Why do you need DMX controller for your lighting equipment?

The capability to manage what is being filmed and captured is necessary for producing high-quality films and still photographs. This is the reason why DMX controller becomes a necessary element in LED studio lights and lighting equipment for photography. In most circumstances, lighting is a huge factor. It is crucial for creating videos that are interesting or entertaining. In the past, this system not only allows you to move parts, patterns and colours but also offers to transmit a signal to many different devices. 

Recently, you may hear about the DMX controller for studio lighting. How might DMX lighting assist with your still photography? 



What is a DMX lighting controller? 

DMX is a digital standard for controlling lighting and effects. The brain of the DMX is the controller such as a desk, console and playback. Thanks to digital multiplexing, DMX is transmitted by the DMX controller in universes, each of which has 512 DMX channels. Because of its features, you may connect devices in minutes rather than running individual cables from each one. In other words, DM is a digital, user-friendly technique for connecting and controlling lighting and other effects. It refers to the user’s ability to completely control their LED lighting systems. Nowadays, the DMX console built-in a varied range of LED lights including the TL series, VNIX LED Panel series, LECO series and ECHO600.

What are the key benefits of DMX? 

DMX controller has various advantages for taking portraits in the studio and even on location. For clarity, it allows users easier by using the DXM for still photography and prcangraphy. You are able to adjust for the various images with DMX lighting, which offers us centralised control. Additionally, the DMX controller on streamlining and videography are most noticeable. Thus, using the DMX control led lighting, you won't need to either stop the action or find creative ways. It also ensures that non-performers don't appear in your shoot. In reality, if strobe effects or colour mixing benefits your video content, you can brilliantly use DMX controllers to achieve such visuals. 


VNIX LED1000B Bi-Colour LED Panel With DMX Output and LECO1000B II Super Bright Bi-Colour LED Panel

On the other hand, the DMX controller is a perfect feature if you need to dim the lights on stage for a dramatic effect. Additionally, a larger variety of lighting control is accessible, and the more channels your console has. For productions, you just need 6 groups such as Godox VNIX series and Godox LD series. Eventually, the DMX lighting opens us to a wide range of creative filming opportunities. Similar to the SZ200Bi and SZ150R, you may use DMX control to manage one or more units from a single DMX control console. This makes it perfect for bigger television or video photography as well as for theatrical performances. 

Which equipment comes with the DMX control lighting?

Obviously, to take advantage of all that DMX lighting control offers, there are multiple great options at affordable prices. These lightings are an example of the best video lights that has lots of DMX control options and excellent general lighting qualities.


VNIX1500B Bi-Colour LED Panel With DMX Output and LECO1500B II Bi-Colour LED Panel

1. VNIX, LECO and LD  LED Panel 

The VNIX LED1000B/1500B uses a bi-colour light that can be adjusted between 5600K and 3200K. While only using daylight balanced at 5600K, the S series includes VNIX LED1000S/1500S. It has a TLCI of 95 for perfect colour consistency and an of 95 for accurate colour reproduction. You are enabled to control it from a DMX control console, which is the best choice for larger shooting productions. 

You can control the VNIX LED panel by DMX lighting console, the switches, dials and menu on the light itself. This feature allows you to adjust several aspects of colour for blending in with ambient lighting or matching it to other lights. 

For larger production and stage performances, the LECO1000 II and LECO1500 II feature DMX 512 output lets you control one or several lights. Each of the lighting units provided a Bi-colour panel. Meanwhiles, you can change the colour temperature anywhere between 5600K (daylight) and 3200K (tungsten). This feature helps you to match the light of the ambient lighting and create more natural-looking in your shooting. Similarly to the VNIX series, the LECO1000 II/ 1500 II has a TLCI of 95 and the CRI of 95 which indicates accurately colour production. If you looking for lighting equipment appropriate for professional broadcast use, cinematography or even smaller productions, the LECO1000 II and LECO1500 II are great options. 


When compared, the LD LED panel series has a higher CRI and TLCI rating at 96 and 97 respectively. Both LD75R, LD150R and LD150RS are built-in in the Bi-colour. This enables you to change the colour temperature between 2500K and 8500K avoiding unfavourable mixed lighting in your scene. 

2. LED Light and Tube Light

to control one or several lights, PixaPro and Godox also released diversity range of LED light that comes with the DMX control such as SZ200 Bi, S500D, S350D, UL60S60D and KNOWLED series. Each of the lighting units supports by the DMX512 protocol. Meanwhiles, you can use DMX-compatible lights other than these lights, providing the same interface. This makes it perfect for bigger broadcast or video productions as well as for theatrical performances. Although DMX is typically used to control lighting, it is also used to operate machines, trigger video material, and control an expanding number of lighting fixtures due to the increasing use of this LED lighting. 

In more detail, the S350D features daylight-balanced COB LED chip as same as the S500D, UL60 and S60D. In contrast, the SZ200 Bi can adjust the colour temperature from 2800K to 6500K which is known as Bi-colour. 



Godox UL-60 Super Silent Fanless LED Video Light and S60D 60W Daylight-Balanced Focusable LED Light

Additionally, the TL tube light with DMX controller features is the perfect addition for photographers who work on major motion pictures and television programmes. The tube lights are ideal for concerts, and other types of artistic photography because it comes in various lengths and colours.

Final Thoughts

DMX lighting will develop new creative paths. It allows the photographer or filmmaker control changes in illumination without ever touching the lights or interfering with a scene. 

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