Lighting Solutions for E-commerce Photography


Lighting Options 

-          Small Product Photography: 70x70x70cm Foldable LED Light Tent

This Light Tent features built-in LED lighting strips to remove the need to use large external lighting to properly light the subject inside, that offer an accurate colour reproduction and a high-quality brightness. Due to the 70x70x70cm Cube Design, this is a perfect lighting option for smaller product photography. The silver interior of the tent is highly reflective, to make sure that the product is perfectly lit from every angle whilst creating a shadowless lighting. Each LED Light Tent comes with 4 different coloured background included, to allow you to switch these out to better suit your product and create a professional result.



-          Medium Product Photography: Bi-Colour Flat Lay Overhead Food Photography Lighting Kit

This kit is perfect for medium sized e-Commerce Photography such as food photography, as the LED100B MKIII offers a very bright 100W lighting output that can be adjusted between Daylight Balanced lighting to match the sun and Tungsten lighting to match artificial lighting, to better match the lighting to your shooting environment. The 90cm Softbox helps to better focus the lighting directly onto the subject you are shooting, but it also comes with two layers of diffusion, to make sure the lighting is soft and gentle to help bring out the finer details of your product. The boom arm allows you to better position the lighting to suit the size of your product, giving you more control of how you wish the product to be lit and the overall style of the shoot.



 -          Large Product Photography: Furniture KINOII 600+ Four Head Photography Kit for Medium/Large

This kit is ideal for shooting large products for e-Commerce Photography, such as furniture and vehicles. This kit comes with 4x KINO600II Flash Heads, each producing 600ws of bright yet professional lighting, that can all be dimmed between 1/1 – 1/16 power to suit both your subject size and shooting environment. The 120cm Softbox can be used as the main light to properly light the subject, with the 2x 80x120cm Softboxes being used as side or fill lights depending on the size of the subject and the 65cm Diffuser Ball can be used to create an omnidirectional ambient fill light to give your shot a more natural look. The addition of two boom stands allows you to place the lighting in a wider variety of positions to better compliment the size of your subject.



Additional Equipment

-          ORBIT600 360° Photography Triple-Speed 60cm White Motorized Turntable with Remote Control

This particular piece of equipment can produce 360° photography and can be used with specific software to create interactive images to better show your product. This turntable offers a 60cm diameter and a 150KG Maximum Load Capacity, allowing it to be used with a large selection of different subjects. It is capable of rotating at 3 speeds to give you control over how your product is shot and comes with a remote control for easy adjustments.



-          3D Block Prop Set For Product Photography (WHITE)

For smaller products, this is a great way to pose and organise your product to look more professional and to help them stand out. This set includes five different shaped blocks which gives you the freedom to switch around the layout to suit the style you are looking to achieve. The solid wooden build not only makes sure that they are durable during extensive use, but also means that you are able to re-paint these to whatever colour you wish.

Product Photography and Equipment Used

E-Commerce Product Photography using Pixapro Glowpads - With Barry Mountford

These results were achieved by using our GLOWPAD range of lighting units, including the GLOWPAD350D, GLOWPAD350S, GLOWPAD450D and GLOWPAD450S LED Lighting Panels.  

How to Photograph a Whiskey Bottle with One Light - With Barry Mountford


This result was achieved by using a CITI600 Manual Flash Unit with a 60x90cm Easy-Open Softbox. 

360° Product Photography - With Barry Mountford

This result was achieved by using a collection of different lighting units including the RICO240 LED Ring Light and GLOWPAD350D and GLOWPAD350S LED Panels. It also was created using a ORBIT600 Turntable for 360° Photography.


With e-Commerce becoming such a prevalent business now as most shopping is conducted online rather than instore, making sure your products are properly photographed is vital to professionally show the quality of your equipment. With the information provided, we are sure you will be able to create high-quality e-Commerce photography with ease.

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