Complete Guide to Light Modifiers, Accessories for the KINO series

Over the years, PixaPro has established a strong reputation for producing high-quality products. PixaPro also offers exceptional customer service and is a trustworthy business partner. PixaPro specialist in studio lighting modifiers and accessories such as flash, continuous light/ LED light, light modifiers and many more. Such as the most advanced CITI600 and Hybrid 360 series TTL battery-powered, RIKO400, and the new interchangeable fitting modifiers. To continuously engaged in supplying innovation, PixaPro also released the KINO series with excellent output and outstanding value.

In more detail, the PixaPro KINO series is an ideal studio flash for photographers who need a lot of power. Moreover, you don't need to worry about the ability of compatible as it offers an S-Type accessory mount. It allows you to use a variety of light-shaping. It series is perfect for huge studios when very large modifiers are being used or where your lights are far from your subject. 

We will deeply discuss light modifiers, accessories of the KINO series. As learning these tools is the best way to transform light into art.

Reflectors - Light Modifiers

Reflectors are highly strong instruments when shooting outdoors. You can employ it as the primary light, fill light, rim light, etc. For example, you may use the reflector to bounce a flash off of it to gather sunlight and direct it toward the subject. One of the most advantages of the reflectors is the least expensive and quickest setting-up. In comparison to carrying about a softbox or light stands, it is also incredibly portable.

However, with the limited control offered by your on-camera flash, it might be challenging to get consistent exposures. When you have to move around a lot while trying to create soft diffused light such as lifestyle picture shots. Using combine the KINO 600+ flash head kit and reflectors is a fantastic example place in studios with artificial light like portraits. While using a silver reflector, your light will be cooler in contrast with the warmer light when using the gold reflectors. Take the PixaPro 55° reflector, for example, it is made of metal and has a silver coating. It will have a bowl-like form and be open on both ends. Due to increase in the output of your flash, your product will be more dramatic-looking which is perfect for subtle portraiture. 

Standard 55 Degree Reflector With Umbrella Slot For LUMI & LUMI II Series Flashes


In terms of softboxes, it is the key tool for any professional photographer. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and forms such as rectangles, square and circle softboxes. This is the reason why some softboxes are quite expensive and some are cheaper. Thanks to this feature, you may produce an appearance that is subtle and generate dramatic shadows. In studios, a softbox works well with the KINO 1200+ flash head for portrait photography of a single person or a whole family. And then, your images will look cleaner and more polished which save you time and money after post-production.

Moreover, using a softbox helps convert the harsh light from the light source to soft light. For instance, the combination of the KINO 600+ and 60*90 softbox helps to emulate the natural window light. It is suitable for portraits and commercial photography. One of the clear advantages of this softbox is offered the interchangeable fitting design. It allows using with a wide variety of different flashes. Meanwhiles, you can use this on almost any flash on the market. 


KINO600+ and 60*90 softbox

Honeycomb Grids 

To focus the light beam, the KINO series and the set of four honeycomb grids were created to work together. It is simpler to spotlight a certain part of your scene or block light from entering an area that you do not want it to. From this set, you can choose different degrees of 40°, a 30°, a 20°, and a 10° that give you progressively narrower beams of light. It can also use to create a spotlight effect.

However, lower-quality grids tend to have more light spill or less gradual light fall-off which defeats the purpose of using a grid. This is the reason why we here at PixaPro released the four sets of honeycomb grids which focused pool of light. This set allows you to illuminate a particular subject without a super-hard transition between light and shadow. Additionally, you can more easily control the direction of light ensuring that little to no light falls onto the backdrop. The KINO series and honeycomb grids work well together which is perfect for usage in almost every type of photography. Such as portrait, fashion, beauty, food and product photography. 

Set Of 4 Honeycomb Grids For LUMI, KINO & STORM Standard Reflectors

Stand-Light Modifiers

Like everything else, light stands come in a diversity of models supporting a wide range of styles and budgets. If you want to choose the best stands for your lighting, the thing to keep in mind is the capacity, height, and weight. In PixaPro, we released both C-stands and lightweight stands. PixaPro understands that the key secret to a fantastic travel light stand is finding the light one that collapses into a clean, small container which ideal to fit easily in a suitcase.

Therefore, PixaPro released a wide range of light stands to adapt to your need. For example, the robust 2-in-1 boom stand is intended for small to midsize studios as well as on-location shooting. An extendable has a non-slip twist lock for an expedient and simple setup. For a simple camera and lighting kit setup, it has a fixed 5/8" spigot with a 1/4" thread. This stand also comes with an interchangeable spigot design. Meanwhile, you will be easy to use with other units such as KINO 1200+. This stand also comes with 3 tier extension making it easy to extend the height from 120cm to 400cm. Moreover, you are free to adjust the angle of the boom and multi-uses thanks to the horseshoe hinge lock. Additionally, the boom stands are also specially selected to place them from the side and powerful flashes to correctly expose the subject or room. 

2-In-1 Reclined Combi Boom Stand And Caster Wheel Bundle

Diffuser Ball 

In other views, some photographers use the diffuser ball to soften the light output of an off-camera flash such as the KINO series. Since, it is designed quick, simply soft, highly portable and efficient. However, when compared it is not softer than an umbrella. In some cases, the diffuser ball throws some light in all directions - 360 degrees of soft light - making it perfect for illuminating interiors like rooms and filming in expansive spaces while offering a lovely, pleasant diffused light. 


PRO AC Trigger

The PRO AC wireless flash trigger has 16 channels, so you can still use your flashes without being concerned that you'll accidentally fire someone else's flashes while they're working nearby. You can manage the power settings of your flashes individually or in groups if you have a suitable flash. Since it uses radio waves to operate, your flashes do not need to be in a direct line of sight with you for them to function. You may also work up to 50 metres away from your flash, providing you with more versatility. It does not impact by intense light, unlike optical triggers, because it runs on radio waves. In fact, the PRO AC Wireless 16 Channel Radio Flash Receiver is designed to work with the PIXAPRO Lumi, Storm, KINO, Riko and Hybrid360 series flashes and the PRO AC 2.4GHz or PRO ST-III wireless flash trigger systems.

Moreover, PixaPro also released some spare parts for replacement such as the clear heat-resistant glass dome, the flash tube for KINO1200+ and KINO II 600+


XTR16 and Spare Flash Tube For KINO II 600

Final Thoughts

There are many different light modifiers available in PixaPro. It's not necessary to possess every modifier. However, being aware of your options enables you to make wise choices on the gear you will eventually require for your projects. The kind of lighting you wish to use to brighten your scene is entirely up to you. Decide for yourself creatively what to highlight and what to leave in shade.

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