Flash Photography: Understand Anti-Preflash Sync Speed 

The goal of this guide is to help you better understand flash photography which builds up your level of photography. 

The majority of beginning photographers only work with ambient light. Some photographers choose to learn and master flash photography as they advance and develop their styles. While others choose to home and master the natural light aesthetic. Regardless of the weather or ambient lighting, a photographer can fully control a scene with a comprehensive understanding of flash. A flash's primary function is to shed light on a dark environment. Other applications include adjusting the light's quality or capturing quickly moving objects.

As known as Pixapro is an Official Godox Partner and trusted UK Distributor, stocking the widest range of Godox kits in the UK. We offer a diverse range of different  flash lightings and speedlites come with the anti-preflash mode including Lumi 400II, Lumi 200IIKINOII 600+ flash head, SK300II, SK400II, etc. 

What is pre-flash for photography? 

Pop-up camera flashes or external UW strobes with TTL converters create pre-flashes. The camera provides specific commands specifying the start of the Pre-flash and the required Pre-flash duration in the communication protocol between the camera and the flash. The external strobes' integrated light sensors properly recognize a flash of light and trigger their connections with the pre-flash. 

But after that, the strobe must recycle and build up enough electrical charge for the following flash of light, and this recycling time is typically longer than the period between the pre-flash and the captured moment when the shutter opens and the onboard strobe fires once more. The only flash illumination currently lighting the subject is the onboard flash, and the big studio heads are excited about the future flash. Therefore, it will be suitable for working on a table, but if you have to shoot with live photography or moving photography such as sport, or dance, it will be very difficult. 

Pre-flashing is really the practice of exposing a photosensor, such as a film, to a consistent light source before exposing it to the scene. It can be used to give shadows a colour cast while barely affecting highlights during photography.

SK300II-V Studio Flash Twin Lighting Kit by PixaPro

What is anti-preflash?

On the other hand, the anti-preflash function enables synchronization with cameras that have a one-preflash firing system. Thanks anti-preflash, the modelling lamp can function similarly to huge studio flashes from full power to 1/8. For instance, Godox has also added anti-preflash mode to the SK300II and SK400II studio flash to connect with many cameras to improve the performance of your flash photography.

Moreover, with a high-energy anti-pre-flash function, you can able to control the light to achieve synchronous shooting. In terms of flash sync inside a camera’s technical specifications to indicate the highest shutter speed. The flash sync is about 1/200 or 1/250 in all most DSLRs. Because flashes can’t fire as quickly as cameras can snap a photo lead to the appearance of the anti-preflash mode. The anti-preflash mode not only lets the photographer shoot at larger apertures with less flash power and faster flash recycling. But also you can get enough power from flash to balance with direct sunlight.

This is also the reason why all most flash and Speedlite products come with the anti-preflash mode. Take the Godox MS200 flash produced with the anti-preflash functions to remember the current parameter after 3 seconds. Meanwhile, when the setting is finished, and operation data will be restored to the original data once restart. In other ways, with the function to ignore the pre-flash, the Godox RIKO400 ring flash is able alongside Speedlite or any other TTL strobe.

Godox RIKO400 ring flash

More Information: Read  this article to better understand the special specifications for buying studio flash lights. 

Products List
Product Name Price
Studio Flash Head
Lumi 400II £135.99
Lumi 200 £114.99
SK400II £165.00
SK300II £134.00
SK400II £165.00
Gemini GS400 II £159.99
KINOII 1200+ £469.99
KINOII 600+ £269.99
Macro Flash
MF12-K2 £217.99
MF-R76 £195.99
RIKO400 £465.99


In this blog, we focus on helping you find out the role of flash and also the importance of anti-preflash mode. We recommended using the flashes or Speedlite come with the anti-preflash function to save your photography time, and achieve the highest power through synchronization. Additionally, we also recommend studio flashes with a Bowens S-Type accessory attachment which the ability to change brightness is advised for your flash photography. All these are available for all Pixapro flash and Speedlite.

EssentialPhoto and PiXAPRO are pleased to be a direct partner of Godox in the United Kingdom, with the largest collection of Godox stock available in the UK, so you can be confident with the support and assistance we provide. As we are representing Godox at The Photography Show 2022, this further shows our partnership and commitment to the Godox Brand, and we are always looking to expand this further.

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