Light Modifiers, Accessories are available for the 2400P

What are the light modifiers and accessories for the Godox P2400 Power Pack lighting? And does it have spare parts available for Godox P2400

Professional photographers looking for a flash system with great performance should be excited about the Godox P2400 Power Pack lighting. Because the P2400 is a specialised device designed for a select group of elite photographers seeking the best flash systems that contemporary technology has to offer. Additionally, this lighting device would be appreciated by anyone who needs to remotely configure a pair of strong flash heads to the power pack. The is the next step for Godox company entire to the high-end segment of the strobe market. However, if you looking for lighting equipment that is far less expensive and has features like a built-in battery, HSS and TTL, the Godox AD1200 Pro is also a suitable choice for adapting for usage both in the studio and on location. 

Like all lighting products from Godox, the P2400 released with the Bowen S-Type mount. It leads to the P2400 having a wide range of light modifiers available on the market.  

 Godox P2400 Power Pack lighting


Softboxes and umbrellas are two of the most popular light modifiers for creating soft, diffused artificial light with a strobe. In more detail, a softbox simulates the soft, directional illumination that comes from the windows naturally. By transmitting the light through a diffusion panel, it softens and diffuses the lighting from the attached light source. Softboxes come in various shapes (rectangular, square or octagonal) and sizes. In this case, your flash needs less power output to achieve the same lens aperture. Because you are shooting through the softbox rather than depending on reflected light. To create the light narrower, you can also use a variety of accessories attached to your softbox such as grids. 

The 170cm softboxes are also the popular choice for the P2400. As it is compact and comes with its honeycomb grid and has quick-release locking mechanisms. When compared, the 170cm softboxes are among the most popular diffusers as it creates more balanced lighting and even shoot through umbrellas. That’s why they're very popular in photography and video if you have a dedicated studio space. The octagonal shape is ideal for covering a circular area, alongside the honeycomb grid. This feature allows you to have more directional or spread light giving many options.  

 Super Large 170cm (66.9") Octagonal Easy-Open Umbrella Softbox With 4cm Grid

The octagonal shape is Ideal for covering a circular area, alongside the honeycomb grid. You can have a more directional or spread light giving many options. Moreover, the other PixaPro softboxes are also ideal for lighting portraits and fashion. It also produces a similar result with the silver lining such as the 30x90cm rectangular variant and the 35x120cm arc-shaped version. Or, as an alternative option, the Rice-Bowl softboxes, with the 16-sided form that mimics an umbrella are ideal for maximising and softening the light from the unit. 

At Essential Photo, we are pleased to announce the launch of PixaPro's new FlatPak Strip softbox series.. This is the first of a new generation in easy-open softbox design which is only sell at EssentialPhoto. The Pixapro FlatPak Softboxes feature a new Patented hinged opening mechanism to access from the back of the softbox. This makes it incredibly quick and effective because the diffuser no longer needs to completely remove in order to access the locking mechanism. 

 100cm Easy-Open FlatPak Octagonal Softbox (Patented Design)

Right now, you no longer need to reach into your softbox to push the opening mechanism down top in order to open it, nor do you need to fight with rods, backing fabric, and a speeding. It seems to adapt all photographer' demand through is not only quickly but also protect your hand. It is generally designed with a variety designed from the small size (30x90cm Easy-Open FlatPak Softbox) and the big size (80x120cm Easy-Open FlatPak Rectangular Softbox). Moreover, it is designed with different shapes from octagonal softboxes (70cm Easy-Open FlatPak Octagonal Softbox) and rectangular shape. Here is the video introduce the New Pixapro Easy-Open FlatPak Softboxes.


In other views, the photography umbrella is probably the most popular light modifier. Since it is highly portable, incredibly cheap and easy to use such as the Black/Silver Parabolic Umbrella. Similarly purpose with the softboxes, photographers can use umbrellas to create a wide, soft light source. However, umbrellas offer a more unconstrained sort of lighting that will essentially move wherever, as opposed to softboxes which give you directional control. There are two types of umbrellas: shoot-through and reflective which have a few variances in terms of appearance and usage. 

For example, The PiXAPRO 40inch Black/Silver Umbrella is compatible with the P2400. It not only uses to soften the light but also a more portable arrangement that is quick and simple to set up and take down. Therefore, the PixaPro 40inch and the Black/Silver Parabolic can be the ideal choice for you if you need something portable. 

 40" (101.6cm) Black/Silver Umbrella

Light Stands 

When setting up your studio space or even on location, it is necessary to have the light stand to support varied purposes from supporting backdrops to fixing the lighting. In fact, the P2400 fits a range of Pixapro light stands on different budgets. For example, the 300cm Professional Heavy Duty C-Stand is a great sturdy option for the P2400. As the name implies, it provides at a fully extended of 300cm and a height of 125.5cm. Like all light stands from PixaPro, the 300cm Professional Heavy Duty C-Stand comes with the Air Cushioned Dampening System. It helps to prevent any sudden drops to minimise the risk of damage to your equipment. Moreover, you can lower down these light stands offering extra stability thanks to the thick sturdy central column. 

300cm Professional Heavy Duty C-Stand

Flash Head 

It is fairly to say that flash heads do not light continuously. It can be controlled wireless by a transmitter and receiver. And then the transmitter is attached with a wire to the power pack and the receiver hooks up to the top of your camera. While the Godox H2400P flash head is made for use with the P2400 power pack. It comes with the popular Bowens front accessory mount. Many professional photographers love the all-in-one solution that the Godox P2400 power pack and the H2400P flash head kit provide. Understand that, we here at PixaPro provide a complete GODOX P2400 Pack And Head Flash System Twin Head Kit studio set up to control and manage lighting compositions and perfect exposure. This kit allows you to accurately represent what your final shot would produce by simulating the light. Moreover, the H2400P flash head has an adjustable dial integrated into the side of the unit that can be twisted. In utilize, it attachs to the light stands. It also outfits with a softbox, reflector, umbrella or other light modifier and more. 

H2400P Flash Head For GODOX P2400Flash Power Pack

Ring Flash 

There are a range of other modifiers to suit the P2400 as well, such as the R2400 Ring Flash. It is much better suitable for portrait photography because of the ability of closing-up photography. To create a more three-dimensional feeling, you can turn the H2400P flash head off to eliminate these unwanted shadows. With 2400Ws of power output, you enable to capture maximum detail in your photographs 

The R2400 ring flash can output a whopping 2400Ws of flash power, making it the ultimate ring flash for Fashion, Beauty, Portrait and Lifestyle photography, without the harshness of other flashes. This amount of power enables you to shoot at small apertures enabling you to capture maximum detail in your photographs. The Ring-Shaped flash tube produces unique ring-shaped catchlights in the eyes of your subject, helping set your images apart from the rest. Differences from other ring flashes, the R2400 can mount to the light stand and used with an umbrella including the UBB-020 umbrella bracket. Moreover, when using the MB-02 mounting bracket, it can mount to the Godox Parabolic Reflector system. 

In terms of a complete kit, the P2400 combine with the R2400 ring flash and the RFT-21 reflectors incredibly produce a softer quality of light. If you want more contrast and specularity light, the P2400 works well with the R2400 and RFT-21W reflectors. Both of these lighting kits are perfect for use as either a main light or as a fill light. 


R2400 Ring Flash and RFT21S Silver Reflector

Extension Cable 

To extend the reach of the flash head from the main power pack, the EC2400 and EC2400L are designed for use with the Godox P2400. Both two extension cables offer greater versatility. It allows relocating the powerpack closer to your shooting position or out of the way. Therefore, it is an essential accessory for photographers who want to use their flash heads and boom stands with freedom and flexibility. The only key difference between these extension cables is the length design. The EC2400L is 10m in length which is longer than the EC2400 which means giving you more reach than the EC2400 cable. But, both extension cable is ideal for use on a boom arm or on truss systems. 


 5m Extension Cable For Godox P2400

Final Thoughts

In PixaPro, we have a variety of light modifiers are available. Knowing what kind of photographs you are making might assist you to choose the right light modifiers and accessories. Ring lights are more frequently the most appealing choice for photographing a single person in a portrait. While umbrella and softbox lighting is the best choice if you want to experiment with shadows and lighting ratios. Eventually, you can still make pleasing and captivating compositions by utilising multiple light modifiers and accessories. 

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