Your Guide to the Godox KNOWLED LEDs

Lighting Guides: Godox KNOWLED LEDs

If you follow Godox's new product releases, the new KNOWLEDs will likely be on your radar, being high-end, powerful continuous LED units with a range of options from standard LED studio heads to RGB equipment.

Built for professional studios and broadcasters, the KNOWLEDs are designed with video in mind, for everything from brightening scenes for location work to lighting built sets solely with artificial lighting to control the light entirely. 

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The Lighting Guides: KNOWLED M Series

The M Series consists of a selection of studio heads ranging from 230w to 740w, each available in Daylight Balanced or Bi-Colour options. 

Maintaining high standards of colour fidelity, these M Series lights all offer high ratings for both TLCI and CRI indexes, helping to produce natural looking lighting in the final product of footage.

Controls are straightforward, yet smart, giving you the ability to dim the lights to a precise level at just 0.1% at a time, plus the addition of dimming curves for extra control. Lighting effects are also built into the unit, to replicate flashing patterns of items such as televisions or broken bulbs without the need for extra lighting units to do the job. 

Power options are also open, with mains power compatibility as well as for use with V-Mount batteries when you're working away from mains.

Control options are also built with professional working in mind, being compatible with the Godox Light App via smartphone, as well as the RC-A6 remote control (sold separately), or DMX consoles if working on large-scale productions. 

The MG1200Bi

The MG1200Bi is also now available as the beast of all KNOWLEDs, with a whopping 1,400w of LED power! While it has most of the same primary features as the M Series, the MG1200Bi is also weather resistant to make it suitable for working in more challenging outdoor conditions, and is mains-powered only due to it's high power usage. 

It also features the new Godox G-Mount, designed with electrical contacts allowing the light to recognise which modifier is connected to it. 

MG1200Bi Accessories

Due to the new G-Mount, modifiers for the MG1200Bi have to be designed specifically for the light, meaning currently available options include:


A unique addition to the KNOWLED range, the CR5 Mini RGB Panel is a 5w pocket-sized rechargeable panel with 30 LED bulbs that create intense colours. 

Controllable via the Godox Light App, this handy little panel has 39 built-in effects plus a reactive music mode that will change the lighting to the beat of your audio! 

Supplied with a handy silicone collapsible diffuser, these mini panels also have magnetic strips on the back which allow you to stick the panels to magnetic surfaces for easy lighting. 

While the majority of the KNOWLED range is built specifically for professional productions, the CR5 is much more accessible to all audiences in terms of it's features and price range and can be used by professionals or hobbyist/amateur productions too. 

The Lighting Guides: KNOWLED TP Pixel RGB Tubes

The recently announced TP Pixel tubes are the latest addition to the KNOWLED professional range of LEDs, offering the next step up from the popular TL Series RGB Tubes. However, the Pixel Tubes are even more innovative...

Unlike the TL series, the TP tubes are formed of pixel LED lighting, which gives the lighting a whole new look, and can also be programmed, using mapping software, to display images and lighting patterns that the TL series, for example, cannot. This will allow lighting departments to tailor the lighting to replicate all sorts of effects efficiently on a closed set. 

The TP series has been announced in 3 different sizes: the TP2R, the TP4R & the TP8R, each coming in at 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft respectively. Yes, that's 8ft tall; 2.4 metres! 

With a variable colour temperature of between 2000K and 10,000K as well as 360 selectable hues, the possibilities are virtually endless. With a plethora of professional control options including DMX, Wireless CRMX, and LumenRadio, the KNOWLED TP series pixel tubes can be easily integrated into any professional rig with ease.

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