New Year, New Equipment! Brand New Lighting Kit for 2023

New Year, New Equipment! Brand New Lighting Kit for 2023, we make it an aim to stock new and unique varieties of lighting equipment so that you always have the newest and best options to hand for your photography work! If you've not kept up with our latest releases and announcements, here are the top lighting equipment choices that we now have available to purchase or pre-order! 

Godox DP600IIIV 600W New Professional Studio Flash Lighting 

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The GODOX DP600III V flash is a full-featured studio monolight flash, suitable for professional and amateur photographers alike. Featuring a brighter built-in 30W LED modelling lamp, it's more Energy-Efficient and safer to use in enclosed modifiers such as snoots and Fresnel lenses. Its 600Ws of raw power make it ideal for larger studios or large modifiers, while it is small and compact with every feature you will need from a studio flash such as controllable power, built-in 2.4GHz receiver, slave mode, fast recycling times and flash duration.

It’s also part of the GODOX X Flash System, which means you can mix and match any GODOX range flash, and is also available to purchase in a combination of different lightinng kits. 

DP600IIIV 600Ws Professional Studio Monolight Flash 30W LED Modelling Lamp

PixaPro V-Flat Lighting Equipment with Reversible Black/White Fabric

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A new and unique addition to our stock of light control, the new V-Flat frame lighting equipment with fabric is a huge 2.4m tall, and offers an adjustable frame with opqaue reversible fabric that can be used to either absorb excess light preventing it from hitting your subject or reflect light onto your subject to fill in shadows. A versatile light modifier, the V-Flat is designed to give you maximum light control when shooting on-location or in the studio. The aluminium frame design also makes the set sturdy yet lightweight and easy to use!

1x2.4m Reversible Black/White V-Flat Frame with Matte/Opaque Fabric

Godox TL180 LED RGB Tube Lighting Equipment

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Unleash your Creativity with the Godox TL180 RGB, LED Tube Light Stick. The TL180 is a Multifunctional Bi-Colour RGBWW LED light tube, which enables you to choose between 36,000 colours, to help enhance the mood of your footage or photography. With multiple colour modes and lighting effects, the creative possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

With a CRI rating of 96 and a TLCI of 98, the TL180 is suitable for professional broadcast use, as well as for hobbyist filmmakers or photographers. The TL180 Tube Light is ideal for Television production and filmmaking, as well as for portrait, fashion, and product photography.

TL180 180cm RGBWW Bi-Colour LED Tube Light Stick By Godox

Godox U150II New Silent Fan COB LED Light

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The Godox UL150II is a bright and silent 150W 5600K Daylight-Balanced COB LED Studio light. It features a specially engineered heat dissipation system that effectively dissipates excess heat without the need for a cooling fan. This makes the UL150II completely silent in operation, and therefore ideal for situations where you want as little background noise as possible. 

Perfect for filmmaking and video interviews etc. The UL150II features an all-new controller module with intuitive user-friendly controls along with multiple other control options such as DMX, a Wireless remote and a smartphone app. With a CRI of 95+ and TLCI of 97+, the UL150II is suitable for broadcasting usage also. This makes it ideal for videographers, cinematographers and Photographers who shoot portraits and products etc. 

Godox UL150II Silent Fanless 150W Daylight-Balanced COB LED

Godox SF6090 Professional Flag Lighting Kit

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Unlike traditional flag panels with their large, fixed frames, the Godox SF6090 Professional Foldable & Versatile Flag Complete Kit features three-sided collapsible steel frames, which can be folded down to fit into a small carry case for easy transportation, and hassle-free storage. These flags include 5x different types of fabric, enabling you to block, diffuse, or reduce the light hitting your subject, giving you access to the ultimate light control system.

The frame is also open-ended, so there is nothing to cast a shadow when used with the diffusion silks or net screens. This kit consists of 5x flag frames, and 5x different types of fabric cover to put onto the frames. The SF6090 Professional Foldable & Versatile Flag kit also comes with 2x small circular flags (Dot Flags), and 2x small rectangular flag panels (Finger Flags) for use with smaller subjects or for fine-tuning the lighting. 

SF6090 Professional Foldable & Versatile Flag Complete Kit


Godox AD100 Pro Colour Variations

Pre-Order Available

The GODOX AD100 Pro (PiXAPRO CITI100 Pro) pocket flash, is a popular lighting choice, being an ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight 100Ws Battery-Powered Off-Camera strobe which is small enough to put in your pocket. You'd be right in saying this isn't new, but Godox have now released a full colour set of the AD100 Pro units, with 5 new options that you can buy to add a splash of colour to your kit! Now choose between standard black, forest green, red, white, mint blue, and pink options! Functionally, the new versions work the same as the popular AD100 Pro, just with a nifty new paint job. 

The AD100 Pro features full TTL and HSS support and is fully compatible with the GODOX X flash and trigger System.  Powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery capable of delivering an impressive 360 full-powered shots per charge. With an ultra-fast recycling time of up to 1.5. The AD100 Pro is perfect for people who shoot weddings, portraits, events, fashion, sports, fitness & advertising. It is especially good for shooting on location due to the flash being easily portable.

Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi 1200W Bi-Colour LED Head

Pre-Order Available

A brand-new announcement from Godox, the GODOX KNOWLED MG1200Bi is an Ultra-powerful 1200W Bi-Colour COB LED Light with Class-Leading performance designed to launch your productions to new heights! Featuring a highly robust, build-quality, with intuitive controls, and IP54 Weather Resistance, the MG1200Bi is the answer to every Lighting Gaffer and Cinematographer’s dreams. 

The MG1200Bi has a CRI of 96+ and a TLCI of 96+, making it suitable for broadcast usage. It supports a plethora of professional control protocols including DMX512 and LumenRadio CRMX plus many more. It can also be controlled remotely using the GODOX RC-A6II, RC-R9II and RC-11 Remote controllers, or via the GODOX Light App using Bluetooth. The perfect lighting solution for Large TV and Broadcasting, Filmmaking and Cinematography, as well as for Theatrical Stage Show productions.

KNOWLED MG1200Bi 1200W Bi-Colour IP54 Weather Resistant Broadcast-Quality LED Light

Godox QR-P120 Quick-Release Deep Parabolic Softbox (Bowens)

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The GODOX QR-P120 Quick-Release Deep Parabolic Softbox features a quick-release opening mechanism, enabling it to be quickly set up and broken down with little hassle. This brand new lighting equipment is perfect for run-and-gun photographers that work on location and need to be able to pack up their equipment quickly.

This versatile produces a soft yet focused quality of light, allowing for many creative possibilities, and comes with a Bowens S-Type fitting as standard, to pair with a wide variety of Bowens Fit PIXAPRO, Godox, and more units. Perfect for Portrait, Fashion, Beauty, Wedding, and Event photography.

QR-P120 Quick Release Deep Parabolic Softbox (Bowens S-Type Fitting)

ST-V (Godox XPRO II) Triggers

Coming Soon!

You may have heard about the ST-IV+ Trigger for Leica that has now been released new brand lighting equipment for purchase, which is a new, improved version of the ST-IV triggers, now with Bluetooth Godox App Control for more flexibility in your working! 

But we're excited to announce these brand new lighting equipment very soon, these new trigger models will be available for other camera options including Canon, Nikon, Sony and more! We can't announce much yet, but as soon as we have more information on these handy new trigger variations, we'll let everyone know!

Looking for some more information on some of these items? Why not drop our team a message via LiveChat on our website, or email at to speak to our Product Advisor?