Comparing the Godox VL Series, SL Series and UL Series

As Godox's biggest Official UK Distributor, we offer a wide range of different LED Studio lights to fit many different photographers and videographers needs. So, we've compared some of the most popular affordable options: the VL, the SL, and the UL Series LEDs, so you can better decide which one will be best for you. Find our comparisons below.

VL Series

The current VL Series comprises of the newer MKII Versions: The VL150II and the VL300II. Succeeding the now discontinued VL150, VL200 and VL300, these lights are great traditional high-quality LED heads.

76,000 Lux at 1m 90,000 Lux at 1m

As the name implies, the power output is different between each unit. The VL300II is the most powerful, offering up to 320W power output, while the VL150II reaches up to 165w. With the difference in power output also comes a difference between the brightness: when measured at 1m, the VL150II offers 76,000 Lux with the standard reflector, and the VL300 reaches 90,000 Lux in the same conditions.

The VL Series LEDs are 5600K Daylight-Balanced lights which have CRI and TLCI Colour ratings of over 96, making them suitable for broadcast and video shooting. These lights also have a lightweight and compact construction, making them great for shooting on the move, and can be powered by mains or by V-Mount battery thanks to the control pack which is separate from the light.

Other key features of the VL Series include:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity - with Godox Light Smartphone App
  • Flicker-free lighting for shooting at any framerate
  • Super-Quiet Cooling Fan (Less than 30dB)
  • Super slim control box with V-Mount Battery Slot
  • Now includes built-in lighting effects! 

SL Series

The SL Series has the most range out of the three ranges, branching out into Daylight Balanced and Bi-Colour options. This includes the super compact SL60 and SL100 ranges which are designed for small studios and lower budgets. 

SL60D II (70w) SL60Bi II (70w) SL100D II (100w) SL100Bi II (100w)
18,600 Lux at 1m 25,100 Lux at 1m 32,100 lux at 1m 32,100 lux at 1m

These Bowens S-Mount LEDs are lightweight and great for shooting indoors,  and are perfect for amateur videographers. 

  • CRI of 95+ TLCI of 97+
  • Flicker-Free
  • Built-In Lighting Effects
  • Remote control (RC-A6II or Godox App)
  • Bi-Colour options between 2500-6500K in colour temperature.

The larger sized and higher powered SL series units also have Daylight Balanced and Bi-Colour options, with both MKII and MKIII variants currently available.

This includes the:

58,000 lux at 1m 74,000 lux at 1m 99,300 lux at 1m

The Daylight Balanced and Bi-Colour options opens up avenues for tailoring your colour temperature to your scene, and makes shooting in varying environments easier. The higher end SL Series LEDs carry much of the same features as the previous iterations, with multiple control options, built-in effects and flicker-free lighting, and CRI and TLCI ratings of 96+ and 97+ respectively, so they can be used for professional and broadcast functions. 

The primary differences of this range include the yoke bracket, which allows for 360° rotation on the stand (without modifier) and the new Silent Mode, which enables you to temporarily disable the cooling fan to reduce noise being recorded during quite shoots, ideal for sound-critical work where ambient fan noise can be problematic. The SL Series also features on-board controls on the back of the unit, rather than requiring a control pack like the VL and UL lights. This also means the SL lights are mains powered only, and therefore are much better for in-studio working rather than on location. 

Due to their larger sizes and more powerful features, these LEDs are heavier and sturdier, being designed for studio work on sets that need punchier lighting. 

UL Series

The Godox UL series has a much smaller range than the SL series, and currently comprises of the UL60 and UL60Bi, as well as the UL150II and UL150II Bi.

UL60 UL60Bi UL150II UL150II Bi
31,000 Lux at 1m 25,880 Lux at 1m ? ?

While the UL Series lights are, on many fronts, very similar to the SL and VL series LEDs, with a Bowens S-Type fitting, built-in lighting effects and high CRI & TLCI ratings, the UL Series includes a few unique features that make these lights sought after for film and video production shoots. 

The UL Series offers Godox App control and remote control, but also supports DMX512 protocol to control a single or multiple units via a DMX control console. The UL LEDs also use a control box, with the UL60 units being mains powered only, and the UL150 being compatible with V-Lock batteries.

However, it's main feature lies in the fan. The UL Series sports a fan-less heat-dissipation system, making it completely silent in operation. This makes it the perfect light for use in situations where clean audio recording is critical, such as filming video interviews or documentaries, and removes the need for a silent fan mode that the SL Series uses. This, alongside it's lightweight structure, helps make it a great choice for a wide range of video productions. 



For an abridged comparison of these lights, the key unique features are:

VL Series

Lightweight Daylight Balanced LEDs up to 320w with yoke bracket. V-Mount battery compatible with control pack.

SL60 & SL100

Compact and portable mains powered LED in Daylight Balanced and Bi-Colour options, great for on a budget. Uses a standard stand mount adapter & on-board controls. Between 60w-100w.


Mains powered only Daylight & Bi-Colour LEDs with on-board controls. Uses Yoke Bracket for 360 degree movement, and has Silent Fan mode.

UL Series

Super silent fan-less Daylight Balanced & Bi-Colour LEDs up to 150w. UL60 is mains only, while UL150 has battery compatibility, both using control packs. DMX Control protocols available.

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