Exploring the TIPA Award-Winning Godox MG1200Bi LED plus Accessory Range

Looking for a new powerful LED unit for film and broadcast industry working? Godox have recently released a new 1200w LED; the MG1200Bi. Efficient, user-friendly and super versatile, the MG1200Bi is a great asset for lighting large scale productions already, and has captured the attention of lighting enthusiasts. Here's some information on the MG1200Bi and the full range of specially designed accessories to go with it. 


A new release, the MG1200Bi is an ultra-powerful 1200W Bi-Colour COB LED Light with Class-Leading performance designed to launch your productions to new heights! Featuring a highly robust, build-quality, with intuitive controls, and IP54 Weather Resistance, the MG1200Bi is the answer to every Lighting Gaffer and Cinematographer’s dreams. 


KNOWLED MG1200Bi 1200W Bi-Colour IP54 Weather Resistant Broadcast-Quality LED Light


The MG1200Bi has a CRI of 96+ and a TLCI of 96+, making it suitable for broadcast usage, and supports a plethora of professional control protocols including DMX512 and LumenRadio CRMX and more. It can also be controlled remotely using the GODOX RC-A6II, RC-R9II and RC-11 Remote controllers, or via the GODOX Light App using Bluetooth. The perfect lighting solution for Large TV and Broadcasting, Filmmaking and Cinematography, as well as for Theatrical Stage Show productions.


The MG1200Bi has now been announced as the winner of the TIPA Awards 2023 for the "Best Professional LED Light"! Voted for by an experienced panel of photo and imaging publications and experts. 

G-Mount Fitting

The MG1200Bi, due to its's size, has a unique G-Mount fitting designed specifically by Godox, which is designed for durability and a better connection than Bowens fitting for example. This means that the MG1200Bi is only compatible with the specially designed G-Mount modifiers below.


Godox know that a reflector is a classic when it comes to lighting modifiers, so they're offering three different reflector options for the MG1200Bi; 15°, 30° and 60°. These reflectors feature electronic contacts, which lets the light know what modifier is being connected to it. This enables the light to intelligently compensate for any slight colour shifts caused by the modifier, for consistent lighting no matter what modifier is being used.


The smaller reflector angle, the further the light is thrown, and the wider the angle, the wider the spread of light thrown out of the faceted silver interior. There is also a more standard 45° reflector that is supplied with the MG1200Bi. 

Fresnel Lens

The GF14 Fresnel Focusing Lens is a great way to maximise your lighting, and enables you to focus and amplify the effective output of your lighting by up to 19 times. With a solid construction, this lens can be focused to produce a wider or more focused beam angle, and is great for throwing light over a long distance. 

Barndoors for the GF14 can also be purchased separately to help direct the light if needed. 


Spotlight Projector System

The GP Series Spotlight is a powerful tool for producing creative and cinematic lighting effects to add mood and depth to productions. With a choice of three interchangeable lens optics designed with sheer precision, the GP36D Spotlight ensures that you get a super-crisp beam with little to no aberrations, for unrivalled clarity. With the option of being used in conjunction with Coloured Gels (available separately) and Gobos, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

There are three optional Lens optics available for this Spotlight system; the GP19K 19°, the GP26K 26°, and the GP36K 36°, giving you access to projections with varying beam angles and light coverage area. Great for getting your creative juices flowing, whilst maintaining the highest light transmission efficiency. Plus, built-in shutter blades make for easy narrowing of the light beam where needed.

 GODOX GP-Series Projection Lens with Gobo being inserted into it


The GP3 90cm G-Mount Parabolic Softbox features a highly reflective silver interior, enabling the GP3 to produce soft lighting with added contrast, with a soft yet focused quality of light. Its near-circular design produces aesthetically pleasing round catchlights in the eyes of your subject.  Featuring removable inner and outer diffusers enables you to control the specularity of the light for added versatility. 

Perfect for smaller shoots such as interviews for documentaries, this softbox is a great tool for producing flattering lighting on any subject, actor, or model. 

Collapsible Lantern Diffuser

The GL3 and GL4 Collapsible Lantern Diffusers are designed with an oblate spheroid shape, producing soft omnidirectional lighting that radiates in all directions. Perfect for illuminating your film projects whether you are lighting a small interior or a large film set. The GL3 Lantern Diffuser has a beam angle of 270° meaning it is great for illuminating film sets, and interiors.

Thanks to its flexible steel frame, these lantern diffusers can be set up quickly and easily with very little hassle. It also comes with a detachable skirt, giving you more light control options, blocking light from hitting certain parts of the scene, making it easier to produce cinematic lighting.

All the above items are available for purchase from EssentialPhoto, either from stock, or on pre-order. If you'd like to check for an ETA for pre-order items, or to enquire about large or bulk order discounts please contact our team at info@essentialphoto.co.uk

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