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OBSBOT & Godox Professional Broadcasting Podcast Kit

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The OBSBOT & Godox Professional Broadcasting Podcast Kit has been designed specifically with podcasting in mind, with a combination of high-quality lighting, background and video equipment. The OBSBOT Tail Air camera capturing professional quality recording due to its Unrivalled Tracking Capabilities using AI technology, as well as Ultra-Sharp 4K Footage, Voice and Gesture control, and fast-accurate focusing. This kit includes three different lighting units to offer ample lighting coverage for a single or small group of subjects; KNOWLED F400BI Bi-Colour Flexible Lighting LED Mat, KNOWLED AT200Bi Air Tube Light and Litemons LA200Bi 230W Bi-Colour Ultra-Compact COB Light. For the background, the Easiframe Curved Cyclorama Background Kit provides a green-screen effect to add any necessary background to the podcasting environment. This kit is perfect for a podcast set-up for a single or small group of subjects.


Tail Air Webcam

AI Auto Tracking: Uses AI to automatically track moving subjects, enabling you to stream freely, without having to worry about accidentally going out of frame. The Tail Air can accurately track humans and animals, and it even features object tracking, at speeds of up to 120°/s.

4K Streaming Performance: High-quality prime lens is made up of 8 lens elements, combined with a large 1/1.8" CMOS Sensor, enabling it to capture High-Resolution 4K footage.

Excellent Low-Light Performance: 2μm pixel size and ƒ1.8 aperture, the OBSBOT Tail Air has exceptional low-light capabilities. This enables it to capture high-quality video, with reduced noise, enabling you get create results, even when the lighting conditions aren’t ideal.

Gesture Control 2.0: A set of intuitive hand gestures, designed to help simplify and streamline your video shooting experience. You can control various operations such as Zooming, starting, and stopping recording, locking, and unlocking focusing targets, etc.

AI Director Grids: Uses its AI algorithm to automatically divide captured video into grids in real time. You can quickly and accurately evaluate your live stream by pressing on the corresponding section of the video on the grid by clicking on a grid whilst you’re on air.

Seamless NDI Connectivity: Network Device Interface support with NDI|HX3, providing you with higher quality and low-latency live streaming video via Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

Supports Multiple Connections: It can be connected via either USB Type-C, micro-HDMI, or PoE-supported Ethernet cable, enabling the Tail Air to be seamlessly integrated into your existing live streaming setup.

Wireless Connection: Can be controlled and as well as present a real-time video signal on your mobile device, making your streams a more streamlined and intuitive experience.

OBSBOT Start App: Using its simple-to-use interface, you can start your live stream in real-time from anywhere and adjust the image settings as and when needed during the stream. The App enables you to customize your image settings before, or during your livestream and apply them instantaneously.



Complete Flexibility With Your Lighting: When opened, it becomes a large 60x120cm light source, producing soft even lighting, even without a softbox (sold separately). When not in use it can be folded down to a fraction of its full size, for portability.

IP65 Water-Resistance: Enabling it to be comfortably used in weather conditions such as rain or fog, etc.  (PLEASE NOTE: The Controller Box is NOT IP65 Water-resistant).

Unrivalled Colour Accuracy: CRI (Colour Rendition Index) of ≥96 and a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of ≥96. This means that the F400BI will render colours accurately making it ideal for broadcast usage.

Scientific Dimming Curves: Four dimming curves, Linear, S-Curve, an Exponential Curve, or a Logarithmic Curve, rendering the best lighting effects, in the shortest amount of time. 

Slow-Motion: Flicker-free performance at any frame rate or shutter angle, and at any intensity level, making it ideal for filming slow-motion shots.

Other Control Options: As well as the industry standard control protocols (DMX512 control protocol via a 5-pin XLR connection, LumenRadio CRMX Control system), the F400Bi Flexible Lighting LED Mat also features a built-in 2.4GHz wireless control receiver, enabling it to be used with the GODOX RC-R9 Remote (sold separately). It also features Bluetooth support enabling it to be used with the Godox Light App.

High-Quality X-Frame: High-quality aluminium-alloy X-Frame, which enables you to mount the light to a regular light stand.



Convenient, Foldable Masterpiece: LED light mat with a lightweight, foldable design. This makes it a highly portable LED light source. This allows it to seamlessly integrate and adapt to a wide range of shooting environments, unlocking limitless creative possibilities. 

Innovative, Modular Design: Allowing for the effortless separation of the air softbox from the LED main light mat. This unique feature enhances user convenience and ensures hassle-free maintenance. In cases where the air softbox gets damaged, it can be repaired or replaced independently of the main light mat, thus minimising additional expenses.

Handheld Or Suspended: Lightweight body and Built-in Handles enabling it to be handheld by a lighting assistant for shooting scenarios where using a traditional stand isn’t feasible or practical. It also featured a detachable stand mount, enabling it to be mounted C-Stand or boom stand.

IP65 Weather-Resistance: Boasting a weather-resistance of IP65, the KNOWLED AT200Bi light body,  is your ally in rain or shine.

Impeccable Colour Accuracy: Average CRI and TLCI ratings of 96 plus ensures that colours are reproduced as accurately as possible.

Variable Colour Temperature: Adjust the colour temperature of your light anywhere between 2700K to 8500K. This enables you to give your lighting a warm or cool colour tone.

FX Lighting Effects: 11 built-in Lighting FX presets, with customisable parameters, allowing you to fine-tune the effects to your needs.

The Control Is In Your Hands:  It supports the industry-standard DMX512 protocol (Via a 5-Pin XLR Connector), Godox Light App, or the Godox RC-A6II wireless remote (available separately).

Multiple Power Options: Can also be powered by V-mount batteries, giving you the flexibility to shoot virtually anywhere.


Litemons LA200Bi

Small, Yet Mighty: Average light output of 77,400 lux at 1m with the standard reflector (6,850 lux @1m bare bulb), whilst measuring a mere 205mm x 145mm x 215mm in size and 1.4kg in weight.

Impeccable Colour Accuracy: Super-high CRI (Colour-Rendering Index) rating of ≥96 and a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of ≥97 for accurate colour reproduction. This means that the LA200Bi is suitable for Professional Broadcast use as well as for Film-Making and Commercial Cinematography. 

Shoot at Virtually Any Framerate: Flicker-Free meaning you can shoot virtually any framerate, or any shutter-angle without fear of introducing flicker into your footage. 

8 Built-In FX: 8 Built-in Lighting effect pre-sets, which simulate various lighting scenarios, including Lightning storms, TV, flashes, broken bulbs etc. Perfect for adding mood and drama to your cinematography.

Godox Light App: Bluetooth Connectivity enabling it to be controlled via a smartphone or tablet using the GODOX Light app. This gives you access to brightness control and enables you to use any of the eight built-in lighting effects.

Limitless Light-Shaping Possibilities: Bowens S-Type mount making it compatible with a wide range of modifiers straight out of the box, which gives you the option to shape and modify the light to suit your needs. It also Features a Built-in umbrella slot enabling it to be used with an umbrella also.


Easiframe Background Kit

Quick And Easy Setup: The only tool required to assemble the frame, is an Allen key, which comes included with the frame itself.

Three Different Height Options: The EasiFrame Chroma Key Green Backdrop Kit can be converted to three different heights for added versatility. This enables you to adjust the sacrifice of some of the length on the floor for additional height, or vice versa.

Lightweight And Durable: The EasiFrame L-shaped backdrop frame is made from high-strength aluminium, making the whole set-up extremely durable, yet relatively lightweight. The entire frame setup weighs approximately 10kg, making the entire setup highly portable.

Chromakey Green Fabric Skin: This ships with the EasiFrame chroma key green backdrop fabric skin, which produces beautifully seamless, and crease-free chromakey-green backdrops. This enables you to capture professional-looking footage without having to worry about unsightly creases or corners.


The OBSBOT & Godox Professional Broadcasting Podcast Kit is the ideal set-up for anyone interested in creating a Podcast environment that includes all the required equipment and captures high-quality professional results.


For more information on the products included within this kit please see the links below:




Litemons LA200BI

Easiframe Background Kit

65cm Rice-Bowl Softbox

3m C-Stand

240cm Air-Cushioned Stand

190cm Carbon Fibre Stand


  • Creates a complete Podcasting shooting set-up
  • Tail Air offers AI Tracking and Dynamic Gesture Controls
  • F400BI provides full 400W Power across the colour temperature Range
  • AT200BI features an Innovative Lightweight Portable Design
  • LA200BI is Small, and Powerful that can shoot at virtually any Framerate
  • Easiframe Background creates a Portable Cyclorama Infinity Cove

What’s In the Box

  • 1x OBSBOT Tail Air Webcam
  • 1x KNOWLED F400BI LED Panel
  • 1x KNOWLED AT200BI LED Panel
  • 1x Litemons LA200BI LED Head
  • 1x Easiframe Background Frame
  • 1x Easiframe Green Background
  • 1x 65cm Rice-Bowl Softbox
  • 2x 3m C-Stand
  • 1x 240cm Air-Cushioned Stand
  • 1x 190cm Carbon-Fibre Stand


Dimensions (Workinng State)69.65m x 73.25mm x 132.5mm
Dimensions (Off State)69.65mm x 73.25mm x 135.5mm
Net. Weight344.5g
Operating Environment Temperature

Camera working environment temperature: -10°C-40°C

Battery charging ambient temperature: -10°C-40°C

Battery operating ambient temperature: -10°C-40°C

Warning:  Charging will stop when the battery temperature exceeds 45°C.
For example, when connected to an external power supply, if the battery temperature exceeds 45°C, the camera will stop charging and will be powered directly from the external power supply.

Image Sensor1/1.8" CMOS
Macro Pixel Size2.0µm x 2.0µm
Effective Pixel Resolution3856x2176
Lens System8 Optical Lenses
Zoom Range4x Digital Zoom
ISO Range100-6400
Exposure Value±3EV
Electronic Shutter Speed1/8000 s to the limit of frames per second
Focus:Auto Focus/Manual Focus
Equivalent focal length23mm
White Balance2,000K-10,000K
Gyroscope6-axis Gyroscope
Resolution & Codecs
Photo Resolution4K, 1080P
Video Resolution4K@30/25/24 fps, 1080@60/50/48/30/25/24 fps
Max video storage bit rateH264: 80Mbps, H265: 80Mbps
Video formatMJPEG, H264, H265
Gimbal InstallationNon-removable
Controllable RangePan: ±150°; Tilt: -65°~32°°
Mechanical RangePan: ±160°;Tilt: ±90°
Max. Controllable Speed120°/s
Angle Jitter±0.02°
Audio Input

Built-in Two MEMS Microphones

Built-in 3.5mm TRS Connector (AUX)


Audio ModesNoise Reduction/Stereo Sound
Audio format:AAC/PCM
Wireless Operating Frequency2.4 G/5.8GHz
Wireless Signal-Transmission Range

140m @ 2.4GHz

80m @ 5.GHz

Bluetooth ProtocolBLE 5.0
USB TypeUSB: 2.0
Quick charge protocoNot Supported
Charging Time90 Minutes (When Powered Off)
Operating Times

154 minutes

*Tested in a laboratory environment while recording 1080p/30fps video. Should be used for reference only

Battery TypeLithium Polymer(Li-po)
Battery Capacity1500mAh
Battery Energy11.4Wh
Battery Voltage7.6V
Auxiliary FunctionsGesture Control
Auxiliary AppObsbot Start
Memory Car TypeMicro SD (Up To 512GB)
Max. Power Output400W
Colour Temperature Range2700-8500K
Brightness (Lux)2,280 Lux @ 3m (5600K)
DMX 512 SupportYes (Via a 5-Pin XMR Connector)
CRMX SupportYes (with TimoLink RX)
Stand Mount5/8" (16mm) Spigot/Stud (Can be used with 1-1/8" (28mm) Junior Pin if the Wingnut is removed)
Light Body Dimensions1209mm x 627mm x 23mm
Controller Dimensions124mm*132mm*270mm
Power Supply100V-240V~50/60Hz 2.1A
Max. Power≈210W
Brightness Range0%-100%
Dimming CurvesLinear, S-Curve, Exponential, Logarithmic
FX Modes11
Waterproof Rating (Light Body)IP65
Control MethodsDMX 512 Control ((Via a 5-Pin XLR Connector) - Supports RDM protocol), 2.4GHz Wireless Control, Bluetooth APP Control
Bluetooth Woring DistanceMax. 30m
2.4GHz Remote Control DistanceMax. 60m
Type-A USB PortFirmware Upgrade/5V⎓1A Power Supply
Stand Mount5/8" (16mm) Stud/Spigot
Light Body Dimensions280mm x 267mm x 1226mm (With air bag inflated. Does not include the connection cable.)
Controller Box Dimensions124mm x 132mm x 270mm
Light Body Net. Weight≈ 2.15kg (Including airbag)
Controller Box Net. Weight≈ 2.8kg
Power Output230W
Colour Temperature2800-6500K
Power Range0-100%
Brightness6,850 lux @ 1m Bare Bulb (Average) 77,400 lux @ 1m With Reflector (Average)
Beam Angle120°
Lighting Effects8
Working Temperature-10° - 40°C
Control MethodBluetooth Wireless Control
Wireless Transmission DistanceApprox. 30m
Dimensions205mm x 145mm x 215mm
Easiframe Background Kit
Height Option 1 Dimensions

Width: 250cm

Height: 214.5cm

Floor: 194.5

Height Option 2 Dimensions

Width: 250cm

Height: 239.5cm

Floor: 169.5

Height Option 3 Dimensions

Width: 250cm

Height: 264.5cm

Floor: 144.5

Net. Weight10 kg

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