Colin Brister's Speedigimbal for Sports and Wildlife Photography

Colin Brister has been a PiXAPRO Partner for many years now, using the PiXAPRO CITI600 strobe for a range of photography uses including Motocross with dirt bikes and some beautiful sport and wildlife photography! Colin even has an impressive portfolio of lighting tutorial videos on the EssentialPhoto YouTube Channel thanks to his experience and expertise! 

Colin Brister's Speedigimbal Monopod for Sports and Wildlife Photography

A monopod and tripod head accessory, the Speedigimbal MonoPod is Colin's creation for super efficient and versatile shooting when it comes to supporting large and heavy lenses used for wildlife and sports photography. It is designed for ease of movement and for when you need to change your position or angle at a moment's notice for that perfect shot.

Colin Brister's Speedigimbal MonoPod for Sports and Wildlife Photography
Speedigimbal Monopod for Wildlife Photography By PixaPro

In 2 simple parts, the Speedigimbal attachment works as a simple ball head joint, with the ball attaching to your monopod or tripod with a 1/4" thread screw, and the other, a cup shaped head which attaches to your lens bracket. A basic design, this means that for a quick and steady image, all you need to do is pop your monopod where you need it, and slot the lens on top for instant support and manoeuvrability.

Most suitable for those constantly on the move such as wildlife and sport photography, this attachment is super compact and enables for steady and balanced support on the lens. 

Check out Colin's video of the Speedigimbal MonoPod in action here:

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