Top 11 Light Stands You Need to Have in Your Studio

When it comes to building your lighting kit, you need to consider more than just the items that will be used to produce or modify light. You also need to handpick the best support tools to hold your light heads and other tools in place.

Here are the top 11 light support items that you should have in your studio.

1. C-Stand Detachable Turtle-Base

Also known as a Century Stand, the PIXAPRO C-stand is a popular lighting support tool for photographers and videographers. 300cm tall, it features a spring loading dampening system within its central column and a boom arm. The overall stainless steel metal construction adds to its robust and durable nature, giving it a long life.

The light stand can support up to 10kg and comes with a boom arm that facilitates easy adjustment. You can use this piece of equipment to balance strobe lights, light banks, and heavy modifiers that are needed to capture portraits. From fashion photography to product photoshoots, this lighting stand can be used pretty much anywhere.

50" C-Stand With Detachable Turtle Base Grip & Arm Set

2. Tank-like Floor Stand: K-010023

If you need to position your light source on the ground or place it behind your subject, the Heavy-Duty Studio Floor Stand is the perfect option for you. It can easily hold combinations of bulky studio accessories, such as modifiers and softboxes. With a 12kg load capacity and a maximum height of 66cm, this stand is highly suitable for adjusting lighting equipment low and close to the ground.

This is floor stand is best suited for event photography and portraits.

18.5-66cm Heavy Duty Wheeled Floor Stand With Foldable Legs

3. Wheel Stand: K-010026

Worried about moving around your light support equipment? The PIXAPRO Super Heavy Duty Light Stand is the ultimate solution. It comes with lockable caster wheels attached to the bottom extensions that allow for easy and effortless movement.

The wide footprint diameter further adds to the stand’s stability, making it ideal for use in studios and fixed locations. Best of all, you can use a number of modifier combinations alongside this stand and make the most of your lighting equipment!

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wheeled Combo Stand Roller Stand (107cm-220cm)

4. Flamingo Stand: K-030013

Want to add some variety to your lighting support kit? The PIXAPRO Heavy Duty Parallelogram Flamingo Boom Stand is the way to go! This parallelogram light stand comes with a Powerpack Platform and is amongst the most popular boom stands available. The pantograph design of the stand allows you to angle your light source as required by simply tilting the boom arm.

The Flamingo stand can support up to 5kg, which means you can use it for your strobe, flash, and studio light heads.

Heavy Duty Parallelogram Flamingo Wheeled Boom Stand

5. Wheeled Foam Board Stand

The PIXAPRO Foamboard Stand with Wheels is a crucial piece of light support equipment for studio photography. Made of high-quality and durable steel, it can support poly boards ranging between 5cm and 8cm in thickness. It offers a maximum height of 100cm and is ideal for your average poly boards (4” x 8”).

 The foam board stand has four swivelling caster wheels attached to it and includes brakes. You don’t have to worry about moving this stand!

Heavy-Duty Steel Foam Board Stand With Wheels

6. Basic but Hard Wearing Stand: K-010022

There’s no harm in sporting a basic light stand that lasts for years. With the PIXAPRO 240cm Air Cushioned Light Stand, you now have the option to secure your lighting equipment easily and prevent broken tools and items because of poor adjustment. It comes in an aluminium base and is extremely lightweight and sturdy. This means that you can mount all of your heavy modifiers and light heads effortlessly and arrange the lighting as required.

Since the stand is lightweight, you can also carry it to location shoots. Let the filmmaker in you capture stunning shots with this timeless piece of equipment!



240cm Air Cushioned Studio Light Stand 4 Section Interchangeable Fitting

7. Retractable Stand

If you’ve been looking for a collapsible light stand, the PIXAPRO 240cm Retractable Air Cushioned Light Stand is what you need. This unique support equipment gives you the leverage to set up the stand in a hassle-free manner. It also facilitates heavy lighting equipment and can be used for mounting modifiers, reflectors, and light heads. This is available in 3m retractable stand, robust like a tank.

The aluminium body makes the stand lightweight and strong. You can use it at your studio or take it with you on location shoots.

300cm Air Cushioned Master Light Stand Black With 1/4" And 3/8" Spigot

8. Wall Mounted Stand- to Save Some Space: K-030019

If your studio doesn’t have a lot of room for lighting equipment, you should opt for the Wall Mounted Scissor Boom Stand. This unique device can be screwed on to any stable surface, allowing you to mount your accessories in whatever position you need.

The 5/8” spigot means that the stand can be used with almost all kinds of lights. It’s ideal for capturing portraits but may also be used for macro photography projects.

Wall Mounted Scissor Boom Vertical Pantograph System

9. The Autopole: J-010301

Don’t own an autopole yet? The PiXAPRO Autopole Set (235-400cm) is a must-have item for your light support collection. This heavy-duty tool set consists of matte black autopoles that are ideal for functional background support. They can be adjusted easily and are super versatile.

The autopole set comprises two adjustable poles that can be used with different sizes of backgrounds and backdrops. You can include them in themed photoshoots as well as studio shoots.

10. Boom Stands: K-030002

The PIXAPRO 2in1 Reclined Boom Stand is a lightweight aluminium stand that can be adjusted up to a height of 400cm. Alternately, it can be used as a boom stand and help you position your light source right behind the subject.

The 2in1 boom stand provides maximum stability. It’s a budget-friendly option for shoots that require headshots, macro photography, or close-ups.




Heavy Duty 400cm 3 Section Light Stand Interchangeable Fitting

11. Background Stand: J-010201

Finally, the Telescopic Background Stand is yet another good option for using with backdrops and backgrounds. The aluminium structure gives the support needed to hold the backdrops into place and can be used for a long period.

Moreover, this stand comes with an adjustable telescopic crossbar that encourages easy adjustments. You can use the stand for cinematography and portraits.

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