How To Set Up PiXAPRO Photography Softboxes

Bought a new PixaPro softboxes for photography and struggling to set it up? Find a video tutorial for your softbox model here! We've collected all of our YouTube set-up tutorials for our softboxes here, so that you can find it easily. 

PiXAPRO Flatpak vs Standard Softbox Set-Up

How To Fold the PiXAPRO 60x60cm Easy-open Speedlite Softbox


Standard Umbrella Softbox Set-Up


Recessed Umbrella Softbox Set-Up




PiXAPRO 65cm Rice Bowl Softbox vs Beauty Dish Softbox Set-up

Rice Bowl Softboxes

60cm Collapsible Beauty Dish Softbox

PiXAPRO DeepPara Softbox Set-Up For Photography

Please note: the design for these has changed since this video was created, however, the process is still the same.


PiXAPRO EzyLite Softbox and Light Set-Up

PiXAPRO Floor Softbox Set-Up

PiXAPRO DayLite4 MKIII Softboxes For Photography




65cm Collapsible Diffuser Ball Set-Up

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