Care Instructions and FAQs for Godox KNOWLED F LED Panel

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With the new Godox KNOWLED F Series LED Mat Panels, you eagerly drive towards experimenting and exploring your skills. As you start conducting multiple shoots, the excellent performance of these lights undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression. However, it’s crucial to understand that, like any other lighting photography, proper maintenance and attentive care are essential to extending their lifespan. Moving forward, you should pay close attention to this important aspect.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through a comprehensive guide on how to maintain and frequency FAQs for your Godox KNOWLED F LED Panels.

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Checklist Maintenance and Care for F Series 

  • Storage: 

When not in use, store it in a clean, dry environment. At best, it could be kept away from direct sunlight, fire, and extreme temperatures. Avoid stacking heavy objects on top of the LED Mat as the pressure can damage the delicate LED panels. And also, make sure that these lights have been unplugged from the power cord and cooled down completely before storing.

Godox KNOWLED F Series
  • Cleaning: 

To ensure optimal light output, gently wipe the surface with a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth to remove dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Avoid using abrasive or chemical cleaning products, as they can harm the LED Mat’s surface. Do not leave these lights in wet conditions for extended amounts of time or submerge them in water.

  • Transportation: 

Use a padded carry case to shield your Godox KNOWLED F LED Panels if you're frequently on the move. Please make sure not to trample on or roll together. During installation, handle your LED Mat with care to avoid bending or applying excessive pressure to the panels. It can prevent accidental damage and extend the Mat’s lifespan.

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  • Power and Heat Management:

Ensure the power source is stable and surge-protected to prevent potential damage. So, it could be better to avoid overloading power to maintain consistent performance. Another particularly dangerous occurrence is getting the cable connector wet. It’s wise to avoid operating at maximum brightness for long periods. Remember to allow your Mat to cool down between shoots, which ensures longevity. These lights should only be used in environments with normal humidity and temperatures between -20 and +40.


Godox KNOWLED Power Controller
  • Mounting and Installation:

Following our guide post: How To Set Up The Godox KNOWLED F Series LED Mats / Panels. Besides, you can use recommended mounting hardware to avoid accidental falls or damage during operation. If the product’s casting has been broken during use as a result of dropping or being subjected to a significant impact, please do not use it to avoid electric shock injury.

  • Professional Maintenance: 

If you encounter technical issues, contact our customer support via Our team ensures access to warranty benefits and support services, offering peace of mind throughout your creative journey. Attempting to repair the Mat by yourself could void the warranty or cause more damage. 

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** Warning: These lights should be restricted for use by anyone who has suffered eye damage or has sensitive eyes. In case your eye is in discomfort, please turn it off for a while and seek medical attention in time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Led Panels

Q1: What are the different methods for installing the Godox KNOWLED F Series? 

  • The F Series is suitable for shooting video, advertising, e-commerce, live streaming, commercial photography, film, TV shooting, etc. Depending on the needs of users, the LED panels can be installed in several ways from ceiling to surface installation. Your choice will depend on your preferences and what you want. 

Q3: Is the controller waterproof?

  • Unfortunately, the controller is not waterproof. At best, please make sure to always keep it dry.

Q2: What does the IP65 rating mean for the F Series?

  • The IP65 rating refers to total protection against dust intrusion and low-pressure water jets from any angle. While the IP64 rating ( e.g. Westcott Flex Cine) is appropriate for locations where you don’t expect a situation with more than splashing water. Compared with the IP32 rating (e.g. Fabric-Lite), it only protects against direct sprays of water up to 15 degrees from the vertical. In general, the Godox F Series is better for use outdoors than Westcott Flex Cine. While the Fabric-Lite prefers to be used indoors. For more information, please read this post: Comparing Flexible LED Panels: Godox vs Aputure vs Westcott vs Aladdin

By following these maintenance and care guidelines, you’ll not only extend the lifespan of your Godox KNOWLED F LED Panels but also ensure consistent, reliable performance outcomes. Proper storage, cleaning, and power management will help you produce stunning projects for years.

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