We're Official Godox Partners!

We have a new announcement to make regarding EssentialPhoto and it's direction in the near future! 

We're thrilled to announce our new Partner status with Godox! Many of our customers will be aware that we have stocked Godox products for a while now, as the biggest official UK Distributors with the company to bring their equipment to the UK market. But now, we're officially Partnering with Godox to take this even further...

What does this mean for you?

We will be working closely with Godox on New Product Development and with their Innovation Team to bring more exciting new products to the photography and video industry.

We already stock lots of brand new Godox equipment, but as their Official Partner, we will be their largest stockist and distributor in the UK which means you never have to go anywhere else for your Godox needs!

Newly announced items such as the Lux Junior, Lux Senior, R200 Ring Flash and more are already available on our website for pre-order, and and we'll be stocking an even wider range of products including lighting units and modifiers!

Read on for a timeline of our relationship with Godox from the very beginning...

Our Journey with Godox

11th April 2011

On this exact day, Essential Photo & PiXAPRO were founded in the United Kingdom. Whilst we weren't working with Godox just yet, it wasn’t long until our journey together began.


In 2012, we attended the Photokina event in Germany which is where we were lucky enough to have our first meeting with Godox. We were hugely impressed by the range of equipment they had at that time, the AD360 Bare-Bulb Head Flash as well as their Lithium-Ion Battery Speedlite unit (which is now in the 3rd generation). Their passion and drive to create the best quality equipment and to always innovate their technology instantly drew us to them and pushed us to work alongside them.


This was the year that we were given permission to rebrand the products from Godox as our own. This started with the PiXAPRO LUMI Series, which is known as the Godox GS Series. Throughout the years, there have been upgrades and improvements which have left us with the most current versions of both the LUMI series and Godox GS series.



In 2014, we had our first exhibition at The Photography Show at the NEC Arena in Birmingham. Here, we were able to display a selection of Godox products as well as help launch the Godox Ving Series of Lithium-ion Speedlites, which we have rebranded as the PiXAPRO Li-ION Series. The launch was a HUGE success, with mass interest in the product, leading to improvements across the years until reaching its 3rd generation version this year.


2016 saw huge strides in technological advancements with Godox and their Flash lighting range. This year saw the launch of the first Godox battery powered monolight known as the AD600M & AD600BM, each featuring a range of professional features such as High-Speed Sync, Super-Fast Recycle Times, and Flash Durations. We were given the privilege of rebranding each of these lighting units under the PiXAPRO name as the CITI600 Manual & CITI600 TTL, and these have become two of our most popular lighting units to date. 2016 also saw an upgrade to all the Flash Strobe lighting units with featured built-in receivers to allow every lighting unit to communicate directly with the on-camera trigger.

Our communication and involvement with Godox increased throughout this time, allowing us to work together to provide the highest quality equipment to every customer.



This year saw the introduction of the first Pocket-Sized battery flash unit from Godox known as the AD200. This flash unit revolutionised Flash Strobe lighting to provide a compact and portable unit that still provided a professional lighting quality, making it the perfect solution for any Location Photographer. This has also been rebranded under PiXAPRO as the PIKA200 and is one of the most popular pieces of equipment we provide.

2017 also saw us make strides and improvements into our Spare Parts supply for our Godox products, to allow us to explore providing accurate in-house repairs and replacements for our range of Godox equipment. 


Further developments in Battery Flash units saw the creation of the PRO Series of Flash, starting with the PRO Version the AD600B / CITI600 TTL Flash unit. The PRO Series has evolved over the years to cover all our battery powered flash units including the PIKA200 PRO (AD200 PRO), CITI1200 PRO (AD1200 PRO), CITI400 PRO (AD400 PRO). We also launched our in-house repairs department for to allow for quick and professional repairs of Godox products for all our customers.

2019 & 2020

During these two years, we were impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In 2019, we were due to co-run the Godox stand at The Photography Show, but unfortunately, this was cancelled due to COVID. As a result, we worked even harder to build better connections and to strengthen our partnership with Godox.

During the pandemic, Godox worked incredibly hard and put more focus into Video equipment and LED Lighting. This saw the release of a few ranges of LED Lighting Series’, such as the VL and SL Series, and the ultra-quiet UL series of lighting. We have the privilege of selling these products and are in constant contact with Godox to relay feedback from our own customers for possible areas of improvement.




We worked very closely with Godox to plan & strategize how we could provide the best quality service to all our UK customers, as well as how to offer professional equipment and advice to all our worldwide customers.

We saw more focus and dedication put into the world of RGB lighting to create unique, colourful options for both Photography and Videography. Many RGB lighting units were released during this time, including the SZ LED Zoom Light, the TL Series RGB Light Tubes and the LD RGB Light Panels.


This year we have officially partnered with Godox! This will allow us to be the first to announce and distribute Godox products, as well as allow us to massively expand our collection to cover almost all of their range. We will also be the official representatives for Godox at The Photography Show in September this year, providing a wide selection of equipment not available anywhere else.

We'll be hosting our biggest stand yet, exhibiting our usual equipment with some amazing speakers, but we'll be making space for some of the most popular top pieces of Godox equipment for you to see, feel and try, not to mention we'll have some exclusive brand new Godox equipment that you won't find at any other stand!!


From here, we only go upwards! We're looking forward to working closer with Godox than ever before in order to ensure that we're stocking the equipment that will take your photography above and beyond! 

Need some more info?

Drop our team an email at info@essentialphoto.co.uk with any queries about Godox and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Or, visit our FAQ Godox blogs to see if your question has been answered before.