What Light Modifiers, Accessories are available for STORM series?

The STORM series high-speed flash has an intelligent design, cutting-edge methodology, and a wealth of features. It is the ideal device for weddings, advertisements, portraits, and fashion. As it has a built-in 2.4G wireless X system that provides comfortable wireless control and a high-speed flash. The STORM easy-to-use flash is suitable for both amateur and professional photographers.

Building on the impressive specifications, the STORM (QT) series currently represents the pinnacle of the brand’s mains-powered studio lighting system. Across the range, it also has the flexibility for wider accessories and lighting modifiers. From there, you can explore your creativity which combines a succession with the PixaPro accessories and lighting modifiers. However, no lighting setup is complete without a range of interchangeable accessories. Understand this, Godox and Pixapro always ensure that all of its productsprovided a large selection of accessories and lighting modifiers. Because, the wider range of modifiers available, the more powerful the photographer’s control over the final results. 

In fact, the STORM series is the rebranded version of the Godox QT unit. Meanwhile, both units are manufactured together so that each version offers the same high quality and specifications. As the STORM is the same achieving the top pick in 2018 by PixaPro. It also allows utilising the same modifiers and accessories that would be compatible with the Godox QT, such as Godox 2.4GHz Triggers.

We here at EssentialPhoto are also able to offer a 24 Month UK Based Warranty Period for each of our Lighting units. It allows us to offer detailed and professional advice and support throughout this period. In this blog, we will discuss the accessories and lighting modifiers of the STORM and help you know which are the best in various situations. 

STORM600II High Speed SuperFast 1200Ws Studio Strobe Photo Lighting Kit


The reflector is an improvised or specially designed reflective surface used in photography and filmmaking. It allows you guide light toward a certain subject or scene. The main purpose of a reflector is to bounce light. For example, shooting outside, you will at some point encounter situations that need a bit more lighting. In opposite, a reflector frequently becomes the ideal exposure, shadow and soft light if you choose to shoot indoors. Because you can not be able to control the sun’s brightness and direction, you will need to reflect it around to counteract the harsh light. In the case of taking a portrait outside, the reflector uses during the days to produce correct strange shadows on the face. Sometimes, the reflector can use to replace the fill flash. 

In terms of the STORM series, the PixaPro  55° Reflector with a set of four honeycomb grids creates an equal light spread. Thanks to the reflector's long neck, you may also cast the light farther to increase the output of your STORM device and aids in more effective. It is perfect for commercial fashion, or beauty photographers as well as subtle portraiture because of producing dramatic-looking images. 

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The Pixapro 55° Reflector also includes a set of four egg grate grids, also known as honeycomb grids. You can use it with your normal reflector will further limit the distribution of light and give you a spotlight-like effect. It comes with four district degree ratings (40°, 30°, 20°, and 10°) allowing manage the light dispersion more precisely. Thanks to this accessory, you don't need to worry about the light leaking into unintended places. The Pixapro 55° Reflector also comes with a Bowens S-Type fitting which is one of the most popular flashes on the market. Meanwhiles, you can easily attach and remove the reflector with little to no fuss. 

STORM III 55° Standard Reflector With Umbrella Slot


Softboxes are available in all types of sizes and shapes. The main purpose of softboxes creates a more even coverage of light. It gives you more control and helps to further reduce harsh shadows. In other views, you can combine the softboxes and your STORM devices to create a variety of different lighting styles. For example, you can use the 60x90cm softbox with STORM III 1200 (QT1200) as a key light or as a fill light. In terms of fill light, you can great soft image that can keep an image from falling flat.

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Moreover, each lighting unit of the STORM series can easily to compatible with the softbox SB-BW(80*120cm). As the name implies, the key difference between the two softboxes is the size. While the SB-BW (80*120cm) release much bigger than the 60x90cm softbox. The difference between the varying sizes of softboxes can be seen in the quality of light. While the 60x90cm softbox produces hasher light and sharper shadows, the SB-BW (80*120cm) softbox produces softer light and undefined shadows. However, the 60x90cm softbox comes in a smaller size and more compact will be perfect for shooting on location.

60x90cm (23.6"X35.4") Rectangular 5cm Grid Softbox

Two softboxes are released with the rectangular shape helps to emulate a natural window light giving a more uniform effect. This softbox is especially for portraits and commercial photography because of its vertical length. You can also be rotated it for wider, horizontal compositions. These softboxes also have an interchangeable fitting that using with a wide variety of different flashes. 

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Softboxes offer greater control and directionality which contrasts with umbrellas producing a soft, and indirect light with less versatility. Both softbox and umbrella produce a widespread, soft light, but they differ in directionality. If you are a straight-up beginner photographer, umbrellas are cheaper. With the STORM series, you can use the Pixapro 100cm “40inch” Translucent Shoot-through umbrella. Thank this umbrella, your light can direct away from your subject and reflect. Moreover, it also comes with an 8mm shaft for allowing collapse to a compact form for easy transportation and a quick and easy set-up.


40" (101.6cm) Translucent White Umbrella

Light Stand 

Lighting stands and mounting clamps are crucial factors to take into account when assembling a photography lighting system. Even though most stands may appear to be similar on the surface, subtle differences in manufacture and design can have a significant impact on how well they operate. Therefore, Godox offers a wide range of strong, well-made stands that can abuse of regular professional use and hold your priceless equipment firmly in place. 

The Godox 260T light stand and the Pixapro light stand are ideal for compatibility with the STORM series. In terms of the Godox 260T, it is produced with an aluminium stand which has air cushioning for protection against harm. As the name implied, its height of 260cm with three sections. It is incredibly compact and has a close length of one metre for simple transportation and storage. In other views, the Pixapro light stand has a height of 75cm and fully extends to 240cm. Similarly, it also has air cushioned dampening system to prevent any sudden drops to minimise the risk of damage.

Fast-Paced Studio Light Stand Bundle

Wireless Power Control 

It is no doublely to say that PixaPro products are clearly revolution by built-in the highly sophisticated 2.4GHz transmitters. The fact that PixaPro products not only cost a mere fraction of those offered by market leaders. But in many cases also outperform them which is one of the biggest advantages of the PixaPro lighting range.

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Moreover, as comes from the same manufacturers, Pixapro product is easy to compatible with Godox products. For example, you can trigger the STORM series by any of the Pixapro ONE system flash triggers and Godox, such as the XPro (ST-IV), X1 (STIII) and the X2 (ST-III+) flash transmitters. When used on the STROM flashes, it is not only a flash trigger but also incorporates multiple functions such as adjusting the power ratio and controlling the on-or-off. Since it uses radio waves to operate, your STORM devices don't need to be in a direct line of sight with you for them to function. You might also work up to 50 metres away from your flash without impact by intense light. 

Barn Door BD-04

Barn doors are necessary elements of any photographic lighting kit for controlling the direction and spill of light. This Godox Barndoor Kit is made to attach to the front of a typical 7" reflector. The kit comes with a four-leaf barndoor set for changing the light output's form and a honeycomb grid producing a harsher quality of light. Four colour filters allow you to have various background colours to either correct the light balance or create dramatic lighting effects.

Final Thoughts 

Clearly, then, by buying into the Godox and PixaPro lighting systems, you will be able to enjoy an ever greater number of benefits. Because, these brands continue to innovate in the future. As a direct partner with Godox, here at EsssentialPhoto, we are uniquely placed to offer knowldege and advice regarding the brand’s product. To learn more about PixaPro and Godox lights and accessories and how they can transform your photography, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team either by mail or phone. 

EssentialPhoto is an Official Godox Partner and trusted UK Distributor, stocking the widest range of Godox kit in the UK. We offer a 2 Year Warranty* across our stock and Customer Support and after-sales repair at our British store.