Casual Winter Shoot Ideas

We know how it goes. The warm weather goes, nights draw in, and you're afraid of doing any new shoots on the beach for the risk of hypothermia. If you don't own or have regular access to a studio, winter can put a damper on your enthusiasm for photography once the pretty autumnal leaves have turned into slush on the ground and you can't get those cool Halloween or cute engagement shots framed by orange trees anymore. So, here are some neat, casual shoot ideas for the winter season for when you're itching to use your camera. (British weather permitting.)

But, before you take your camera and lighting gear outside, make sure to remind yourself on how to take care of your batteries in cold temperatures with this handy blog. 


Why not make the most of the late mornings and early nights and capture some beautiful winter sunsets or sunrises? Get to a nice sightseeing spot, especially if you live nearby somewhere historical or with beautiful architecture, and you might just have the perfect shot when the skies turn pink and orange in the background of your shot! 

You can also make the most out of the winter golden hour with some outdoors portraiture photography. 

Recommended lighting equipment (for outdoor portraiture) includes:

WL8P Pocket-Sized Bi-Colour Waterproof LED Light

Litemons LC30BI Bi-Colour LED With Round Head Accessory Kit

Lux Senior Vintage-Styled Speedlite Camera Flash

Snow Days

Similarly, if you're lucky enough to get a day of snow where the streets are quiet, head out with your camera and capture some of the beauty of the local areas, like this photo below of Lincoln Cathedral. No lighting equipment needed! The snow may even act like Mother Nature's bounce board/reflector. 

These kinds of images are also perfect to be made into prints if you sell your work, or could be made into postcards or Christmas cards. 

Make the most of winter nature

If you also live nearby any countryside and own a telephoto lens, you could definitely make the most of some winter wildlife spotting. Perfect for Christmas cards also, wrap up warm and see what you can capture! 

Check out some website such as Woodland Trust or Wildlife Trust for some tips on what you can spot and where during the winter months. 

Recommended lighting equipment if you're getting up close to your subject includes:

Li-ION580 MKIII Speedlite With Round Head Bracket & Accessory Kit

GIO1 Round Head Speedlite With Collapsible Diffuser Dome

MACRO MF12 Flash With Adapter And Diffuser Dome

Check out this photo below from our 2021 Christmas Photo Competition Winner, Wladyslaw Hoszko


Street Photography

Winter is also one of the best times to make the most of street photography! Utilise the early evenings to shoot city Christmas lights at dusk, use puddles to reflect the street, and get some silhouetted shots of people in the street. The possibilities are endless! 


Street photography at night also provides perfect opportunities for light painting.

Recommended lighting equipment includes:

Mini handheld LED lights such as the M1, R1, LED170 On-Camera Panel

Speedlites such as the GIO1 or Li-ION580III.

Or RGB Lights such as the Godox TL30, or the LC500R Light Wand.  

Food Photography

Not liking the idea of heading outdoors in the cold weather for your shoots? Winter food photography might be a good option if you're hoping to stay indoors. Autumn/Winter and Christmas foods are some of the best out there for making a themed scene with. Just think of all the pumpkin-based baked goods and hearty Christmas buffet foods or gingerbread men that you can create a cosy scene with, using your own kitchen, some nice plates or dishes, and maybe even some fairy lights! Seasonal foods are a great place to take some inspiration and try your hand at something new. 

Check out Martin Strivens' creative photo below, using something as simple as a set of background boards, some Christmas decorations from around the house, and a set of decorate-your-own mini gingerbread houses.

Recommended lighting equipment includes:
So what are you waiting for? Wrap up warm and try your hand at something new this winter, and don't let the cold weather stop you. 

After some advice about the equipment you've read about? Contact our team at and our Product Advisors will be able to point you in the right direction for what you need.  

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