Mastering Portraiture with the Arc Strip Softbox - Kit Spotlight May '22

Welcome to the very first PiXAPRO Kit Spotlight! This series aims to provide resources and customer discussion on different products that you won't get on the listing!

The Arc Strip Softbox is a funny-looking Pacman-esque softbox that has become a vital part of many portraiture photographer's equipment bags in recent years. With all the benefits and features of a standard strip softbox, such as reducing the light spread you'd get with a standard rectangular/square softbox, and focusing it on your model by lighting their full frame and not just one part of them, the Arc version packs an extra punch!

The bent design helps to focus the light in a particular point, and when place in the right direction, will help to wrap the light around your model of subject rather than offering one flat beam. This, in some circumstances, may remove the need for an extra light to fill in shadows on faces etc. It's these features that make the Arc Softbox perfect for Beauty Photography.

See Chris Conway's example of this here: 

Chris also goes on to explain how the angled design of the softbox helps when he needs to get the softbox up close to the model's face.

He says: "Works perfectly for what I bought it for. I do a LOT of 3/4 length with a strip horizontal as a kicker, and often find a traditional strip creeping in to the bottom of composition - this one doesn't"

JKS Photo uses a similar technique with two Arc softboxes on each side of his model to create an all-rounded light across her face, with space in between to shoot comfortably without the softboxes being in the way.

Glenn Norwood also uses the Arc strip softboxes, and demonstrates the many other ways they can be arranged so as to focus the light evenly around subjects.

When arranged underneath a person, looking up towards them, the Arc softboxes can also create an angled catchlight effect in the eyes.



See Glenn's full video using the Arc strip softboxes here:

Alternatively, Jason Vaughan demonstrates that you can use the Arc softbox with a variety of other softboxes, in order to control the light as much as possible.

See Jason's video here:

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