65cm Rice Bowl Softbox vs Westcott 26" Rapid Box

When creating the perfect shoot, sometimes photographers look to modifiers to help adjust the lighting for them. One of the main modifiers used by photographers are Softboxes. In this Blog, we take a look at two different Softboxes, the PIXAPRO 65cm Rice Bowl Softbox and the Wescott Rapid Box 26”, to see which one of these would be the best to choose.


65cm (25.5") 16-Sided Easy-Open Rice-Bowl Parabolic Softbox With Silver Interior

Of the two, the Rapid Box is the slightly larger softbox, as it measures 66cm compared to the 65cm that is offer by the PIXAPRO 65cm Rice Bowl Softbox, which would allow for a smaller increase in light coverage from the softbox. The PIXAPRO Rice Bowl is a 16-sided softbox whereas the Rapid Box is only an 8-sided softbox, this means that the PIXAPRO 65cm Rice Bowl would offer a slightly more rounded light, and it would be of a slightly higher quality also.

Both Softboxes share some physical similarities, as they both have a black exterior and silver interior. The silver interior offers a reflective surface for the light which allows for a maximum output of light and it creates a sharper light compared to a softbox with a white interior. They both also come with 2 layers of diffusion, removeable inner and outer diffusion, to help soften the light being produce so that it can be adjusted to match the requirements needed for a particular shoot. Each softbox can be used with a Deflector Dish, and what this will do is create a beauty dish style light output, resulting in minimizing hot spots and giving a more contrasting light. The Set-up for each softbox is rather similar too, as they both have their own version of Easy-Open construction. Each of these have their rods already built-in, and you simply need to press the centre locking mechanism into place. This makes these softboxes a great addition for photographers who need to move from location to location, as they are quick to set up and easy to store.

The Rapid Box 26” comes with a built-in Speedlite mount, meaning that you can simply attach this onto a speedlite and use this straight away. The PIXAPRO 65cm Rice Bowl Softbox is designed to have an interchangeable fitting, so you are able to use with strobes as well as speedlites, whereas the Rapid Box has built-in Speedlite mount, meaning it can only be used with speedlites.

The price for these softboxes also differ. The Rapid Box is can be purchased from between £110-£170 online from different retailers, whereas the 65cm Rice Bowl is being sold by PIXAPRO for £70. This price difference could be of help as it may assist your budget and allow you to purchase further modifiers they may require. The PIXAPRO 65cm Rice Bowl Softbox also comes with a 1 Year UK Warranty, so if any issues were to occur during this period and the customer requires assistance, then they could get in contact and PIXAPRO would be able to assist with their queries.

Overall, both of these softboxes have a high standard of quality and would be a useful addition to any photographer’s set-up. But with the interchangeable speedring fitting capability, as well as the price difference, the PIXAPRO 65cm Rice Bowl Softbox seems to be the better of the two to choose.

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