What is the Pre-Loved Section?

Our Pre-Loved shop section is a great way to save money on the essentials that you need if you don't mind purchasing second-hand. 

But what IS the Pre-Loved section? And how do you know what you're buying when you purchase second-hand? We're here to clear that up for you!

The Pre-Loved Categories are separate on our new website, with different sections for each type of product. Find links below:

Or, browse all of the categories here.

Where do the items come from?

The items in the Pre-Loved section aren't always necessarily second-hand! They come from a range of different places.


Many of the items in our Pre-Loved range are second-hand, and are often products that have been returned to us by customers within their returns period. The products are NEVER faulty, and will always be checked thoroughly upon return to ensure that they work properly and for missing components. These products are returned to us as they aren't 100% suitable for what the customer needs. 


Some of the products may be ex-demonstration products that we have used in-house on display as an example to visitors. These products are primarily used for display and are rarely used, so are often in very good condition.

Refurbished/Replaced Parts

Occasionally, we get the odd item that is faulty, but the faulty part can be easily replaced or repaired by our in-house team. After repairing, the product cannot be sold as new, so may be listed as Pre-Loved. These items have been thoroughly checked after repair to ensure that they are suitable for use, and the listing will state how the item has been repaired for full transparency. 



What types of products are in the Pre-Loved section?

All kinds! There are a whole range of categories available pre-loved, and you can filter for category by the tabs at the top of the page, for example, in case you wanted to search specifically for Pre-Loved Lighting or Pre-Loved Modifiers. You may also find discontinued products in Pre-Loved Sales, so make sure to check!



How does the grading system work?

So how can you check the conditions of the Pre-Loved items you're buying? We have a full grading system that we use for each Pre-Loved item so that you know exactly what you're getting!

As New - Not used as new but may be missing packaging.

Excellent - Removed from packaging once or twice, but item in very good condition. May have slight signs of worn, soiled or missing packaging.

Good - Used but in good condition, may be missing items and show slight signs of wear and tear but in good working order. May have worn, soiled or missing packaging.

Ok - Used condition, may show signs of wear and tear, including damages or loss of certain functions, missing items. May have worn, soiled or missing packaging. (please see listing description for more info)

The grading given to an item will always be placed in the title of the product in brackets, as shown below.

If the product is a variation and can be bought with different attachments to fit different brands, this will also be included in the listing information as shown above.

The price of the pre-loved item will also be reflected by the grade given to it, and will also be reflected by any components that are missing from the item. However, any missing components are often those such as gels that come with a product or grids, and these will always be outlined in the listing as missing if they come with the product when it is new.

Noticeable cosmetic flaws, such as scratches, may be photographed and added to the listing for full transparency, so always check the listing fully for these images and proof. 

Do you get warranty for Pre-Loved items?

You may get a warranty with us for pre-loved purchases! Depending on what you've purchased, you will likely be entitled to either 6 months OR 3 months warranty dependant on the product you have bought.

6 Months

Pre-Loved products over £50 including lighting are given 6 months warranty to be returned to us in case of faults. However, this does not cover pre-loved items sold under the "OK" condition.

3 Months

"OK" Condition Pre-Loved products over £50, including lighting.

Any pre-loved items under £50 are not covered by a warranty, and you will not be entitled to any cover in this circumstance. Please see our full warranty policy at our website.


Please note that as of 16th December 2022, Pre-Loved and Clearance products will only carry a 14 day returns policy.

If you ever need any extra information regarding our pre-loved section, why not get in touch with our Customer Support team at info@essentialphoto.co.uk with your question and our team will help you out!