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Our written promise for your piece of mind

2 Year Warranty

Our Two-Year warranty policy covers the majority of our products from an authorized dealer, and is there to help give you that piece of mind. Starting from your purchase date, this warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in this product. Items covered under this warranty include;

  • All lighting unless specified
  • Umbrella Softbox (From 21.08.17)
  • C-Stand (From 21.08.17)

We will always aim to Fix the item, replace this product with a direct replacement or with a similar product deemed by EssentialPhoto to perform substantially the same function as the original product.

1 Year Warranty

A lot can happen in a year, that’s why our One-year warranty gives you the backup you need. See below for a list of items covered;

  • Ex-Demo, Clearance, or refurbished lighting products
  • All light modifiers unless specified
  • All light stand unless specified
  • All background and accessories
  • Shooting Tables, Turn Tables & Cube Tents
  • Video Rigs, Tripod & Accessories 
  • Triggers/Transmitters & Receivers
  • Magmod Magnetic Modifiers (Manufacturer warranty)

(Items include 1 Year warranty purchased after 21.08.17)

6 Months Warranty

We know the little things matter too, that’s why we include a Six-month warranty on some of our items. You can find these below;

  • All batteries
  • Glass products (Flash Tubes, Modelling Bulbs & Glass Covers)

(Items include 6 month warranty purchased after 21.08.17)

For more information regarding your warranty, or to proceed with a warranty please contact us at customerservice@essentialphoto and we will be happy to assist you. 

PLEASE NOTE: The postage cost of returning the item to PiXAPRO under the warranty will not be covered by PiXAPRO, however once the item has been repaired/replaced we will return the item back to you at no additional cost.

What is Covered?

This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in this product.

What is Not Covered?

This warranty does not cover any damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from any alteration, modification, improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, exposure to excess moisture, fire, improper packing and shipping (such claims must be presented to the carrier), lightning, power surges, or other acts of nature.

This warranty also does not cover any damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from the installation or removal of this product from any installation, any unauthorized tampering with this product, any repairs attempted by anyone unauthorized by EssentialPhoto to make such repairs, or any other cause which does not relate directly to a defect in materials and/or workmanship of this product. This warranty does not cover cartons, equipment enclosures, cables or accessories used in conjunction with this product.

This warranty does not apply to: (i) cosmetic damage, such as scratches, nicks, stains and dents; (ii) consumable parts, such as batteries, unless product damage has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship; (iii) damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, water (in excess of specifications), flood, fire, or other acts of nature or external causes; (iv) damage caused by service performed by anyone who is not an authorized service provider of SoftBox; or (v) damage to a product that has been modified or altered without the prior written permission of SoftBox.

The warranty does not cover any consumable products.

PiXAPRO/Essentialphoto is not liable for any damages resulting from a defect, such as inconvenience, loss of time, loss of use, loss of anticipated profit or loss of revenue because of policies or procedures in place. PiXAPRO/Essentialphoto are unable to offer any compensation as a result of this. 

Sample Items.

Our warranty policy for sample items includes Ex-Demo, Clearance, or refurbished items. For non-lighting samples, we offer a one-month (30 days) warranty policy on the item. This means that if your sample item encounters any issues that were not mentioned in the orginial listing, then the item will be covered for the period stated. If the issue is as stated on the listing, then this will not be covered. Anything after this 30 days will also not be covered. The 30-day warranty policy starts from your first day of purchase. The return postage will need to be covered by you if the item needs to be returned. PiXAPRO will aim to fix the item under the warranty policy, however if the item cannot be repaired, please note we will be unable to offer a replacement, due to the samples being one off. Therefore, we will issue a full refund back to you. The sample items are also covered under the same 30 days returns policy where the return postage would also need to be covered by you. 


For more information on Ex-Demo, Clearance, or refurbished lighting equipment, please see our one-year warranty policy as shown in the table above. 

Who is Covered?

Only the original purchaser of this product is covered under this warranty. This warranty is not transferable to subsequent purchasers or owners of this product.

What EssentialPhoto will do under this Warranty?

EssentialPhoto will, at its sole option, provide one of the following two remedies to whatever extent it shall deem necessary to satisfy a proper claim under this warranty:

1.     Elect to repair or facilitate the repair of any defective parts within a reasonable period of time, free of any charge for the necessary parts and labour to complete the repair and restore this product to its proper operating condition. EssentialPhoto will also pay the shipping costs necessary to return this product once the repair is complete.

2.     Replace this product with a direct replacement or with a similar product deemed by EssentialPhoto to perform substantially the same function as the original product.

 What EssentialPhoto will NOT do under this Warranty?

If this product is returned to EssentialPhoto or the authorized dealer from which it was purchased or any other party authorized to repair EssentialPhoto products, this product must be insured 

How to Obtain a Remedy under this Warranty?

To obtain a remedy under this warranty, you must contact either the authorized EssentialPhoto reseller from whom you purchased this product. In order to pursue any remedy under this warranty, you must possess an original, dated receipt as proof of purchase from an authorized EssentialPhoto reseller. If this product is returned under this warranty, a return authorization number, obtained from EssentialPhoto, will be required. You may also be directed to an authorized reseller or a person authorized by EssentialPhoto to repair the product. If it is decided that this product should be returned directly to EssentialPhoto, this product should be properly packed, preferably in the original carton.

 Limitation on Liability

The maximum liability of EssentialPhoto under this warranty shall not exceed the actual purchase price paid for the product. To the maximum extent permitted by law, EssentialPhoto is not responsible for direct, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any breach of warranty or condition, or under any other legal theory.

 Other Conditions

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from country to country or state to state. This warranty is void if (i) the label bearing the serial number of this product has been removed or defaced, (ii) the product is not distributed by EssentialPhoto or (iii) this product is not purchased from an authorized EssentialPhoto reseller. If you are unsure whether a reseller is an authorized EssentialPhoto reseller, please visit our web site at customerservice@essentialphoto.com

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