Light Modifiers and Accessories are available for the LUMI Series

The LUMI series is designed for entry-level home studio use and is appropriated for both professional and amateur photographers. The LUMI from PixaPro is versatile flash head with solid core and convenience features. It has a Bowens front accessory mount that allows it to use with the PixaPro and Godox modifiers. If you are looking for a more controlled light or need to pick up smaller to pick up smaller details or illuminate relfection, this would be a great option for you. Additonally, it might be an exellent introduction when switching from speedlite to LUMI studio flash

In this guide, we are going to share everything you need to know about LUMI’ modifiers and acceories. This blog will be explained precisely what each modifiers do and why you should use it. 


A softbox is a type of lighting modifier that you put over a flash or studio strobe to dilute focus and spread the light more evenly. As the name implies, the primary purpose of softboxes is to soften the light even more and make it more directional thanks to the two layers of diffusion. You can also use softboxes lighting as a main or key light 

In reality, softboxes are released in a variety of sizes and shapes. However, why have various sizes? It affects the quality of light. While large softboxes cover a broad area with undefined shadows, medium-sized softboxes provide slightly harder shadows. If you want to produce backgorund shadows that are sharper and harder to distinguish, small softboxes are for you. A narrower focus on the subject and less light spilling over the background allows the photographer a bit more control over the light. 

At Essential Photo, we here pleased to produce a diverse range of softboxes that are compatible with the LUMI series. Take the smallest 30x120cm Recessed Strip Softbox. It produces a narrow band of light. As the name suggests, this softbox features a strip box which is most frequently used to ass a rim-light to your subject, separating them from the background. This strip box produces a very precise and controlled beam of light while still preserving a soft, even character. Thanks to the high degree of controllability, it is suitable for portrait, fashion, beauty and product photographers. With its size, the softbox ships in a slim profiled carrying case and can be assembled in a couple of minutes. 

30x120cm (11.8"X47.2") Strip Softbox With 5cm Grid

In other views, we also stock a 60x90cm Recessed softbox that can be used on the go in order to be used with the LUMI200 flash. The 60x90cm Recessed softbox features a rectangular one. It can be used to gently feather the light toward or away from a subject because it has long straight edges. Moreover, to best meet your needs, you can also use the rectangular softbox in either a horizontal or vertical configuration. This enables photographers and cinematographers to still illuminate their subjects without necessarily pointing the softbox directly at them.  

The largest softbox we have in Essential Photo that can able to compatible with the LUMI series is the 120cm Recessed Octagonal softbox. One of the key advantages of the Octaboxes is the ability to produce soft wrapping lighting, with natural-looking fall-off. When compared, it is easier to emulate using traditional rectangular softboxes. This softbox has a highly reflective interior that increases light economy while generating excellently directed lighting with a natural-looking fall-off. As the organic curves and circles are given, it is great for shooting large products such as sofas and providing a nice pleasing diffused soft light. In reality, you can put this softbox and LUMI400 II flash together in just a few minutes and contoured carrying case. 



60x90cm (23.6"X35.4") Rectangular 5cm and 120cm (47.2") Octagonal Softbox

This year, PixaPro is pleased to announce that we produced the Flatpak softbox series which is directly sold at Essential Photo. Obviously, it offered three main shapes such as octagonal, rectangular and strip. It also provided a variety of sizes from the smallest 30x90cm Easy-Open FlatPak Softbox to the biggest sizes at 80x120cm Easy-Open FlatPak Rectangular Softbox. The Flatpak series is the first of a new generation in easy-open softbox design. The Pixapro FlatPak Softboxes include a newly invented, patented hinged opening mechanism that is accessed from the softbox's back. This makes it incredibly quick and effective because the diffuser no longer needs to be completely removed in order to access the locking mechanism. Ideal for the hurried photographer who needs to put up and take down their equipment as soon as possible. The ideal tool for on-location photographers, including those that specialise in wedding, portrait, product, and food photography. It is also fantastic for videographers who work both on location and in the studio. Here is the video introducing the New Pixapro Easy-Open FlatPak Softboxes: 


Photography umbrellas are one of the easiest types of light modifiers. It is ideal for beginner photographers as it is affordable, transportable and effective. When used combined with the LUMI series, it will diffuse and soften the light to prevent jarring shadows. Similarly softboxes and umbrellas are frequently used in studio photography for portraits and other subjects. Although umbrellas are typically more readily available and less expensive, softboxes are simpler to operate. 

While the 40" and 59" white umbrellas have translucent white fabric, also called "shoot-through" umbrellas. Light is spread out and diffused over a bigger surface by this cloth. You might have to increase the power on your LUMI flash or strobe to make up for the decreased light intensity as a result. While the 59" white umbrella is the best for lighting a larger area, such as a group of people as it spread the light over a larger surface area. Moreover, it reduces the glow of light more than the 40" white umbrellas. 

If you want to keep more of the light’s power and don’t spread out light as much as white umbrellas, the Black/Silver Parabolic Umbrella is suitable for you. A black umbrella as known as a reflective umbrella with a white interior produces softer light than the same model with a silver interior.


Black/Silver Parabolic Umbrella and 59" (149.8cm) Translucent White Umbrella

If you are not sure whether to go with a reflective or shoot-through model, a convertible umbrella is a great alternative such as a 130cm (51") Parabolic Black/White Umbrella With Removeable Diffusion and a 40" Translucent White Studio Umbrella With Removable Black/Silver Backing

A convertible umbrella is a great alternative if you're not sure whether to go with a reflective or shoot-through model.


A reflector is also a light modifier which reflects lights. Instead of producing light like LUMI flash, the reflector only focuses on the light that already exists for example the light coming from a flash or studio strobe. If you are taking the night portrait, you have to use the LUMI 200 combined with the reflector. However, if you are taking pictures at sunset, the light that bounces off the reflector will have that same orange hue. But, reflectors come in different types and colours leading to the different light bouncing back. In more detail, the white reflectors simply bounce the light with a nice and soft, a sliver reflector offers a little bit brighter than the white one without changing the colour of the light. In contrast, if you want to change the colour of light by warming it up a bit with an orange tone, the gold reflectors are an option. In order to give you many different options to alter and modify your light, we offer 5-in-1 reflectors with 5 different colours available and different sizes including 60cm, 80x120cm and 100x150cm. The go-to tool for every photographer who wants to change and control their lighting, this 5-in-1 reflector is easily grasped and enables you to reflect or soften light as you see fit. This is the ideal accessory for any type of shooting circumstance, including portrait, fashion, beauty, events, weddings, etc.



60cm (23.6") Collapsible 5-In-1 Studio Circular Reflector Board

Beauty Dishes 

There are many uses for a beauty dish, but its key purpose is to offer a concentrated source of light for photographers. In fact, it is the best modifier for focusing light on a subject and creating a better image, therefore, it is used in portrait and fashion photography. With the way the beauty dish creates certain shadows in the portrait of the model, it basically sculpts the face of a model and makes your images more unique and high-profile way. When setting up the 60cm (23.6") Collapsible Portable White Beauty Dish with the LUMI400 flash allowing you to focus the light about two to four feet away from the models. It enables you to capture the light in the model's eyes and focus on the model’s face making your images more highlighted and defined. This beauty dish is also designed to help save valuable time during a shoot as assembling and contrasting the beauty dish only take seconds.



60cm (23.6") Collapsible Portable White Beauty Dish S-Type

Light Stand

The light stand is one of the photographic equipment which is considered a photography accessory. Its purpose is to offer lighting assistance so that the object can be lighted at various intensities. For example, the Pixapro 240cm Air Cushioned Light Stand is the ideal addition to any photographer’s toolkit because it allows you to install your equipment easily and securely. The 7' 9" universal light stand's robust aluminium metal structure makes it easy to store and transport for use in the studio or on location, making it ideal for usage in both settings. Twin leg braces, a sturdy nut and bolt design, and a big footprint diameter all contribute to the stability of this stand for your equipment.

Moreover, the PixaPro 2-in-1 reclined boom stand is a remarkably adaptable lighting stand. This stand is sturdy and lightweight thanks to the aluminium alloy used in its production. It is higher than the PixaPro 240cm Air Cushioned Light Stand with up to 400cm high light stand. In reality, simply raise the top two portions of the stand until the centre pole emerges to reveal the horseshoe-shaped metal-hinged lock mechanism, which transforms the stand into a boom. To lock the boom arm in place after positioning the boom at the proper angle, tighten the handle.

Both two light stands are the perfect tools for any portrait, beauty, wedding photographer and videographer even in a studio or on location. 


If you have the LUMI flash, you can also control the power levels of your flashes by using the Pro AC trigger. From this tool, you don't need to worry about accidentally triggering somebody else’s flashes who might be working within your vicinity. You can also fire multiple lights with the Pro AC trigger on your LUMI flash. Additionally, PixaPro has also made replacement spare parts available, including the fuse, heat-resistant glass dome and flash tubes for the LUMI series. 

Final Thoughts 

There are several different light modifiers and aceesories for LUMI series in PixaPro. You may find it easier to select the appropriate light modifiers and accessories if you are aware of the type of images you are taking. Eventually, using a variety of light modifiers and accessories will still allow you to create pleasant and intriguing compositions. In most cases, beauty dish is the best tool for portrait photographys. When experimenting with shadows and lighting ratios, an umbrella and softbox illumination is the ideal option. 

EssentialPhoto is an Official Godox Partner and trusted UK Distributor, stocking the widest range of Godox kit in the UK. We offer a 2 Year Warranty* across our stock and Customer Support and after-sales repair at our British store.

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