What LED Lighting is right for me?

LED lighting is a great option for photographers and videographers looking for a more reliable and safe alternative to flash/strobe lighting for a number of reasons.

LEDs have the benefit of:

  • Offering continuous lighting (perfect for both videography and photography)
  • Being cheaper to run than incandescent lights
  • Offering creative lighting options due to RGB compatibility
  • Being easier to replace than incandescent bulbs
  • And offering a higher brightness at a lower wattage.

LEDs are efficient and there is a huge range of LED lighting that is perfect for all sorts of photography or videography work. If you're stuck on what type of LED light to get, we've laid out some options with some pros and cons to help you decide what will be perfect for you.

LED Panels

Panels are a popular choice for videographers looking for a simple LED light for film, vlog or content creation. Panels are often easy to use and control without having to consider modifiers too much, due to often coming with built-in barndoors for the option to direct the light. These panels offer a wide, even spread of light which makes them perfect for lighting larger areas and lifting shadows. 

Larger LED Panels can range from anything between around 30w like on the LECO300Bi panel, or powerful 150w panels such as the professional-grade Godox LD150RS panel that also has RGB functionality. 

Many LED units (both panels and heads) will also come with DMX compatibility, such as the VNIX1000B, to use multiple LED units at once, making them great for large scale productions.

LED Heads

If you're looking for something that serves both photography and videography use perhaps, or maybe looking for something that packs more of a punch, then LED heads are a great option too.

LED heads can be much more powerful than panels, and also have the benefit of being able to be used with a wide range of modifiers if you already have a wide collection and you're looking to modify your light in a specific way. Provided the fitting is compatible with your modifiers, you can use softboxes, snoots, gels, beauty dishes and more with your LED heads. If you're the kind of photographer who prefers working with continuous lighting, for example, rather than flash, this makes LED heads a great option to fit with your working style. 

The Daylite60D is a popular option for studio photographers, with 60w of power, this affordable LED head is a popular choice for studio photographers due to being straightforward to use and for it's mains power compatibility, negating the need for heavy batteries. 

On the other end of the spectrum, however, sits the Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi. At a whopping 1400w, this LED is super powerful and is built for broadcast and professional use, with weather resistance, plus a range of control options and built-in lighting effects, making it an option for filmmakers and broadcasters alike. 

There are a huge range of LED heads between these two, covering everything from mains to battery powered lights, with different wattages and effects, as well as features such as super-silent fans or HSS compatibility

Browse our full range of LED heads online, with a wide variety of stock from Godox! 


If you're after a splash of colour and creativity, however, RGB LEDs are perfect for producing intense and vibrant colours, whether you're looking to light a whole scene or image with RGBs, or if you're just looking to use them for practical effects or prop lighting.

RGB panels are available in varying specifications depending on what you need, which can be anything from having a more versatile LED panel unit for filmmaking, or something smaller and less powerful for use at home for vlogging or livestreaming for example, while RGB tubes can be used as props or practical lighting, or for light painting. RGB Tubes also range from short 30cm tube (Godox TL30) up to 120cm (PiXAPRO Rainbow Series tubes) or 180cm (Godox TL180) to suit all needs and purposes. With built-in rechargeable batteries, these tubes are great for location work and for easy lighting for both photoshoots or film shoots. 

Mini RGB lights such as the Glowpad112 RGB and Godox R1 are similarly perfect for small-scale practical effects, such as lighting up small areas of shots like adding a splash of colour to your wall if you're livestreaming or recording a vlog. These kinds of mini LEDs have many practical uses for creators, and are great for adding a bit of dimension to everything from livestreams or products photography. Check out our recent video with Barry Mountford where he covers using RGB lights for ambience in livestreaming:

LED Ringlights

Off-Camera Ringlights, on the other hand, are extremely useful for vloggers and beauty-focused creators, due to being easy to use, and flattering on camera. Ringlights come with a built-in diffuser cover over the LEDs to soften the light to more of a glow, while offering a wide spread of light. The ring shape enables two functions; the first being the wide spread of light around the face (perfect for shoulder-up shots, and very handy if you want to mount your camera or phone inside the ring of light), and the second being that the shape produces the bright round catchlight in the eye. 

Ringlights are available in small hotshoe mountable sizes for on the go, up to bigger ringlights that can be paired with light stands in the home or a mini studio. 

Shop our full range of PiXAPRO and Godox LED lighting here, or, if you're interested in some lights and are looking for some further assistance, feel free to get in touch with our team for some product advice at info@essentialphoto.co.uk!

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