Lighting Photography Equipments To Improve Social Media Content

Have you ever considered why your social media content does not appear well? Choosing the lighting photography equipment is the best way.

Most people believe that they need to purchase a new camera with a better and more expensive lens, but this is not always the case. As a result, we developed a comprehensive guide and the ultimate list of the best lighting for social media content. Let’s look at how to get good lighting for videos and create an awesome vlog. 

Why is it important for lighting photography equipment to improve your content? 

In fact, a good lighting setup is the most important thing if you want high-quality content. Good lighting makes you look professional if you want your audience to keep watching and gain a large number of subscribers. It is not only dependent on the camera and lens, with the lighting photography equipments, you can shoot a good video or photography with a smartphone. For example, when creating makeup or doing a tutorial, good lighting is essential so that your viewers can clearly see the colours and techniques. 

5 Best lighting equipments for social media content? 

There are many different types of lights to choose from to improve your social media content. But if you're looking for a place to start, we at PIXAPRO guide some of the most popular lighting setups with affordable prices from £100-£200 for influences for a variety of situations. 

  1. Ring Light

Ring lights are the most popular lighting among makeup artists and beginners. Its shape allows you to casts an even, flattering light all around your face. Moreover, the best ring light can make excellent social media videos and photos at inexpensive prices to enhance their content. 

The PIXAPRO RICO240RGB MKII LED Ring Light has 360 different colours and colour temperatures for expanding your experiment. And, at less than £200, it’s an affordable option for creators who want to increase their viewers. It is simple to set up and plug them in front of yourself or the object you want to film. Moreover, the RICO240RGB MKII Ringligt is a Bi-Colour Light allowing you to adjust the colour temperature. It is perfect to match the light with the colour temperature of the ambient lighting in your shooting for more natural-looking results. Moreover, the RICO240RGB is very lightweight and portable which is also a great option for beginners as it is very easy to handle. 

RICO240 II RGB Dimmable LED Ring Light Photography: £149.99 

  1. LED Light 

The benefits of LED Lights have been known for decades. This is the reason why LED lighting has recently become wides used in social media. With high quality and bright LED lighting, you are able not only to improve the quality of your content but also give much more energy efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, LED Video light is also one of the ideal solutions for vlogging because you can adjust the brightness and colour temperature to suit your needs

The Litemons LA150D Daylight LED Studio Light is built with the latest High-Intensity Integrated LED technology. Moreover, it is battery-powered and portable, this light is ideal for travel vlogging or any type of on-the-go recording. The Litemons LA150D Daylight LED Studio Light also comes with an app control that lets you control the light from a distance. If you use two or more of these lights, you can control the colour. 

Litemons LA150D 190W Daylight 5600K COB LED Studio Light: £195.99

  1. LED Panel 

There is another type of LED Light suitable for content creators who work from home: Light Panels. It is considered as a fill light for a camera on your streaming because of the ability to create professional-quality lights, shining stunning and precise light on all of your creative shooting. 

Option 1: By using the Edge Lit Technology, the PIXAPRO Glowpad 350D Bi-Colour LED Panel Light produce soft and already-soft light without taking up much space and making noise free. It is ideal for any content creators who want to simultaneously film and record audio. Even though, this light panel is slim and lightweight which is suitable for travelling content creators.  

GLOWPAD350D Ultra-Slim & Soft Panel With 272 LEDs: £134.99 

Option 2: If you are live-streaming, the first thing that comes to mind is the Godox ES45 LED lighting kit. The Godox ES45 was designed specifically for making your live stream stand out amongst the rest. It is made of solid metal while remaining extremely slim and space-saving. It is bright enough to illuminate your streaming space and appear far more professional than before. Additionally, the Godox ES45 emits a soft light that enhances skin tones. 

ES45 E-Sports And Live Streaming Bi-Colour Slim Light Panel: £122.99 

  1. Softbox Lighting Kit 

Content creators and influences alike delight in the versatility and durability that make the softbox lighting kit a must for anyone on a budget who’s serious about capturing the best images possible. While a professional softbox studio lighting kit such as EzyLite 3-CFL Bulbs Softbox Lighting Kit + Boom Arm (3x105W) which contains everything that you need to set up and make high-quality shots for product photography, portrait and video (Youtube, Vlogging, etc). This unit can make all difference when producing high-quality videos for your vlogs. Even though, two softboxes provide fill light from both sides providing perfect lighting, so your fans will see the best of you. In the case of live streaming on social media such as Facebook Live and Instagram, this light helps your video stand out to attract more engagement. 

EzyLite 3-CFL Bulbs Softbox Lighting Kit + Boom Arm (3x105W): £155.00

Hopefully, this blog has given you some ideas on choosing lighting photography equipment to enhance your own social media. Creating content for social media can be a fun and lucrative endeavour but in a competitive market. While utilizing good lighting photography equipment will help take your content to the next level.