10 Videography Essentials for the Home Studio

Camera and Lenses

Whether you’re looking to shoot a vlog or commercial, there are many options for selecting a camera for shooting video. Depending on the type of media you aim to shoot, your options range from smartphones to DSLR cameras. When selecting a camera, you should consider the video quality, and there are some great 4K cameras in the market. Lenses are also important for video quality, so it's better to go for an interchangeable lens to provide more depth and different aspect ratios when shooting video. Lastly, don't neglect memory which should be more than 10MB/s, and battery life so you can have optimum performance for the duration of your shoot.


Setting the mood for any scene is easy with the right lighting. While it is easy to use natural light outdoors, additional lighting is required for shooting high-quality video indoors. For videos, continuous lighting is the best option for your home studio as it allows your subject to be well-lit throughout the shoot. For small-scale productions, we recommend a LED panel that can fulfil the photography needs if you’re shooting a single subject.

The GODOX ES45 Bi-Colour LED Light is a worthy addition to your home studio as it is specially created for live streaming with diffused lighting, temperature adjustment, and a Colour Rendition Index (CRI) of 96 for optimum quality. Larger productions can be better served with a three-point lighting kit that provides optimum exposure at the right angles. The DAYLiTE4 will also provide the right intensity for your shoot. LED PANEL is also widely used in home studios for its size which takes up less space. We would highly recommend using the panel with softboxes to further soften the light.


GODOX ES45Daylite4 MKIII 2100W Softbox Kit and VNIX LED1000S Daylight LED Panel Softbox Kit 

Video Tripod

A tripod is necessary if you’re looking to shoot videos with a consistent frame and background. The stability offered by using tripods makes it easier to edit videos in post without worrying about frame alignment. The Karoo Travel Tripod Kit 103 is a durable product to have on hand when shooting videos as its magnesium-aluminum alloy frame is lightweight and provides ideal support for your camera with a load capacity of 8 kgs. The stability is enhanced with twist lock legs and rubber-padded feet for multiple height adjustment settings and an anti-slip base for steady shots.



Karoo Travel Tripod Kit 103

Video Dollies

A dolly provides smooth camera movements during shooting videos. The camera is normally mounted on the dolly, making it easy for the camera to slide on the rails for linear motions. The PiXAPRO SlideBot is a motorized dolly that can be used on any level surface while carrying a maximum load of 3 kg. With three speed options and a reversibility feature, this dolly can provide hours of stable video controlled by a wireless remote control.



SLIDEBOT Pocket-Sized Motorised Dolly

Video Sliders

Sliders serve the same primary purpose as dollies as the movement of both pieces of equipment is similar, but the difference comes in the distance covered, convenience and portability. Sliders are smaller than dollies; they weigh less and are more flexible to set up and move around while providing a seamless range of motion. The PIXAPRO 100cm Carbon-Fibre Panoramic Slider is a durable model capable of carrying cameras weighing up to 8 kg. The slider provides multiple rotation modes for a range of motion and effects, including wide-angle and focuses modes for different shooting techniques.



100cm 3in1 Panoramic Carbon-Fibre Slider

Video Gimbals

The MOZA Mini-P 3-Axis Stabilizer Gimbal is lightweight, foldable, and compatible with multiple devices, including smartphones and mirrorless cameras. The stability provides enhanced camera control and has a running time of up to 20 hours. The range of motion on the gimbal allows seamless switching between horizontal and vertical shooting modes to provide professional and balanced shots.



MINI-P 3 Axis Stabiliser Gimbal


Audio quality is equally important as image quality for videos and eliminating static while providing crisp and clear audio. While most cameras come with in-built audio recording systems, you can enhance the audio quality with the right equipment. The Comica BoomX-D D1 is a compact audio recording solution that is ideal for videography. The system is wireless and includes a microphone and receiver for recording single or multiple audios with a high-quality natural sound suitable for interviews or recording conversations.



BoomX-D D1 2.4G Wireless Microphone Transmitter & Receiver


A background can set the tone for any video, whether you’re looking for something professional, casual, or a blank screen for post-editing magic. If you're looking for something plain and easy to assemble that is large enough to be in the frame for moving subjects in videos, the PiXAPRO Telescopic Background Stand and Muslin Backdrop is a great option. The aluminum frame provides sufficient support while the muslin backdrop absorbs light and reduces glare, making it suitable for video shoots.



Studio Telescopic Background Stand And 3x6m Muslin Cotton Green Drop


it is easy for the complexities of any video to get easily lost on the small camera screen, which is where monitors come into the equation. A monitor makes it easy to review your footage while examining minor details on a much larger screen and the Desview R7P 7-inch is a high-resolution touch screen with a 4K HDMI input that makes it easy for videographers to zoom in and ensure they’ve gotten the right shot. The monitor is compatible with DSLR cameras and camcorders and even includes features such as anamorphic mode to provide a different perspective to your videos.



Desview R72 7-Inch On-Camera Touch-Screen HDR Field Monitor (HDMI Input/Output)

Modifiers and reflectors

To achieve beautiful video lighting, it's better to use a very bright light source and diffuse the light according to your preferences by using modifiers and reflectors. Softboxes such as the PIXAPRO 105cm (25.5”) 16-rod Easy-Open Rice Bowl Softbox is a great option as it can be easily mounted in front of any light source, enabling it to produce diffused and soft lighting that is easy to set up in seconds. The softbox ensures the entire set is lit with natural-looking lighting that enhances the effect of the video.



105cm (41") 16-Sided Easy-Open Rice-Bowl Softbox With Silver Interior


The right home studio setup can make it easy to manage video shoots and save you some extra time in the process. Shooting videos is an extensive process, but once you have your equipment lined up and ready to go, including video, audio, lighting, and other accessories, it creates the foundation for a professional studio in your home for high-quality videos.