The Photography Show 22: UPDATE

Due to the State Funeral being held for her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Monday 19th September, The Photography Show has announced its closure for the Monday of the show as a mark of respect. Please refer to The Photography Show website for more information about how this will impact your bookings for masterclasses and parking payments. 

How will this impact the PiXAPRO/Godox stand?

To keep things as simple as possible, very little has been changed on Stand K404 so as to not disrupt any visitors' plans for the Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday. We have taken all of Monday's demo events off the schedule, and left the rest of the schedule as it was, with one small change of swapping Tommy Reynolds' talk topics on the Saturday and Sunday. Please see this blog for our updated demo schedule.

Live Stage scheduling remains the same as these have been booked for Saturday and Sunday.

Updated Open Times:

Saturday, 17 September - 10:00am- 17:00pm
Sunday, 18 September - 10:00am- 17:00pm
Monday, 19 September - CLOSED Due to State Funeral and Bank Holiday
Tuesday, 20 September - 10:00am- 17:00pm

What will change with online orders?

Due to the Bank Holiday, no order collections will be made as couriers will not be operating. Please see our table below for information on what day your order will arrive depending on the day you order. 

Please note, we ourselves will also be closed on Monday 19th out of respect for her Majesty's state funeral. Customer Service will not be available during this day. 

Date ordered (if placed by 3pm on next day delivery)

Expect to receive

Thursday 15th September

Friday 16th September

Friday 16th September

Wednesday 21st September

Saturday 17th September

Wednesday 21st September

Sunday 18th September

Wednesday 21st September

Monday 19th September (Bank Holiday)

Wednesday 21st September

Tuesday 19th September

Wednesday 21st September

Please be mindful of some delays which may coincide with the bank holiday on the 19th September. All next-day delivery orders will take priority. We will endeavour to have standard orders with you as soon as possible but for this period of time only, the standard delivery turnaround time will be increased from 2-3 days to 3-5 days. We would also recommend allowing an extra day for next working day delivery to avoid any disappointment.

If you have any queries regarding your tickets for the show, please refer to The Photography Show's FAQs or contact them directly, or if you have any queries regarding our involvement and exhibition at the show, please get in touch via