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KNOWLED GRK GR15, GR30, and GR60 G-Mount Reflector Kit for the MG1200Bi and MG2400Bi Cine Lights



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Godox GR15 15-Degree G-Mount Reflector

GR15 Reflector

Godox GR30 30-Degree G-Mount Reflector

GR30 Reflector

Godox GR60 60-Degree G-Mount Reflector

GR60 Reflector

Godox GF14 G-Mount Fresnel Lens

GF14 Fresnel

Godox GP-Series Projection Attachment

GP-Series Projection Lens

The Godox KNOWLED GRK G-Mount Reflector kit is designed for use with the Godox MG1200Bi and MG2400Bi LED Cine Lights. This kit consists of the GR15 Reflector (which produces an intense, narrow beam of light), the GR30 Reflector (that sits between the Standard GR45 Reflectors, and the GR15 reflector), and the GR60 Wide-angle Refelector (perfect for illuminating large areas of a film set or theatre productions).  Each reflector features a Highly Reflective faceted silver interior, which maximises light efficiency minimising light lossThe Knowled GRK Reflector Kit is great for cinematography, large film, television, and theatrical productions. 

Godox KNOWLED GR15 15-Degree Reflector

If you have ever needed a tight beam of light previously, you would generally use a standard reflector in conjunction with a honeycomb grid. The disadvantage of using a grid is that you lose a bit of light, compared to using the reflector by itself. The  15 ° G-Mount Reflector naturally produces a 15° beam of light, which negates the need for a grid, so you don’t have to worry about losing any light output.

GODOX KNOWLED GR15 15-Degree G-Mount Reflector

Godox KNOWLED GR30 30-Degree Reflector

The GR30 30° Reflector, works in a similar fashion to the GR15 reflector, however, the the beam isn't quite as tight, or as intense. If you need a tighter beam of light compared to the standard GR45 reflector, but not as extreme as the GR15 reflector, the GR30 30° reflector, is the perfect candidate for this task.

GODOX KNOWLED GR30 30-Degree G-Mount Reflector

Godox KNOWLED GR60 60-Degree Reflector 

Due to the GR60 reflector’s 60° beam angle, it produces a wider beam of light, compared to the GR45 reflector that ships with the MG1200Bi. This makes it great for illuminating larger areas of your film set, theatre stage, or Television production.

GODOX KNOWLED GR60 60-Degree G-Mount Reflector

Highly Reflective Faceted Interior

The KNOWLED GR-Series Reflectors feature a highly reflective Faceted Silver Interior, designed to maximise light output efficiency. 

All-New GODOX G-Mount fitting

The KNOWLED GR-Series Reflectors use the new Godox G-Mount, which provides a larger, and more durable connection compared to the standard Bowens S-Type mount. It also features electronic contacts, which lets the light what modifier is being connected to it. This enables the light to intelligently compensate for any slight colour shifts caused by the modifier, for consistent lighting no matter what modifier is being used.

G-Mount Bayonet Fitting with Electronic Contacts for communication between the modifier and the light

The GODOX KNOWLED GRK G-Mount Reflector Kit is an essential modifier for owners of the KNOWLED MG1200Bi or the MG2400Bi LED Cine Light system, who wants a selection of G-Mount Modifiers, giving them access to a plethora of lighting options, to help bring Cinematographers,  Gaffers and Directors of photography's visions to life.

Photometrics for GR15 Reflector with MG1200Bi

CCT Unit 3m 5m 7m 9m
2800K lux 107,000 36,100 17,800 10,600
fc 9,940 3,350 1,660 982
3200K lux 121,000 40,400 197,00 11,700
fc 11,200 3,750 1,830 1090
4300K lux 139,000 46,900 22,900 13,700
fc 12,900 4,360 2,130 1,270
5600K lux 149,000 49,900 24,400 14,600
fc 13,900 4,630 2,260 1,350
6500K lux 147,000 49,300 24,300 14,500
fc 13,600 4,580 2,250 1,340

Photometrics for GR30 Reflector with MG1200Bi

CCT Unit 3m 5m 7m 9m
2800K lux 49,800 17,000 8,540 4,280
fc 4,620 1,570 793 397
3200K lux 54,300 18,700 9,330 4,690
fc 5,040 1,740 867 435
4300K lux 61,900 21,400 10,700 5,350
fc 5,750 1,990 991 497
5600K lux 64,700 22,600 11,200 5,610
fc 6,010 2,100 1,040 521
6500K lux 63,900 22,200 11,000 5,520
fc 5,940 2,070 1,030 513

Photometrics for KNOWLED GR60 Reflector with MG1200Bi

CCT Unit 3m 5m 7m 9m
2800K lux 12,300 4,470 2,580 1,390
fc 1,140 560 325 195
3200K lux 13,400 4,890 2,820 1,520
fc 1,240 454 262 141
4300K lux 15,200 5,610 3,200 1,610
fc 1,420 623 298 149
5600K lux 15,900 5,870 3,340 1,730
fc 1,480 545 310 161
6500K lux 15,700 5,780 3,280 1,800
fc 1,460 537 305 165


  • Features the Robust and Intelligent Godox G-Mount
  • Highly-reflective Faceted Silver Interior, designed to maximise light output efficiency.
  • Consists of a 15°, 30°, and a 60° Reflector for various beam angles.
  • All comes in a Padded Carry Bag
  • Compatible with the GODOX KNOWLED MG1200Bi and MG2400Bi

What’s In the Box

  • 1x GR15 15-Degree G-Mount Reflector
  • 1x GR30 30-Degree G-Mount Reflector
  • 1x GR60 60-Degree G-Mount Reflector
  • 1x Carry Case


GR15 Reflector

Beam Angle 15°
Interior Colour Silver
Fitting Godox G-Mount

GR30 Reflector

Beam Angle 45°
Interior Colour Silver
Fitting Godox G-Mount

GR60 Reflector

Beam Angle 60°
Interior Colour Silver
Fitting Godox G-Mount


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