Tailored Kits made for you!

There are a wide range of different Photography/Videography fields available, and finding the correct equipment for your specific field may be daunting and confusing. We here at PiXAPRO have create a range of different tailored kits aimed at use in specific fields to make this easier for you to choose the correct products. In this Blog, we will take a look at a few of these kits and the field they have been specifically designed for.

PIKA200 PRO Commercial Headshot Kit

This kit has been designed for a quick and simple headshot photography, with just a single lighting unit but a reflector to create ample lighting. This is ideal for taking self-portraits and self-headshots which could be used for a variety of needs such as commercial headshots, actor headshots, CV/resume profile headshots for uses on online jobsites and many more, showing a professional look and to drawing in more attention.

Included in this kit is the PIKA200 PRO, which is our 200Ws Battery Powered Flash unit capable of up to approximately 500 Full Powered flashes per single charge to give you plenty of flashes for a longer shoot and offers a wide range of power control to suit any environment and external lighting. The 105cm Rice Bowl Softbox helps to create a soft and gentle lighting with the two layers of included diffusion, to allow the light to fall more gently onto the subjects’ skin and to accentuate their features. The Curved Reflector is placed directly below the subject in order to bounce the light vertically back onto the subject, reducing the shadows under the subjects’ chin to create a complete light coverage. Finally, the Collapsible Background offers a size of 1.5x2m to completely cover the headshot space for your subject, and offers a white finish on one side and a black finish on the other, to give you the freedom to adjust your shoot to meet any requirements.



PIKA200PRO Corporate Headshots Portrait Lighting Kit (AD200PRO)

PIKA200 Pro Real Estate Lighting Kit for Small Interiors

The PIXAPRO PIKA200 PRO Real Estate Photography kit has been put together to enable you to easily capture professional-looking images of medium-sized rooms, with natural-looking results. With the Property market at an all-time high right now, making sure your interior is professionally displayed and shown could be the all-important detail to help create a sale.

Included in this kit is the PIKA200 PRO, which is our battery powered flash lighting unit offering a power output of 200Ws with a wide range of control in order for you to adjust the lighting to suit the size of the interior space, and includes a range of features including High Speed Sync and TTL. Also included is our 12cm Diffuser Globe, that will attach directly to the Bare-Bulb of the PIKA200 PRO. This modifier creates a translucent white soft lighting and spreads the lighting in a 180° spread to make sure your entire interior space is properly covered with lighting. The ST-IV Trigger allows you to control the PIKA200 PRO directly from your camera to reduce the need for manual adjustments. This features an easy-to-use interface to make adjusting settings simple and a dedicated hot-shoe compatible with a wide range of camera brands.

PIKA200Pro Real Estate Lighting Kit For Small Interiors (GODOX AD200 PRO)

Bi-Colour Flat Lay Overhead Food Photography Lighting Kit

The PIXAPRO LED100B MKIII Pro Flat-Lay Food Cinematography Kit is perfect for creating high-quality e-Commerce photography for a wide range of subjects including Food/Small Products, and would give you the option to work from home to prevent any lose of revenue or business during this time.

Included in this kit is the LED100B MKIII, which is our 100W LED Lighting unit, which features a Bi-Colour lighting output (Daylight Balanced and Tungsten) to allow you to better match the lighting to the shooting environment. It features a super-quiet cooling fan to prevent overheating and potential damage during longer shoots, and creates less than 18dB of noise to prevent disruption whilst shooting video. The 90cm Softbox features an easy-open mechanism, similar to that of an Umbrella, to allow for quick and easy assemble. It also features two layers of diffusion for a soft and gentle lighting and a honeycomb grid to prevent light loss and to better control the light. The Boom Stand gives you the freedom to position the lighting in multiple positions not available with a standard light stand, to allow you to properly light a range of different sized subjects.

LED100B MKIII Bi-Colour Flat Lay Overhead Food Photography Lighting Kit

Mobi LED Twin Zoom Teams Video Conferencing Kit for Smartphones

The PIXAPRO Twin Mobi LED Zoom Teams Video Conferencing Kit for Smartphones, has been put together to enable you to light yourself for video conferencing calls, or for Skype/ Zoom video chats so that you can be seen clearly and could also be used to create Video Blogs using your Smartphone device.

The 2x MOBI LED Lighting Panels offer 22w of Power Output and create a Daylight Balanced lighting for a crisp and clean light source. Each light panel features built-in diffusion to help soften the light being produced so that it will fall softer onto your skin during photos and videos, and comes with a stand that offers a height ranging from 29cm to 45cm to give you the freedom to angle the lighting to better suit the environment. The Mini Tripod features an Extendable leg design which can be extended up to 21cm in length to allow you to better position your smartphone for recording/shooting. The smartphone bracket features an opening width of up to 100m, allowing it to be used with a wide range of different smartphone devices.

Mobi LED Twin Zoom Teams Video Conferencing Kit For Smartphones


Making sure you have the right equipment for your field of photography is very important, as this will help you stand out against other members of your field, so having a tailored kit to choose from is perfect and makes creating the perfect end result simple.