How to Gel Your Lights

With so many different lighting and modifier options, it can be tricky to decide what to use to gel your lighting to give the desired effect. We've put together a list of options for how to gel your lights when using modifiers such as reflectors, softboxes and more so you know what's compatible with your kit.

Magmod Gels and Kits

Magmod kits are a great option for gelling your studio lighting thanks to their compact and hard-wearing solid plastic gels. 

Built to fit the MagMod 2 kit, these creative gel sets connect with magnets, and can be used with speedlites, making them perfect for gelled rim lighting or hair lighting. 

Or, use the new MagMod XL System! Designed for use with Bowens S-Type flashes, the MagMod XL uses a reflector which you can attach gel domes and grids to in order to modify your light, or the gel domes can be attached to MagMod Pro Softboxes

Gel Reflector Clips

For a more simple gel attachment option, we also stock Gel Sheet Clip Kits, which simply clip your gels to your strobe reflector. These offer a straightforward way to gel your strobes without any fuss, and are great for studio shooting, fitting with just about any studio reflector option available.

The clamps can also be used for bounce cards and flags. Please note that these gel sheets are not advised for use with continuous Halogen or Tungsten lights, and are only advised for use with strobes and Continuous LEDs.  

The 30x30cm Creative Colour gels and Colour Correction Gel sets can also be purchased separately. 

12x12" Creative Colour Gel Pack and Clip Set 12x12" Colour Correction Gel Pack and Clip Set

Barndoor Gel Set

For a more controlled gelled effect, the Barndoor Gel Set is a great option and just clips to the front of light head reflectors up to 17.5cm in diameter. With four coloured gel slides in yellow, red, blue and white, this kit offers easy gelling for your lighting, while the barndoor and grid additions help you to angle and shape your light. 


Helios Magnetic Reflector Gel Holder 

The Helios Gel Set comprises of a reflector with magnetic edges, as well as a handy magnetic frame clip which can hold gels to the front of the reflector. Designed specifically for Bowens S-Fitting lights such as the AD600 Pro, or the STORM400 MKIII Studio Flash, this reflector gel set makes gelling your lights easy!

The kit comes with a selection of 5 dual-coloured gel sheets which create a unique special effect when lit, but you can also slot in any 14.5 x 14.5cm or larger gel sheets if you'd like to use a specific colour.


Gelling Your Softbox

While we don't stock any solutions for gelling your lighting whilst using a softbox, there are ways to do this! Check out Richard Bradbury's video on how he gels his softboxes including some tips on how to gel them to get vibrant, saturated colours. 


Gel with an Optical Snoot

Gels are also available to pair with Optical Snoots for maximum effect. Pair gels with the zoom lens function as well as gobos to create patterns with the colours in the studio! 

The small gels fit easily into the front of the lens to modify your lighting, and the snoot can be purchased in a range of light fittings, including Bowens S-Type fitting, Hensel, Broncolor, Profoto and more. 




Speedlite Gels

Speedlites have the greatest options for gelling thanks to their small, compact size and their ability to be easily used for hair or background lighting. 

Our Flip Gel Speedlite Kit is a great option for all speedlite options, especially traditional rectangular speedlites (plus the PIKA200 Pro/Godox AD200 Pro!) thanks to it's 36cm velcro strap which can be adjusted to fit most compact flash heads. Just strap the set to the flash head and slot in the gel or bounce card of your choice! The hinged design also allows you to flip the gel up if you'd like to quickly shoot without it.

Flip Colour Gel Set for Speedlites Round-Head Gel Accessory Kit V-11 Gel Set for Speedlites


If you're shooting with a round-head speedlite such as the V1 or V1 Pro, or a compact flash such as the CITI100 Pro/AD100 Pro, the Round-Head Accessory Kit with Creative Gels is a great option for light modification. Designed to snap to the magnetic mount on the V1/Round-Head flashes, the kit includes a selection of gels alongside a mini grid, barndoor set, snoot and bounce card for easy on-the-go gelling and modification.  


Header image by RJ Bradbury Photography.

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