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If you're a photographer looking for a reliable flash device, you'll want to take a look at the STORM III (QT III) and Broncolor Siros S. 

Over the years, the Godox brand has truly given lighting innovation to all photographers worldwide. Their products always come with infinite possibilities and total uncompromising quality. Nowadays, Godox is proud to introduce the new QT III, also known as the STORM III at Pixapro. This series is an innovative technology with all-around upgrades. It has amazing performance in the modelling light ensuring the photographers’ creativity with more efficiency.  While the Broncolor brand also identifies as a strong competitor with Godox since targeting the same group of customers. 

The STORM III series is the rebranded version of the Godox QT III flash unit. Meanwhile, both units are manufactured together so that each version offers the same high quality and specifications. As the STORM III, series is the same achieving the top pick in 2018 by Pixapro. It also allows utilising the same modifiers and accessories that would be compatible with the Godox QT III, such as Godox 2.4GHz Triggers.

We here at EssentialPhoto also offer a 24 Month UK Based Warranty Period for each of our Lighting units. It allows us to offer detailed and professional advice and support throughout this period. From here, you can generally figure out the key main strengths and weaknesses and also choose the appropriate flash.  

Power Output 

With exceptional power and a comprehensive set of features, the Siros 400S/800S helps raise your photo shoots and encourage creativity. The Siros 400S/800S are released to meet your need in a small, durable, housing including the power to handle. From there, you can get fantastic results even when taking pictures in direct sunlight. 

In terms of the 800S, you can illuminate the biggest sets with up to 800 of power. Moreover, the microprocessor in Scoro and Move power packs will calculate the shortest and longest flash duration. This enables rapid flash sequences with up to 50 flashes per second.

Range Power 

Additionally, it also can adjust independently of other outlets. It allows you to easily and quickly access all complex options in the menu. And also, modifying the power outlet exactly in full or 1/10 f-stop increment across the power range of 9 f-stops. For example, the dial made to select several settings including a modelling light and expected flash power. The lights make a bright pop when fired, but become quieter when used at lower power settings.

Similar to the Siros S series, the STORM III 400 features an improved 9-Stop power range. It enables you to adjust the power anywhere between full and 1/256 power in increments of 1/10 of a stop. Whether you need a powerful flash to serve as your main light or a delicate kiss of light, the STORM III 400 guarantee to deliver.

Speed Mode and Recycle Time 

The Siros S’s remarkable recycling speed allows you to fire your next shot in just 0.02 seconds. In detail, this figure is shown in the 800S at 0.04 to 2.9 and more than faster at 0.02 to 1.40 in the 400S version. Moreover, it offers to freeze the moment with its extreme short flash duration of up to 1/8500s (t0.1). It is also considerably faster than the shutter speed of your camera. In terms of speed mode, the charging time and flash duration reduce by up to 50% and the maximum flash energy reduce by 25%.

To complete the Siros S series, the Godox QT III (STORM III) was released with a fast recycling time of 0.01-0.9s. This feature allows capturing the best moment of a moving subject. It fairly to say that the QTIII (STORM III) is even more outstanding than the 800s at 0.02 to 1.4s. Godox brand said that the QT (STORM III) can produce loads of pictures around 20 images per second offering more chances to pick out your ideal ones. 

For example, the STORM III 600 utilises Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor Technology (IGBT) to enable it to produce super-fast flash durations of up to 1/29,600 of a second (T0.1). Come with the same power at 400Ws, the STORM III 400 produced a super faster flash duration than the Siros 400S. It also enables you to perfectly freeze fast-moving subjects with perfect sharpness. Comparing the flash duration of the STORM III 600 (QT600III) and STORM III 1200 (QT1200III). For example, the 600III and 1200III produced at approximately 1/19,696 to 1/190 of a second and 1/14,814 to 1/180 of a second. It makes them even more impressive than their STORM III400 and Siros 400S/ 800S. This feature enables you to capture motion uniquely by the ability to use multiple flash-bursts in rapid succession 

The Stroboscopic flash feature enables you to capture motion uniquely. It works by firing multiple flash-bursts in rapid succession. When combined with a slow shutter speed, it enables you to capture amazing images of the subject in motion.

Freezing motion with light - Photofocus

Constant Colour Temperature Mode 

Both two series have the same constant colour temperature mode. This mode will satisfy your high requirement for colour accuracy and save time in post-production. The Scoro S is the studio flash system that can retain the colour temperature across the whole power range at all outputs. Yet, when necessary, you can adjust it in calibrated steps of +/- 200 K. By using the Enhanced Color Temperature Control, it achieves a constant colour temperature over the entire variation range by adjusting the flash voltage and flash duration. 

While all the version of the STORM III model is released with a Stable-Colour Mode. It ensures your images have a little colour-temperature variation when using different flash powers. This mode prioritizes precise 5600K colour rendition. It is ideal for shooting colour-critical work such as advertising, fashion, lookbooks, product catalogues and even more. 

Innovation Design and Connectivity 

The Siros 400S/ 800S is incredibly simple to use since it is designed with a single rotary controller. The Scoro S has three lamp outlets and each lamp outlet has an individual power controller with an LED display. The display is large and easy to read and delivers its data in a nice blue colour without making your eyes bleed.  

To adapt to the concerns of environmental protection, the QT III(STORM III) comes with the modelling light. It is also considerably environment-friendly and also adjustable from 0-100%. It becomes one of the specifications that is upgraded in QTIII and is built-in with a more powerful and energy-saving 40W LED modelling light. Different from the traditional Halogen lamps, LED modelling lamps are more energy-efficient brighter and operate cooler. Thanks to this feature, you can preview how light and shadow fall on your subject. Additionally, it prepares you well for the upcoming creation with reduced cost. 

Wireless Freedom 

Like all lights from Godox, you can fully control the QT III( STORM III) strobe by connecting it with the X1, X2 or XPro trigger. Even those, you also cooperate with the other members of the Godox flash family. It makes the whole process quicker and easier than ever. While a 50m operation range distance won't bother you anymore which is more efficient instead of walking back to adjust on-board. 

To control your Siros S, you can use the advanced and user-friendly bronControl app to operate remotely. This app offers you access to a lot more artistic capabilities including sequences, delays, alternate, free masks, etc. You can use the Broncolor RF S2.1 as the traditional sync cable for the alternative with a small backlit LED. It might switch automatically to receiver mode for use with systems if you plug in the USB connection. 

Modifier Compatibility 

The QT (STORM III) series is perfectly compatible with a range of Bowens-mount modifiers. For example, in case you want to open up more creative possibilities, Godox allows you to sculpt different light effects by using Godox’s complete light shaper system such as snoot, pro-reflector, beauty dish, softbox, umbrella or even more. For example, the STORM III 600 will guarantee safety without having to worry about the modifier getting too hot to handle. 

The Pixapro ONE flash trigger system is fully compatible with the built-in receiver on the STORM III 600.These triggers are available with full control for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, and Pentax. They can also work in part with some expensive cameras, like Hasselblad, Leica, and PhaseOne.

Size and Weight 

Due to the size and weight, the Siro S is likely to suit studio use instead of travelling. In more detail, the Siro 400S has dimensions of 7.1 x 5.1 x 12.6" and a weight of 3.2kg. It seems a little bit slighter than the 800S at 3.6kg but the same size. However, it is easy to set up and use with consistent results. In contrast, the 400III and 600III versions are slimmer than the 400S/ 800S. It has been made more streamlined in the redesign to make them less bulky. Its dimension has remained largely the same due to the internal components, but the difference in weight between the two models is 2.96kg and 3.33kg. 

EssentialPhoto and PiXAPRO are pleased to be a direct partner of Godox in the United Kingdom, with the largest collection of Godox stock available in the UK. So you can be confident with the support and assistance we provide. As we are representing Godox at The Photography Show 2022, this further shows our partnership and commitment to the Godox Brand, and we are always looking to expand this further.

Brand Broncolor Pixapro (rebrand Godox)
Model 400S 800S STORM III 400 (QT400 III) STORM III 600 (QT600 III) STORM III 1200 (QT1200 III)
Price £1.234,18 £2.086,67 £531.99 £504.99 (£576.99)  £745.99
Flash Head
Max Power 400 Ws 800 Ws 400Ws 600Ws 1,200Ws
Power Control 9 Stops in 1/10-Stop Increments 9 Stops in 1/10-Stop Increments No data No data No data
Guide Number No data No data 65m 76m 105m
Flash Duration t.1: 1/6500 to 1/1000 Sec
t.5: 1/13,000 to 1/2200 Sec
t.1: 1/4000 to 1/500 Sec
t.5: 1/8000 to 1/1100 Sec
t.1: 1/22,988 to 1/192 Sec t.1: 1/19,696 to 1/190 Sec t.1: 1/14,814 to 1/180 Sec
Recycle Time 0.02 to 1.40 0.04 to 2.90 0.05 to 0.9 0.05 to 0.9 0.05 to 0.9
Color Temperature 5750K 5750K 5600K ± 200K 5600K ± 200K 5600K ± 200K
Accessory Mount Broncolor Broncolor Bowens S-Type Bowens S-Type Bowens S-Type
Modeling Light
Type Tungsten Tungsten LED LED LED
Wattage 300 W 300 W 40W 40W 40W
Sync Type Optical, Radio Optical, Radio Sync port, USB port, S1 and S2 Optical Slave Modes, Radio Sync port, USB port, S1 and S2 Optical Slave Modes, Radio Sync port, USB port, S1 and S2 Optical Slave Modes, Radio
Built-In Wireless Receiver Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wireless Frequency Bands No data No data 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz
Wireless Channels / Groups No data No data 32/16 32/16 32/16
Display None None LCD Panel LCD Panel LCD Panel
Fan Cooled Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions H: 7.1 x W: 5.1 x L: 12.6" /
H: 18.0 x W: 13.0 x L: 32.0 cm
H: 7.1 x W: 5.1 x L: 12.6" /
H: 18.0 x W: 13.0 x L: 32.0 cm
392mm x 176 x 143mm 392mm x 176 x 143mm 550mm x 176 x 143mm
Net. Weight 3.2 kg 3.6 kg 2.96kg 3.33kg 4.26kg