Which RGB light bulb is better? Godox C7R, C10R or Aputure B7C

If you are a photographer and filmmaker continuously seeking reliable and versatile tools to enhance your creative endeavours in the ever-changing world of lighting equipment. The C7R, C10R, and B7C RGB LED light bulbs / smart bulbs - introduced by two professional lighting solution companies, Godox and Aputure - all promise unique features and performance capabilities. We’ll go into the main features of each of these lighting options in their thorough comparison to determine which is the best for you.

Godox C7R
Godox C10R
Aputure B7C


#1: Redefinition of Output & Unrivalled Colour Accuracy

The Godox C10R and Aputure B7C RGB lights elevate your lighting capabilities with a maximum output of 12W. This increased wattage expands the range of applications, allowing you to illuminate larger spaces or achieve more dramatic lighting effects. On the other hand, with a lower power output of 10W, the Godox C7R RGB light bulb is an energy-efficient option for those who are looking to save on electricity costs without compromising on illumination quality. Otherwise, if you're shooting in smaller spaces that require a moderate amount of illumination, the Godox C7R, with a maximum power output of 7W, is a perfect lighting solution. 

In terms of colour temperature, both Godox lights share the same impressive CRI and TLCI ratings of 96 and 97, respectively. The Aputure B7C smart bulb is slightly lower than the Godox bulb in terms of CRI and TLCI at 95 and 96, respectively. When compared, offering a higher rating determines that the Godox C7R and C10R RGB lights provide more accurate and consistent colour reproduction than the B7C LED light bulbs. However, in fact, it still maintains a high level of colour accuracy that meets the standards of professional content creation. If uncompromising colour accuracy is your top priority, the Godox C7R and C10R light bulbs are excellent choices, while the B7C may be the ideal solution for balancing between colour accuracy and creative versatility.

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Godox C7R and C10R RGB LED Light Bulbs By PixaPro

  • Godox C7R: Max.10W, CRI ≥96, TLCI ≥97

  • Godox C10R: Max.12W, CRI ≥96, TLCI ≥97

  • Aputure B7C: Max.12W, CRI 95+, TLCI 96+

#2: Reliable Brightness 

The Godox C7R light bulb offers a respectable 360 lux at a distance of 0.5 metres. This level of brightness makes it suitable for a variety of applications, from general lighting to close-range photography or video work. At the same distance, the C10R boasts the highest illuminance of 470 lux, which stands out from the C7R in terms of brightness. This feature is advantageous in scenarios where a brighter and more intense light source is required, such as cinematic productions. Its features ensure better visibility and detail capture, contributing to higher-quality projects. The Aputure B7C smart bulb takes a middle approach, providing 460 lux at 0.5 metres. Despite a slightly lower lux rating compared to the Godox C10R bulb, the B7C’s brightness maintains perfect performance, making it suitable for those who prioritises flexibility and adaptability in lighting setups. 

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Godox C7R and C10R RGB LED Light Bulbs By PixaPro
  • Godox C7R: 360Lux/34fc(1.64ft/0.5m)
  • Godox C10R: 470Lux/44fc(1.64ft/0.5m)
  • Aputure B7C: 460Lux/40fc (0.5m)

#3: Variable Colour Temperature 

The Godox C7R and C10R impress with a wide colour temperature range from 2000K to 10000K. It allows you to seamlessly transition from warm, candlelit tones to crisp, daylight hues. Whether you’re aiming for a cosy indoor atmosphere or replicating the bright light of the midday sun, these Godox RGB LED light bulbs provide the versatility needed for a diverse range of creative projects. Similar to Godox bulbs, the Aputure B7C smart bulb also offers a colour temperature range from 2000K to 10000K. This shared temperature flexibility ensures that all three LED light bulbs can cater to different settings and scenarios, allowing you to fine-tune the atmosphere of your shots with precision. 

Godox C7R and C10R RGB LED Light Bulbs By PixaPro

  • Godox C7R and C10R and Aputure B7C: 2000K - 10000K 

#3: Various Working Temperatures 

One of the features similar between these lights is their working temperature range from -10°C to 40°C. Whether you’re working in a freezing outdoor environment or a temperature-controlled studio, this range always ensures that these light bulbs maintain consistent performance. It is crucial for achieving reliable and predictable lighting results. Furthermore, with the capacity to withstand a range of temperatures, you can confidently take these lights from one season to the next, enabling year-round creativity without being restricted by weather conditions. 

Godox C7R & C10R RGB LED Light Bulbs or Aputure B7C Creative Smart Bulb Light By PixaPro

  • Godox C7R & C10R and Aputure B7C: -10-40°C 

#4: Standard Bulb Socket

Three models are equipped with E26/E27 bulb holders, providing compatibility with a wide range of standard sockets. This holder allows users to easily swap out bulbs and experiment with different lighting setups without the need for specialised adapters for fixtures. In detail, whether you’re using studio lights, portable lamps, or ceiling fixtures, the E26/E27 compatibility ensures seamless integration into your existing lighting setup. 

Godox C7R, C10R or Aputure B7C Smart Bulb Light

  • Godox C7R & C10R and Aputure B7C: E26/E27 

#5: Control Methods

The Godox C7R and C10R take an innovative approach to cooling with the integration of smart cooling mechanisms. These bulbs feature both Bluetooth APP control and light body control, allowing you to actively manage and adjust the cooling process. Its user-friendly Bluetooth APP control enables precise temperature regulation for optimal performance. Additionally, the light body control ensures that the RGB LED bulbs maintain a comfortable temperature during operation, contributing to their reliability over extended use. In contrast, the Aputure B7C smart bulb employs a passive cooling system, offering a quiet and reliable operation without the need for additional controls. 

Godox C7R & C10R LED Light Bulb or Aputure B7C Smart Bulb Light


  • Godox C7R and C10R: Smart Cooling with Bluetooth APP Control / Light Body Control 
  • Aputure B7C: Passive Cooling 

#6: Weight and Dimensions 

The B7C RGB light bulb is released with dimensions of 70mm*118mm and a weight of 240g, which is the smallest lighting option when compared with two other Godox bulbs. It is a small and lightweight option for users who prioritise portability without sacrificing performance. Whether you’re shooting on the go or setting up a compact studio space, the B7C’s dimensions and weight ensure convenience and ease of handling. The Godox C7R and C10R share the same dimensions of 73mm x 73mm x 136mm. However, the C10R has a slightly reduced weight of 236g, while the C7R’s weight is 256g. Despite increasing in size and dimension, the C7R and C10R also remain highly portable and convenient for a diversity of creative applications, offering a balance between performance and convenience. 

Godox C7R & C10R LED Light Bulb or Aputure B7C Creative Smart Bulb Light
  • Godox C7R: 73mm*73mm*136mm / 256g
  • Godox C10R: 73mm*73mm*136mm / 236g
  • Aputure B7C: 70mm*118mm / 240g

Key Takeaway 

In conclusion, the best choice among the Godox C7R, C10R, and Aputure B7R RGB LED bulbs depends on your specific needs and preferences. If energy efficiency and moderate illumination are key, the Godox C7R is an ideal choice. For those seeking higher wattage and brightness, the Godox C10R excels. Considering your shooting environment, power requirements, and desired features, you should make an informed decision that aligns with your creative vision. 

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Brand Godox Aputure
Model C7R C10R B7C
Price £62.00 £51.00 ‎£72.00
Input Power Max. 10W Max.12W Max.12W
Colour Temperature 2,000K - 10,000K 2,000K - 10,000K
2,000K - 10,000K
CRI ≥96 ≥96 95+
TLCI ≥97 ≥97 96+
Compatible Bulb Holder E26/E27 E26/E27 E26/E27
lluminance Data(100% brightness & 5500K CCT) ≈360Lux/34fc(1.64ft/0.5m)
460Lux/40fc (0.5m)
124Lux/10fc (1m)
Operating Temperature -10-40°C -10-40°C -10-40°C
Lithium Battery Parameters 7.6V/1300mAh 7.6V/1300mAh 7.4V/1300mAh
Charing Time approx 2h 30min(AC 220V) approx 3h (DC 5V 3A) approx 2h 30min(AC 220V) approx 3h (DC 5V 3A)
2h (stand by mode or powered off)
Lithium Battery Working Time approx 1h approx 1h 70+ minutes
Cooling Method Bluetooth APP control / light body control Bluetooth APP control / light body control Passive Cooling
Dimension 73mm*73mm*136mm 73mm*73mm*136mm
Net Weight 256g 236g 240g/0.529lb

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