3 Best Studio Lighting Equipment Kits for Photography Fashion

If you need to photograph your designs and creations for your brand or even a fashion course, some studio lighting equipment kits remains a vital part of the equation to ensure that your photos look clean, smart, and appealing. Unflattering lighting can make garments look different, and low quality photos can put potential customers off purchasing your items! 

We have some great product recommendations for studio lighting equipment kits for your clothing photography, to help you to produce high-quality images that show off your garments in the best possible way.

2m Daylight-Balanced LED Light Tent With Magnetic LED Strips

This 100x120x200cm Daylight-Balanced LED Light Tent is designed to enable virtually anyone to achieve professional-looking results when photographing medium to large products with the greatest of ease, with little to no post-production. Perfect for fitting mannequins or even models inside due to the dimensions, this tent is an all-in-one solution for evenly lit images without the stress of multiple lights and background set ups.

This tent comes with a set of eight Magnetic LED panels, that can be set up inside, sticking to the magnetic poles of the structure for all-round lighting of your subject, with multiple different configurations. Each of the LED panels is Daylight-Balanced, have a CRI rating of >95, and have an absolute brightness of 1,349 lumens, making it perfect for E-Commerce Product Photography, especially as it sits at an affordable price point.

This tent is perfect for taking quick product images for websites and stores, but will only be big enough for one model or mannequin at a time. It is also great for tighter shooting spaces at only 1m wide, as you don't have to find space for a studio set-up. 

LUMI400 MKII Advanced Fashion Photography 3 Point Studio Lighting Equipment Kit

The LUMI400 MKII Triple Kit features a HUGE range of equipment to give you all the items you need for a versatile photography studio! This kit is perfect for everything from fashion photography to more professional-looking e-commerce images, and due to it's size, has the capability to shoot more than one person at a time if you're after group shots to show off on your website! 

It comes with 3x LUMI400II which feature a built-in receiver, slave mode, fast recycling time & flash durations - and is part of THE ONE SYSTEM meaning you can mix and match with any other flash in the PIXAPRO range, perfect for any future expansions. This kit gives you a combined power of 600Ws, giving you the ability to have your lights further away from your subject for an even greater spread of light.

The kit also comes with three backdrop colours (Black, White, and Green) plus the Fashion light modifier accessory pack which includes includes a 5 in 1 reflector (perfect tool to help reduce contrast, warming skin tone, eliminating shadows or just softening your light), background reflector, 60x90cm softbox, 65 degree reflector, 45 degree reflector and even a Wind Machine, ideal for dramatic glamour fashion shots. All of these items are picked to provide creative options for interesting and eye catching fashion and website images. Find the full list in the kit listing! https://www.essentialphoto.co.uk/products/pixapro-lumi400-fashion-3-head-studio-flash-kit-with-boom-advanced-plus

LED200D MKIII Four-Light E-Commerce Fashion Lifestyle Kit

If you're after something more specific and powerful, however, the LED200D MKIII Four-light E-Commerce Fashion Lifestyle Kit may be an option for you! This kit has been put together to enable online-clothing store owners to take high-quality professional-looking photographs of their latest collections with single or multiple mannequins for use on e-commerce websites or Product catalogues. It can also be used for taking images for use on Social Media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook etc.
The LED200D MKIIIs are Daylight-Balanced to 5600K and have a high CRI of ≥95, ensuring that all the colours of the garments are accurately replicated in your final photograph. At a total of 800w between the four heads, this kit is bright enough to easily light up your subject, and the selection of softboxes has been chosen specifically to provide flattering light spread for fashion and beauty photography.

Would you like some more information about the studio lighting equipment kits listed above or some advice from our team regarding what lights and equipment will be best for your photography? Contact us at info@essentialphoto.co.uk for some help from our Product Advisors!