

The little GIO1 is a handy, super portable flash that's great for on the move, and the Rice Bowl softbox paired with it is the perfect softbox to give that soft, diffused look and to create round catchlights in eyes for close up photos. Plus, with the magnetic modifier attachment, you could pick up the AK-R1 round head kit separately, which includes mini grids, colour correctors, a snoot and more to help modify your lighting.

This kit is best wedding photography to get started with due to it's efficiency and simplicity. Even ask Tommy Reynolds!- This kit was curated by Tommy, an award winning Wedding Photographer, who made this kit exclusively for our website! 

Find out more about the GIO1 and our Rice Bowl Softboxes.

CITI400Pro 400Ws Portable Studio Flash Kit & 85cm Twin Silver Softbox - Professional Wedding Photography

If you're after something with more power or something more suitable for group shots, the CITI400 twin kit may be more appropriate! With a combined power of 800w, this kit is great for shooting those family images and for brighter lighting in dimmer locations or outdoors. 

"Excellent light, easy to control and battery lasts long. Good for location shoots so no cables and plug sockets to mess with" - Graham D.


The CITI400 PRO 400Ws twin Softbox kit offers professional lighting, featuring Battery-Powered Portable TTL monolights. They feature Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology to achieve Short Flash Durations, as well as Fast Recycle Times, which allows you to capture fast motion such as dancing, jumping and even water splashes with ease - perfect for the dance floor! The included 2x 85cm 16-rod Godox-Fit Easy-Open softboxes can be used as either a traditional softbox or as a collapsible beauty dish, and the reflective interior helps maximise light efficiency whilst providing a natural-looking non-artificial light.



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