Cost-Effective Studio Photography Products Every Photographer Needs

Cost-Effective Studio Photography Products Every Photographer Needs

If you want to take your studio photography to the next level, there are a few essential items that won't break the bank and can make a big difference. From lighting to backdrops, learn more about the five budget-friendly products that you need for high quality photos!

Lighting Equipment

Studio Flash Lighting with softbox 

The key to successful studio photography is using the right lighting equipment. Softbox lights provide a diffused and even light distribution, making it easy to achieve the perfect exposure without harsh shadows. Invest in a strobe-style light to get more power, allowing you to take photos with higher ISO settings and faster shutter speeds.  

Best selling budget home studio and beginner strobe £128.99

Best selling portable pocket size battery flash £329.99


You may want to consider continuous lighting equipment, like fluorescent lights and LED to help with various effects and shooting conditions. 

The most popular budget starter video and photo lighting kit £89.99 

The most cost effective powerful dual power bi-colour LED lighting in Bowens S fit £249.99 

LED Ring Lights

For headshots and portraits, use a ring light to capture evenly-lit and natural facial expressions. Perfect solution to take professional photos for social media or record the application for your personal vlog, simply clip your phone or camera into the centre of the lamp and capture the action with flawless lighting every time taking account of different skin tones and surroundings. 

Option 1: 14" All in one Medium-sized LED ring light £74.99

Option 2: 18" Quality Bicolour LED ring light £149.99

Option 3: 18" Premium RGB Rainbow LED ring light £149.99

Hair styling with ring light  


Lighting accesories 

Set up your lights using reflectorssoftbox, and s tands to cre ate the desired lighting effect and adjust it quickly when needed. The use of diffusers will help soften and spread the light rays for an even illumination throughout the frame. For larger areas or group shots, build a softbox or arrange multiple lights in various positions for better coverage. Experimentation is key when it comes to studio photography, so be sure to invest in different lighting modifiers that can be easily adjusted for the perfect shot every time. 

Highly rated air cushioned light stand £32.99 

Everyone needs a 5 in 1 reflector £16.99 

Easy set up softbox £69.99 

Flexible portable translucent brolly £17.99

Picking the right softboxes and umbr ellas along wi th other types of lighting modifiers will help create a mood that you can’t generally get from just natural light. With these pieces of equipment, you can easily set up the lighting to reduce shadows and create different textures. This can be hugely beneficial for shooting in the studio since you don't necessarily have access to daylight depending on where you're based. All these tools and more will undoubtedly influence the results you get when taking photos so it’s important to understand their importance! 


Invest in a good background and backdrop to ensure your subjects stand out. Whether you’re going for bright colors or neutral tones, use large rewritable cloths that can be quickly swapped around if the composition doesn’t suit the scene. Invest in different types of seamless paper backgrounds as well since they can be easily configured depending on what is needed. They come in a variety of different sizes, so make sure to get ones that are big enough for group shots as well as small enough for headshots. 

Portable collapsible background £49.99

Vintage look printed background £99.99 




In addition to using the right lighting equipment and backdrops, consider also investing in a light meter or color checker card to help you adjust settings accordingly. If a studio is offering large group portraits or complex product photography, add other lamps into the mix like spotlights, softboxes, and reflectors. Along with all the lighting equipment, be sure to pick up various filters and diffusers that can provide dramatic effects in the studio setting. Lastly, don’t forget about tripods! They keep your camera stable during long exposures so you don’t end up with blurry photographs. With the right studio photography products, your setup will be complete and you’ll be able to capture great images for years to come!