Cost-Effective Lighting Equipment For Beginner Content Creators

If you’re a beginner content creator, it's a time to invest in cost-effective lighting equipment to produce professional high-quality results.

Have you ever wondered why other influencers can produce high-quality video and audio content with a noticeable increase in view rates and engagement? By using a few simple tools you, too, can generate some pretty impressive and consistent visual content without spending too much time or money. 

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Here’s a selection of some of our available cost-effective lighting equipment for beginner content creators:

Smartphone LED Light - Equipment for Content Creators

Because light has a huge impact on the quality of a video recording or still image, when there is too much backlight, for example, the details and colours of an image are lost. That is why the Smartphone LED light is the one piece of equipment you can use to brighten your photos and videos when shooting in low light environments. The built-in rechargeable battery allows you to use it for up to 3 hours and it can be charged with a USB charging cable. Furthermore, it is simple to set up for any type of smartphone, allowing you to go hands-free. If you’re unfamiliar with LED lighting equipment, this is an excellent entry-level unit. 

Smartphone Daylight-Balanced LED Constant Light: £29.99 

Smart Phone Daylight-Balanced LED Constant Light By PixaPro

Strip Light and Smartphone Holder Clamp - Equipment For Content Creators

Strip lights are one of the most flexible types of video lighting. The strip lights will allow you to use your smartphone in one setup, and you are able to control the power and colour temperature of your videos or photos. The flexible arms also allow you to adjust the angle and position of the LEDs. Therefore, it is an ideal tool for shooting vlogs, makeup videos, and more.  

TIRA 50Ws LED Strip Light & Smartphone Holder Clamp: £74.99 

TIRA 50Ws LED Strip Light & Smartphone Holder Clamp

Ring light - Equipment For Content Creators

The ring light is one of the most cost-effective pieces of lighting equipment for video creators and influencers. This is because it can transform amateur video content into something that appears higher quality, well-produced and professional. Moreover, it is also a portable, compact light source that is suitable for on-the-go content creators. The RICO240 II RGB Dimmable LED Ring Light Photography can even be attached directly to your phone. It is the must-have item for creating professional-looking Tiktok videos or for Beauty Vloggers because it is so simple to use. Moreover, you are able to adjust up to 360 different colours and colour temperatures if you want to change the mood of your photo or video. By using LED technology, this helps you to produce unique soft and shadow-less lighting and generates interesting ring-shaped catchlights in your subject’s eyes. In general, a ring light is useful whenever a content creator needs to correct odd, shadowy lighting for a still shoot. 

RICO240 II RGB Dimmable LED Ring Light Photography: £149.99 

RICO240 II RGB Dimmable LED Ring Light Photography -PixaPro

LED Light - Equipment For Content Creators

LED lighting is ideal for all types of video. For example, you can use LED lights for a simple Youtube lighting setup. It is also useful when shooting in confined spaces by the ability to emit a lot of light from a small source. Moreover, It lose far less energy to heat than traditional fluorescent lights, so content creators won’t feel uncomfortably warm as recording your videos. The PiXAPRO DAYLITE60D is the latest high-intensity integrated LED technology. It also has a high CRI (Colour-Rendering Index) for accurate colour reproduction. It make the ideal for video creators and youtubers. 

DAYLiTE60D MKII LED Studio Light Version Bowens S Fit: £99.99

Softbox Lighting Kit - Equipment For Content Creators

Softbox lighting can transform any space into a professional photo studio. By the ability to provide natural-looking light in a concentrated area, making it ideal for indoor video shoots. The 2x85w EzyLite Studio Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit is a must have lighting equipment for vlogger. The Ezylite Softbox Lighting Kit comes with 2x 85w single lamp heads with integrated 50x70cm softboxes, 2x 85w CFL Fluorescent bulbs, 2x regular lighting stands. It can be used to supplement natural light or to create it on cloudy, dark days. Because of its wide coverage, it is ideal for softening shadows and lighting. Therefore, it’s common in product reviews, cooking shows, room vlogging and other videos that reply on diffused lighting 

2x85w EzyLite Studio Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit: £79.99 

2x85w EzyLite Twin Studio Falsh Softbox Lighting Kit By PixaPro

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