Introducing the EssentialPhoto Hire Site! Hire FAQs

Introducing a new service that many of our customers have asked for in the past, we're very excited to announce that our new Hire Site is LIVE!

From today, you can browse the equipment on offer at with the option to hire equipment for as little as one day, and up to 28 days! Pick your equipment, check availability, and hire lighting equipment for however long you need without the pressure of purchasing it! 

Why did you create a hire site? 

We know a hire site isn't going to be useful for everybody, but enquiries about equipment hire or loaning are quite common!

Hiring your equipment gives you the freedom to try out equipment and lights that you might not be able to afford to buy otherwise, especially for large and expensive units such as the CITI1200 Pro/AD1200 Pro. If you think you would benefit from using it short-term for one project, for example, it's a much more economical option to hire it for a few days, rather than purchasing the whole set.

Similarly, special effects items such as the TL120 may only be used for one concept and especially if you need more than one for your project, it's way easier to hire than purchase them. Therefore, the hire site gives you much more flexibility to try out more powerful and more unique equipment that you might not otherwise be able to use. 

Interested? Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Hire EssentialPhoto:


What Products are currently available?

At the moment, we have a selection of Lighting Units and Stands available for Hire that covers some of the most popular kit that we currently sell, though it is somewhat limited. However, we are planning to expand our selection soon, once we have a better idea of what would be sought out.

What Brands are currently available?

We have both PiXAPRO and Godox Products on the Hire Site at the moment, and the brands can both be viewed separately!

How do I get my hired items?

You can book your items to be delivered to you much like the system to purchase items from us, however we do offer collection for the hire items from our warehouse in Brierley Hill! The option should show up at checkout, and we are open between 9:30am-4:30pm on weekdays for collections and drop-offs, not including bank holidays.

How do I find if a product is for hire on the main website?

If you're shopping at, check the product listing for the light you're viewing. Under the listing title on the right-side of the screen, there will be an option that says “Looking To Hire? - More Info”.

This should then link directly to the Hire Website listing for the item. If the listing does not have this option, then it is not currently available for hire. 

How does pricing work?

All products currently on the hire website have their own unique pricing system based on the number of dates the item is being hired for. The first 7 days would be the full advertised daily fee, and then each day following that, you would be charged a half-day fee.*

Is there a deposit?

There is a security deposit charged at checkout for all hires, and the price for each deposit will be a unique amount depending on the product(s) is selected.

This deposit is to cover damage or loss of equipment when in your possession, and provided the equipment is all returned in working order in the same condition it is given to you in, your deposit will be refunded to you in full within around 2 weeks.**

More information can be found in the Hire Terms and Conditions:

How long can a Hire-Period be?

The minimum number of days an item can be hired is 1 day, while the maximum number of days an item can be hired for is 28 days.

When does the hire time start?

The hire period must be booked properly for when you need it, but if sent via courier, the hire time will start on the day the equipment arrives with you.

Similarly, the final hire day that you have paid for the equipment for is the last day that you should be dispatching the equipment to return it. 

Is Tax/VAT included in the hire price?

All of our prices displayed on the website include VAT.

What Payment Methods can be used?

Customers are able to make payment using either Credit/Debit Card or PayPal. 

Do I have to make an account?

Customers are able to make accounts on the Hire Site in order to save their own details for future orders. Customers need to be signed into a registered account in order to place an order on the Hire Website. Customers must also agree to our Terms & Conditions every time they place an order.

My question is not here!

Can't find the info you're looking for? Drop us an email at and our team will be able to give you the info you need.

*This is subject to change. 

** Dependant on other factors.

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