Apply for the Equipment Hire Partnership Scheme

Do you hire out a selection of PiXAPRO branded equipment? If so, this scheme may be for you!

We're looking for photography equipment hire companies that stock PiXAPRO kit to be included in our list of affiliated hire partners! 

If, similarly, you own and hire out a photography studio with a range of PiXAPRO kit, the Try Before You Buy scheme may be more appropriate for you! 

What would the benefits be?

  • Being on this scheme means that we will redirect any photographers and companies who are looking to try out items or hire for short shoots to you if you are local to them.
  • Increased Revenue: By redirecting enquiries to yourselves, we may be able to help your company by driving sales to you.
  • Trust: By partnering with us, you are showing customers that you are trusted and approved by the very brand of equipment that you are renting out. This can help settle potential customers and increase their trust in you and your services.
  • Increased Reach: By being affiliated with us as a partner Rental Scheme, we will be able to promote your company further via social media and our website.

If you're interested in applying to become a hire partner, please email us at and include:

  • Some information about your company and yourself.
  • Why you're interested in joining this scheme.
  • A current list of the PiXAPRO equipment you hire out.
  • What equipment you are hoping to possibly pick up in future to expand your selection.
  • A link to your hire terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions for Partners:

  1. We are not responsible or involved in creating or taking bookings for your rental service, and all transactions must be completed between yourself and the individual hiring your equipment.
  2. We are not responsible for repairing or replacing any equipment that has been damaged during hiring or storing. Any repairs or replacements made outside of your standard warranty must be covered by yourself/your rental service.
  3. Equipment bought from us remains under our standard warranty service. Please see our warranty page for this information.
  4. Your rental Terms and Conditions must be clear and accessible from your website at all times.
  5. We are not involved with the pricing and rates that you set for your equipment hire.
  6. You reserve the right to remove your affiliation with this scheme at any time should you deem it necessary.
  7. We reserve the right to remove affiliation with your studio/rental company either temporarily or permanently in the circumstance of any wrongdoing or concern with the arrangement.
  8. If you have any concerns, please get in touch at