Tips for Caring for Handpainted Backgrounds

Handpainted Backgrounds can be a pretty big investment, especially if you rely on them regularly in your studio! It's important to make sure that you're looking after your canvas backgrounds properly to maintain their condition and ensure that they don't get damaged so they look pristine in your shoots. 

PiXAPRO Handpainted backdrops come supplied on a thick cardboard tube core, wrapped so that the paint sits on the inside of the roll to avoid damage and scuffing. These backdrops can easily be kept on these rolls for quick storage and easy use on sturdy crossbars by just sliding them onto the pole and clipping into place. 

Avoid Creasing

Compact rolling is also recommended to lower the chances of the background becoming creased and the paint getting damaged. The more creased a background gets, the more likely it is that the paint will crack and crumble at pressure points. 

It's also recommended if possible to store background rolls on a pole or upright rather than lay on a shelf, to avoid the background catching or sitting on one side for too long and it flattening on the resting side under it's own weight. 

Store on a Stand

An easy way to do this is to invest in a Background Expansion Drive Set, which attaches to your wall and has multiple brackets to hold up to three backgrounds at once. This means you can attach the drive adapters and swap the backgrounds around as needed and store 2 others that aren't in use behind them. 


If you're after an even fancier set, there is also the option of a Motorised Remote Control set which has the space for 4 backgrounds and removes the need for the manual chains to roll and unroll the backgrounds. 

How to Fix Creasing

However, some creasing might be inevitable, no matter how well you maintain your background. Generally, light creasing can be fixed by simply hanging the background up, and letting the creases drop out as it hangs under it's own weight. 

Avoid Moisture or Damp Conditions

One of the key rules with a handpainted backdrop is to not let it get wet. Moisture can damage the paint and the canvas base easily and prolonged moisture during storage or cleaning can cause bacteria and mould growth. Ensure you therefore store your backgrounds in a cool, dry place. 


Images courtesy of Jake Hicks Photography using Gold and Blue Backdrops.

Using Backdrops Outdoors

By extension, it is also recommended to be very careful if using canvas backgrounds outdoors. You could use a large waterproof sheet or tarp hung up behind the backdrop to protect it from the elements and stop the bottom of the backdrop scraping the ground and becoming stained or damaged, or just make sure that when unrolled, it stops a few inches short of the floor.

Be aware of also storing these backgrounds away from direct sunlight as this can fade the paint with prolonged exposure and leave you with uneven colours. 

Cleaning Your Backdrop

If you have a stain or mark on your background, it is advised to very gently spot clean this area with a damp (not wet) cloth with a gentle detergent or soap if necessary. If the stain does not lift and you are noticing the paint being disturbed, it is advised to stop to avoid further damage. 



  • To avoid damage and marks from shoes, it is also advised not to unroll your background long enough that your model can stand on it. Shoes and movement of someone walking or standing on the backdrop can damage and chip the paint. 
  • If using flat for flatlay or product photography, make sure to use a big enough surface to support the background without any overhang or risk of the background becoming damaged when the weight is over sharp table corners. 
  • These backdrops can also be quite heavy due to the amount of paint used on them to create the textures. Because of this, it may be recommended to have more than one person on hand to lift or change over handpainted backdrops to avoid injury or dropping the backgrounds. 

Any questions? Drop our team an email at for some advice or assistance with your handpainted backdrop and our experienced team will be on hand to help!

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