LUMI200 vs Interfit Badger Unleashed

Trying to find an affordable yet high-quality Studio Flash can be difficult at times. In this Blog, we will compare two studio flashes, the PIXAPRO LUMI200 and the Interfit Badger Unleashed, and see which of these matches those criteria.

There are a few similarities between these lights, as the both come with Bowens S-Type fitting as standard. This is useful as S-Type fitting is the most common and popular fitting on the market, so finding different modifiers for these lights should be simple. Both of these lights also have very well laid-out user interfaces, to help the user understand exactly what is happening with the light at any given time. The buttons are neatly and precisely labelled and they each have a display to give the user better visibility to the settings on the light. The modelling lamp also offer a similar output, with the LUMI200 having a 150W and the Badger unleashed coming with a 15W LED. But other than these, there aren’t a lot of similarities between these lights.

LUMI200 200Ws Studio Flash Monolight

The maximum power for these lights differs, as the LUMI200 comes with 200ws whereas the Badger Unleashed comes with 250ws, making it the more powerful of the two. But even with this extra power, some of the technical specifications are better with the LUMI200. Recycle times for instance, whereas the Badger Unleashed has a 1.5s recycle time at max power, the LUMI200 is only 1s at max power, giving the user the ability to use the light faster than the Badger Unleashed. The LUMI200 also has the better colour temperature between the two lights, measuring at 5600 ± 200K compared to the 5500 +/- 100K offered by the Badger. This means that the LUMI200 will give the user a sharper and more precise coloured shot than the Badger. When it comes to the size of these two lights, this also differs. The LUMI200 has dimensions of 34x21.9x11.4cm (LxHxW) and the Badger Unleashed has dimensions of 18x12.7x12.7cm (LxHxW). So, even though the LUMI200 is slightly slimmer than the Badger, it is much larger overall due to the increased height and length.

One main difference between these lights comes in the form of price. The Badger Unleashed can be purchased for between £250-£300 from different retailers, whereas the LUMI200 can be purchased from PIXAPRO for only £114.99, offering a price difference of more than £100. This could mean a lot to the customer, as it would go a long way towards improving their budget and would give them the ability to purchase further equipment and modifiers with the difference.

Interfit Honey Badger Unleashed 250w HSS / TTL Flash

The LUMI200 also comes with 2 Year UK Warranty from PIXAPRO, what this means is that if for any reason the customer has issues or questions about the light during this period of time, they would be able to contact PIXAPRO and receive any assistance they require all handled in the UK.

Another positive to the LUMI200 is that it is part of the PIXAPRO ONE System, which is a system that allows the user to connect each of their lights together and control them with the use of a single trigger, creating a simpler and less time-consuming shoot.

Both of these lights would be a good option, as they both produce a good quality light and easy usability. Each of these have positives over the other, but with the cheaper price and the added extras of a 2 Year UK Warranty and being part of the ONE System, the LUMI200 would be the option we recommend.

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