10 Photography Essentials for the Home Studio

If you had dreamt of setting up a home studio for your photography gigs, now is the right time. Working from home can open up many opportunities for you as a photographer and save you quite a bit of money and hassle.

However, setting up a home photography studio might be a tricky task. Having the right amount of space is the first thing you should consider when thinking about having your own studio. Your space determines the equipment you will get. And so, having the right equipment can put you on the right track as you begin.

Here are some must-have photography essentials for home studio:


Backdrops are essential whether you want to get portrait shots or any other kind of product image. Generally, single full length portrait size is about 1.35m to 1.5m and family portraits need about 2m width. Therefore, pick something that can be used for multiple shoots at home, as you do not have the luxury of having a full-blown setup. Here are two kinds you can consider for your home photography studio.

Professional Portrait Backdrop

These backdrops come in different materials such as paper, vinyl, or tissue and can be found in several different sizes. However, the whole backdrop can be rather heavy to carry and set up. You can get them in black, white, and grey. Most small home studios work best with grey backdrops, either paper or vinyl, pick what serves the purpose right.


70x100cm Dual-Sided Coated Printed-Texture Paper Backgrounds and 2.7x4m Dual Sided Vinyl Backdrops

Collapsible Backdrop

This kind is easy to use. It gives you the option of both white and black, which can be used for several photo gigs. Collapsible backdrops are relatively cheap and are compact and foldable. These backdrops are used for small and headshot photos.

Choose from an array of backdrops here.


1.5x2m Anti-Crease Dual Sided Grey/White Collapsible Background1.5x2.1m Reversible Collapsible Printed Backdrop and 1.5x2.1m Reversible Collapsible Printed Backdrop

Backdrop Support

You can either mount your backdrops to the wall if you aim to shoot using the same backdrop. However, that's not very practical. Backgrounds are needed to hold your backdrops without having them fall over or droop. You can get clamps for holding them up or background stands. Duck tapes and pushpins are also used sometimes; however, not recommended because nobody wants holes and chipping paint in their home once done.

Check out supporting stands here.



Studio Telescopic Background Stand (2.8x3.0m) and 3.2m X3m Heavy-Duty Background Support System


It is all about the lights, the right kind for the right results. Here are a few options you must consider to have a perfect photography kit for at-home shoots.


Small and light in weight, perfect for home shoots. These lights can easily be torn down and set up again when needed. Small and compact spaces can easily accommodate these lights without much hassle. You can find the best options at affordable prices varying in quality. However, they might not be as strong as strobe lights, so one should keep that in mind.

Round speedlites are getting more popular with time as they provide you with more diffused light. With all being said, you must be open to experimenting with such lights, setting your camera accordingly for the desired look you want.


Lux Senior Vintage-Styled Speedlite Camera FlashLi-ION580III TTL Speedlite and V1 Round-Head TTL Speedlite


Flashes are definitely a more powerful option. You can be sure to get sharper and crispier photos when using flash. It's great for capturing lots of moments at once as they recycle much faster than a Speedlight. It's perfect when shooting children, as getting them to pose can be quite a task, so capturing more moments and quicker can get you the perfect image.

However, they are more expensive than speedlights; it depends on your budget and your aim when setting up a home studio for photos. Flashes are also more expensive and cumbersome to take down or set up.

If you are looking for suggestions, consider the LUMI200 II; commonly used in homestudio and value for money as well. Two light set up is the most popular set up for home studios. This allows for smooth product photography and portrait photography shoots.


LUMI200SK400II and DP1000IIIV

Light Stands

Don't forget what's going to hold your lights in place. These stands normally take up some floor space, so you will have to make sure there are three lighting stands if you are using three-point lighting. These stands may cost you a bit more than you'd expect, but the investment will be worth it. Cheaper stands may result in damage to property or a person and may even waste time.

Sturdy and good-quality light stands are one-time investments that will last you years.  

You can opt for the most popular and value for money light stand, the boom stand which is used for overhead lighting, or the wall mounted scissor boom stand to not have to worry about having enough floor space again.


240cm Air Cushioned Studio Light Stand 4 Section Interchangeable FittingHeavy Duty Compact 2-In-1 Reclined Combi Boom Stand and Wall-Mounted Boom Stand (75-130cm)

Lighting Modifiers

Lighting modifiers can be called photo enhancers are they can take your photography game to another level. Here are some basics you must have to improve the quality of your skills.


Aiming for that luminous and attractive smooth look in your images? It's due to a softbox! Softboxes diffuse the light so that it evenly falls on the subject. It also allows you to modify the light to give an impression that your subject is seated beside a window instead. Have more control over your lighting by purchasing the right one at EssentialPhoto Webstore here.


120cm (47.2") Octagonal Softbox With 5cm Grid and 30x120cm (11.8"X47.2") Strip Softbox With 5cm Grid


Similar to a softbox, an umbrella's prime focus is to soften the light for a smoother look in photos. This option is cheaper and best when you have more space for your home studio. In smaller spaces, softbox works better, but you might want to consider using an umbrella in larger spaces as they let light spill in all directions. 

In studios Translucent and black/silver Umbrellas are commonly used. Browse more to find one for yourself.


40" Translucent White Studio Umbrella With Removable Black/Silver Backing and 160cm (63") Parabolic Black/White Umbrella With Removeable Diffusion


Reflectors are known to bounce backlight into the scene, as the name suggests. You can get them in metallic or white, and they can bring a whole other light source to your scene. You can get a cool glow in your photos or a warm one, depending on what material you use. Reflectors can trick the eye into thinking the light is coming from the sun.

If you are wondering what size is best for a home studio, we would suggest you to go for 80x120cm 5 in 1 reflector. For more options, browse through here.

Want to Setup Your Own Home Photography Studio?

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