The NEW ST-IV+/Godox XPro II Triggers - What are the new features?

With the ST-IV Pro and Godox XPro 2.4GHz triggers being popular fixtures at EssentialPhoto, we know that there is a lot of interest in the new ST-IV+ and XPro II triggers coming very soon! But, we know that the big question now is what is the difference between the Godox XPro and the XPro II? Should you retire your older model for the new, upgraded version, or will your MKI model work just fine for you?

Here's a breakdown of the new features of the upgraded model:

Bluetooth Functionality

The biggest selling point of the upgraded trigger model is the capability for bluetooth control. With bluetooth built into the new models, you can connect your trigger to the Godox Light App on your smartphone to control  the lights with ease away from your camera!

Sekonic L-858D Flash Meter Compatibility

Designed with compatibility with the Sekonic L-858D, you can now pair this flash meter with the XPro, in order to trigger the flash from the meter, and to adjust the light settings with the meter too.

Please note, the Sekonic L-858D is the only flash meter with this capability due to the built-in Godox module. 


Quick-Release Hotshoe Lock

An upgrade from the screw-lock design of the original model, the trigger now features a quick-release lock. Just slide the trigger into place on your camera to lock it on, and when you're ready to remove it, just push the button by the hotshoe to release the mechanism for super speedy set-up and set-down. 

Single-Contact Triggering Option

If you're a fan of shooting in burst-mode, this feature may also be handy for you! 

Single-contact triggering means a much more sensitive trigger function, so that if you're shooting in burst-mode, you can turn this feature on to increase the sensitivity, and trigger the flash in much shorter intervals than before, meaning you're not held back to get that perfect in-action shot by longer flash intervals.

Scan for Best Channel

A smaller quality-of-life upgrade with the new trigger is also the Scan for Best Channel feature, which scans the airwaves, letting you know which channels are the clearest to use. This reduces the likelihood of running into RF interference and possibly getting misfires. 

Single-Pin Mode

Single-Pin mode also enables you to deactivate all other communication pins on the hot shoe, except for the central firing pin. This enables you to safely use the trigger with other camera brands in manual mode.

Arguably, these new features aren't for everyone, and if you're already happy with your ST-IV Pro or Godox XPro trigger then great! But, if you're interested in the intuitive new design (specifically the bluetooth capability being a large selling point), then you may be considering an upgrade! 

Shop both versions of the new trigger here at EssentialPhoto with our 2-year warranty and finance options:

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