Litemons LEDS- Godox's Answer to Budget-Friendly LED Lighting

Godox have released a wide range of different LED Lighting series recently, from the SL to the UL to the VL. All of them have their own strengths and different qualities that give them an edge in certain markets. They're all built to be Video LEDs, but the UL Series, for example is specifically designed to be super-silent in order to eliminate the noise of the internal cooling fans so that it doesn't interfere with audio recordings. 

But then Godox released the Litemons, or the LA Series. What sets the LA Series apart from the other LEDs, and why might they be a better option for you? We've looked into the specs of the different options to help you figure out which one you'll benefit from most, and we've included a comparison table at the bottom so you can cross check models. 

Small, Yet Powerful

With the 150 models coming in at 190w, and the 200 models at 230w, the Litemons LA Series is a relatively powerful range of lighting, coming in with a little more wattage than the other Series 150 models, which sit at 150w each. 

With more flexibility than the SL/UL/VL models that only come in Daylight options, the Litemons offers both 150 and 200 models in Bi-Colour as well as Daylight Balanced too! 

The LA Series are also super compact in comparison to the larger LEDs. Much more practical for transporting to location shoots or for small home studios, the Litemons are approximately 1.4kg (half the weight of the 2.95kg SL150 II for comparison!), and can easily be lifted and moved. 

Luckily, however, despite being quite small, they still maintain Bowens Mounts for accessories and modifiers, meaning they can be easily paired with any standard Bowens fitting equipment you already own!

Cost-wise, the Litemons are much more practical for the amateur photographer or videographer, or those working to a tighter budget. Starting from around £195.99*, the LA series is about half of the price of the competing LED Series in some cases, making it a much more accessible option. 

High CRI and TLCI ratings of 96 and 97 also mean the Litemons are perfectly suitable for various types of videography work, from short filmmaking, vlogging or streaming, or bigger productions such as television broadcasting or commercial videography. 

A suspected caveat of the small size and low cost is the power option. Unlike the UL and VL Series, the Litemons are only able to be powered by mains power, and there is no option for battery compatibility. So, while the size makes them perfect to travel with, you may struggle to use these on location if you don't have access to mains power or a generator.

Litemons LC30

A surprise addition to the Litemon Series comes the new Litemons LC30 Tabletop LEDs. Following the same trend as the other LA models, the LC30 comes in Bi-Colour and Daylight-Balanced options, and is similarly super compact, at only 299g and 9.2cm long! These tiny LEDs are only around 33w each, but they're specifically designed to be used close-up to the subjects as tabletop LEDs that can easily be packed away into a backpack and used on location or for vlogging, or gaming or shopping stream setups. With brightness of approximately 9,600 Lux at 1m bare-bulb, these LEDs are powerful enough to pack a punch despite their small size! 

Specification Comparison

* Compared models are the respective available ~150w Daylight Balanced models to keep fair comparison.

Specification Godox UL150 Godox VL150 Godox SL150 II Godox LA150D
Power Output 150w 150w 150w 190W
Colour Temperature 5600K 5600K 5600K 5600K
Brightness @1m Bare unknown 6,400 lux unknown 7,030 lux
Brightness @1m with Reflector 58,000 lux 61,000 lux 58,000 lux 84,800 lux


96 96 96 96
TLCI 97 95 97 97
Unit Weight 3.09kg 1.79kg 2.95kg 1.4kg 
Charge on Full Battery (BP130) 35 mins 45 mins Mains Powered Only Mains Powered Only
UK Price* £425.06 £371.99 £327.99 £195.99


Litemons not quite for you? Shop the VL Series, UL Series and SL Series below:

**Price logged as of time of writing. Subject to change.

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